5 Minute Crafts with Glitter

Cool 5 Minute Crafts with Glitter

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5 Minute Crafts with Glitter

There’s no wrong with a little glitz and glam in your everyday life, so why not pull out the glitter and cover a few 5 Minute Crafts with Glitter projects in glitz? Kids adore glitter, but we understand mom’s aversion to using it excessively during craft time. Sure, it’s messy, but it’s well worth it, especially if you’re working on one of these fantastic, kid-friendly projects.

When the sun shines on the snow in the winter, it illuminates the entire world and makes us feel as if we’re traveling through a glittering wonderland! That’s perhaps why, around the holidays, we find ourselves wanting to do more glitter crafts.

For simple cleanup, cover any crafting surfaces with disposable paper. If there’s one drawback to glitter, it’s that it’s difficult to remove completely. So get your crafting area ready, and keep reading for a few fun ways to glam up your crafting.

Just in case you’re as excited as we are about the prospect of making glitter-based winter crafts, take a look at some of our favorite glitter crafts and get ready to sparkle!

Glitter Balloons

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These DIY glitter balloons give a fun and festive touch to any party you’re planning, and they’re also very easy to make! 

On your balloon, create a design, letter, or shape. Keep the designs to a minimum. The bigger the design, the more glitter you’ll need, and the heavier your balloon will be! Fill in your design with glue using your sponge brush. Once your object is entirely covered with glue, start pouring your chunky glitter onto it, making sure it is well distributed.

You may even pat it down to make it stick even better. Remove any excess glitter and double-check that the pattern is complete. If not, go over the empty spaces again, following the same steps. If any glitter sticks to your balloons in areas you don’t want it to, wipe it off with a damp paper towel or cloth.

 Star Craft with Popsicle Sticks

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Christmas is a great time to do craft projects and make homemade ornaments with the kids. Start the holiday season off right with a festive handcrafted Christmas star ornament! With just a few simple supplies, you can construct this festive Popsicle stick star.

Make a triangle by gluing two popsicle sticks together. Glue a third Popsicle stick to one of the first Popsicle sticks, crossing it. To make the start of another triangle, glue the fourth Popsicle stick. Connect the two ends of the fifth Popsicle stick with glue. Your star has sprung to life. Make a loop with a little piece of ribbon or twine on the back of the star ornament. Glue the loop to the star’s back.

It’s time to decorate the star with the glitter pen. You can choose your design and decorate the star by using your creative skills. 

Glitter Smiley Craft (Glitter Emoji)

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If you’re seeking fun, engaging, and interesting Smile-themed activities to do with toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners, you’ve come to the right spot.

Take a cardboard sheet and cut it into a circle with the scissor. Now paste a yellow paper of the same size on it. Now cut another paper to make different emoji expressions. Paste this facial impression on the card sheet to give it a proper emoji shape. Paste glue with the help of a color brush to cover all areas of the emoji excluding the expression pieces. Now start pouring glitter on the glue to cover all the surfaces of the emoji. Your glittering emoji is ready for the party. 

When emojis are involved, the fun never ends. These beautiful crafts can let children tap into their creative side and are ideal for indoor activities, rainy day activities, or projects and crafts to do at an emoji birthday party!

Easy Glitter Stones

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Painting pebbles and stones is an easy art activity to keep the kids occupied. Kids will enjoy this simple activity and you will be surprised with the outcome. 

All you’ll need are some paints, a paintbrush, some fairly large polished stones, and any additional decorations like glitter. One of the most interesting parts of this craft is looking out for any suitable stones, rocks, and collecting them in the garden or park. 

Painting on stones has the added benefit of adding a sensory aspect to regular painting on paper! It will enhance their interest and maintain their focus.

Pumpkins dipped in Glitter

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Whether you’re searching for a kid-friendly craft, outdoor décor, or a lovely dinner table centerpiece! Follow this DIY that is a perfect piece of craft for Halloween.

Your pumpkin should be washed and dried completely. Place newspaper on your table or work surface. Outline your design straight onto your pumpkin using a pencil. Apply glue to the design part of your pumpkin using your sponge brush. Don’t be hesitant about sprinkling glitter on top of the adhesive. Your newspaper/paper bag will catch the excess glitter and may be reused. It might be difficult to hold, glue, and glitter your pumpkin as you continue to cover it in glitter, especially if you are working with a larger pumpkin!

Simple Glitter Leaves for Kids

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There are so many ways to make use of the magnificent leaves that are falling from the trees. Glitter leaves are a popular fall leaf craft among children. They’re lovely, simple to create, and a terrific way to decorate for the fall season.

The first step is to use markers to create a design on your leaf. Then you have a pattern to trace the design with glue. Trace the veins of the leaf with the glue squeeze bottle.

Make sure the adhesive is thoroughly covered in glitter before adding more. Then brush off any remaining glitter. Allow drying thoroughly before admiring!

Have you ever done any other fantastic snow and winter-themed glitter projects that you don’t see on our list? In the comments section, tell us all about what you made and how you did it, or provide links to images of your finished product!

If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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