Accordion Paper Flowers

Easy to Make Accordion Paper Flowers

This post was created to show you how to make the most beautiful Accordion Paper Flowers ever. The best part about these is that they are so easy and cheap! It’s the perfect project for getting creative with kids of all ages!

Accordion Paper Flowers

Supplies Needed:

  • Paper
  • Scissor
  • Pencil
  • Buttons/ Stickers / Glitter Foam Sheet
  • Straws or Wooden Skewers
  • Tape

Step 1

  1. Take four square pieces of paper.
  2. Take a square piece of paper and create accordion folds.
  3. Fold the paper in half and apply glue on the inside of the paper.
  4. Press firmly in order to stick the two halves together.

Step 2

  1. Repeat the process on the remaining three squares. They will be the petals of the flower.
  2. Take decorative scissors and cut the edges. By cutting the edges, it will give nice shape to the flower petals. You can also draw a curved line on the top corner of the accordion folds and cut it.

7-8. Now glue all the accordion pieces together.

Step 3

9-10. Now open the flower and carefully bring the two outer folds towards each other and glue them together.

11. Take a sticker, a button or cut a round piece from a glitter fomic sheet and stick it in the center of the flower.

12. Secure a straw at the back of the flower with the help of a tape.

And its ready!

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