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Fun 1st grade crafts – Keep students occupied!


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    In this article, we will explore some fun and easy 1st grade crafts. These crafts are not only entertaining, but they also help to develop important skills such as fine motor control and problem solving.

    10 Fun 1st Grade Crafts That Will Keep Your Kids Busy!

    Winter sceneries painted in watercolor

    Art class Students can learn more about winter landscape watercolor painting by working on this project. A fun activity for them will be to produce various liquid watercolor paint of sunrise or sunset by combining different colored powders. They’ll learn about color’s fundamentals using a cool and warm color scheme.

    Floral Photo Frame

    Some of your children’s most treasured memories will look stunning in this lovely floral picture frame. There is a place for first graders to put a school photo in this photo frame. To make these 1st grade crafts, you’ll need acrylic paint, craft flowers, wooden rectangles, plus a few other dollar store goods!

    Colorful emus

    Emu eyes and mouths can be drawn on a white backdrop with a felt tip marker by your first graders. You can use oil pastels to create bold lines that extend beyond the canvas. Art Lesson Students will benefit from an emu printable you’ve provided them with.

    Owls Vignettes

    They can practice their fine motor skills by making beautiful owl vignettes out of clay. When it comes to molding the small details, your young art lesson students learn and may struggle the most, but they can get help in this fun lesson from the teacher doing this 1st grade crafts.

    Brightly colored 3-D homes

    Use different construction paper or scrap paper to try this dream houses craft project. Students will learn about perspective in this creative painting class. It is helpful for children to see an example of what the teacher expects them to accomplish before they begin.

    Make a spiral with a pen or pencil

    Let your students create this 1st grade crafts art project this school year. The low-prep painting lesson employs the geometry of a circle and encourages children to express themselves via color. Several lines are used to produce a circular appearance in this activity. The project makes the best use of chalk art pastels.

    Street art on a city block

    Challenge students of art lesson to make this city block painting using a variety of vibrant colors. In terms of making their artwork come out, they can utilize a variety of colors. A sky backdrop would allow students to design their own fantasy homes in this project!

    A hot air balloon project

    Encourage students to make this hot air balloon using painted sky background on paper. It is a must activity that students love to do for having so much fun. Students can cut pictures by outlining and pasting them onto the painted paper with a hot air balloon drawn over it.

    Selfies blowing bubble gum

    Taking selfies while blowing bubble gum can help your child acquire the proper proportions for painting face features. You can balloon and have your Art educator Aid capture and print images of the pupils as a help.

    An Alphabet Soup in Mixed Media

    You can make this art lesson even more interesting by including mixed media parts. The tutor could have the children cut letters from magazines or use different paper textures to make the circle bowl to build this artistic alphabet.

    Turkey’s Color Wheel Daisy

    You can use color wheel turkeys to supplement this circle art lesson on the subject. This Thanksgiving-themed 1st grade crafts is sure to be a hit with your family. Students can use liquid watercolors, colored markers to add their personal touches.

    In the Water Lilies of Claude Monet

    Students in the second, third, or fou can complete such Claude Monet Water Lily paintings grades can complete such Claude Monet Water Lily paintings. With the help of simple materials like tissue paper (colorful cut tissue pieces), card stock, and white paint, these projects bring the great painter’s life into focus for students in an engaging and memorable way. Students will be able to experiment with color mixing in this project.

    Spider’s Web 

    It would complement your Science unit on animal habitats or even a fun craft to do around Halloween to construct Glue Line spider webs! Using white glue and construction white paper, and black folded paper, students will be able to experiment with their designs.

    Tulips made of tissue paper

    Creating beautiful artwork out of tissue paper is a joy for everyone. Students can create floral designs using various shades of cold and warm colors. A brilliant project can be done by employing colored cut tissue pieces.

    Smudging craft with Chalk Oil Pastel

    Students can utilize pre-cut shapes and black paper or oil pastel to create vibrant artwork. They can use a napkin or paper towel to produce a glow effect by drawing lines from the center outward, then rubbing the lines with the napkins or paper towel.

    The Shape Monsters 

    First graders can learn this drawing lesson and all about geometric shapes by playing with shape monsters. The basic shape of Monsters can be created in any number and you can use this as a literary component to give each of them a name, background, and personality. All you need is either white paper or colored construction paper to create these.

    Symmetrical Snowflakes

    Symmetrical snowflakes are an engaging approach to demonstrate the mathematical concept of symmetry. Kids will blast using white watercolor paints and black construction paper to create their snowflakes. When there is snow on the ground, this pastime can be enjoyed. It will be an awe-inspiring art room for the first and second grades.

    Circle art for fits grade art class

    As kids work with different colors and sizes of circles,  Students with fine motor problems, such as those who have difficulty sketching or drawing with a pencil, will benefit from using a circle template. Students can use liquid watercolor paint to give it a try.

    Watermelon art lesson 

    Painting your pupils’ hands to look like watermelon slices is a great way to show their unique traits. Children can create several slices with either (or both) hands and then decorate them with seed details. Their small hands will form the gorgeous watermelon shape, and they’ll make an extra one for their families.

    Portraits of Lego characters

    In this drawing class, students will practice creating portraits. Drawing a lego figure is a good starting point for creating a character that resembles them. Use curved lines and bold lines to make these characters stand out. Students will never forget this art lesson. You can locate everything you need at a budget school supply store.

    Patterns and Lines cat art lessons

    These cats are a great art lesson for first graders using lines and patterns. Outline your design with a black marker. Your kids’ draw listening skills will improve as they complete a prescribed sketching assignment. In learning about shapes, students are free to express themselves in any way they choose. Those in 3rd through 5th grade will also appreciate this activity as they color their white paper with either a pencil or a marker.

    Cherry Tree Birds

    When studying complementary colors and patterns, an activity like “Birds in a Cherry Tree” is a great choice for children. Glue can even be added on top for extra security if desired. It is also a color-matching activity.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should a first grader learn in art?

    Finding new mediums for artistic expression and art materials identification like construction paper, oil pastels, paint, liquid watercolors, etc., is the fundamental focus in first grade. Students in the first grade can experiment with various art mediums and techniques in the art room. They adore making things out of their imaginations. Animals and family members are subjects they find relatable in art.

    What art should kindergarten learn?

    When your preschooler is in kindergarten, they will learn about drawing, painting lines, cutting and folding papers, creating collages with fabrics, and shaping clay. Learning to work with various art supplies helps him improve his sensibilities.

    What do you teach kids about art?

    Young children place a high value on art. It allows individuals to express their thoughts and feelings. Art can teach children a lot. Making art with your children is a great way to learn more about the world around them.

    Wrapping Up 1st grade crafts

    In conclusion, 1st grade crafts are a great way to teach children about art and creativity. They can also be used to teach children about other subjects such as math, science, and history. Crafts can be used to make learning fun and interactive.

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