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After School Activities

As a kid, I loved After School Activities For Kids a lot. I would spend hours drawing, coloring, and making new things out of waste. For me, it was just a fun and enjoyable activity, but later I got to know about the benefits. And I was amazed by the number of benefits art and craft had for kids. It was really astonishing for me.

The Advantage of After School Activities For Kids

The benefit of art and craft for kids are many. This include problem-solving abilities, creativity, literacy, fine and gross motor skills, connections, and understanding. Even the teachers tell us that art and crafts develop fine motor skills, neural development, problem-solving abilities and that they can be used effectively to teach and understand other important subjects such as reading, writing, math, and science. Here is some the benefits of After School Activities:

  • Improve Motor Skills​
  • Boost Imagination
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Improved Cognitive Process
  • Increased Imagination
  • Confidence Boost​
  • Improve Creativity
  • Improves Focus and Concentration
  • Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Moreover, the Artists tell us that art is important for its own sake as the source of beauty and expressions, as well as simply for the process of creating new ideas.​

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Improve Motor Skills​


Talking about kids, art and craft is pure fun for them, an activity that they often enjoy a lot. Art and craft build fine motor skills as they will be gripping a paintbrush, drawing dots lines, mixing colors, cutting with scissors, scrolling and controlling a glue stick, squeezing a glue bottle,  kneading, and rolling Play-Dough, and tearing paper.

 All of these tasks require an increased amount of dexterity and coordination.

Boost Imagination


Yet they are so fun and exciting that the children want to do them over and over again.  As the kids engage in art and craft activities over time, their imagination is also upgraded to a whole different level. Have a look below at some of the most fun After School Activities for Kids and their parents can enjoy and spend some quality time together.



Drawing is one of the easiest and most loved activities among kids. From drawing a stick figure to putting splashes of color from paint on their fingers, drawing is very important for children. It’s something they truly enjoy and that should always be encouraged. Drawing is an awesome way by which children can shape their dreams and imaginations on a sheet of paper. 

So there must be no doubt how it increases the imaginations. Imagination is a key part of a child’s growth, when they are mining, they can form their scenarios and plays and pretend, thus becoming more independent and advanced.

Freedom of Expression


We should all encourage imagination among the kids because it shows the freedom of expression and creativity. That is a major component in a child’s growth that they must have as it is an amazing way to display the emotions too. Nowadays it is far too common that people feel that they have to hide their emotions. Some do not know ways to spend their time.

Drawing is a hobby and passion that can be a positive outlet and a great After School Activities for Kids. The colors they use and the things they use are a great way for kids to show how they feel and also make it easier later in life to express their feelings through art.

Improved Cognitive Process

Their cognitive process(cognitive means acquiring knowledge and understanding through thoughts) experience and senses get increased. Drawing means they are constantly thinking of the things that they are going to draw. This plays an important role in improving the memory. They will get to practice how to properly hold a pencil. 

This is very important because holding a pencil correctly is a big step of later things they learn in life and it affects handwriting as well and embraces creativity and confidence. Giving your child the tools of drawing means that they can create anything they want. Whatever they draw, you will get to see what’s going on in their mind and will easily be able to know about their interests and hobbies.

Increased Imagination


You should always show attention and ask questions about what they draw so that they feel good about the drawing. This way they get more confident about themselves. There are many things that the kids can draw. Like animals, birds, flowers, and many more.

The type of thing they decide to make will also illustrate their imagination level. The land animals, marine animals, and magical creatures show the imaginations of the child. As creatures like phoenixes and mermaids don’t exist in real life. So undoubtedly they play a crucial role in the mental development of the child.

The thinking capacity gets broader and enlarges. Mermaid has a unique fictional story that captivated people throughout its whole history. Myths of half-human half-fish creatures cat raced back to the age of Babylon. Similarly, mermaids are also featured in Syrian Polynesian and Greek mythology.

Most of the creators depicted a mermaid as a beautiful romantic creature, thus kids love these types of thinking ideas to be used in art.​

Confidence Boost​


There is a lot that goes into drawing ability. Self-confidence is one of them. Believing that you can draw as well as enjoy the act of drawing is more important than other technical drawing skills. I believe that the most important suggestion is to help and hold self-confidence. Don’t ever demoralize the drawing abilities of the children. 

As they lose their confidence that they built. Be conscious of how you talk to your child about the things she or he makes. The mistakes can be carefully explained and the beauty in their art can be highlighted. As they become better problem solvers there isn’t any manual to being an artist. 

There is not a manual for solving obstacles and challenges throughout life as they are never-ending. However, we can make creativity a habit. We can also continue to resolve the problems in the field of artwork in the life of our children. With art, we can connect other people by doing the same with the instant sense of community that is formed. 

We want feedback from people and simplify creating new art next to each other. In the end, it is highly rewarding. During the lockdown period, the children are facing a lot of problems as the children are not allowed to go out of their houses. They are not allowed to play outdoor games. 

They have to only make use of their time by their creative skills. That is sitting at home with Books, TV, mobiles, etc. So drawing is an awesome way to do something productive. The emotions which are only captured by the art cannot be conveyed through normal speaking. Thus drawing is a must activity for young kids.

After School Activities For Kids: Slime


Everyone knows that the children only need glitter slime whenever it comes to fun craft activities. But the mess of the slime is enough to make parents shiver with fear. Most of the time while playing with the slime, the kids can get real Messy in the process. Also in reality, this is what playing with slime is. 

Because with kids, this is beneficial to take time to whip up some slime in a fabulous way to enjoy quality time while reaping the benefits. Understanding the proper recipe for making slime. Then playing with it helps the children to understand their senses. Many of the kid’s senses such as touch are not very responsive in the early years. 

Parents should try teaching the children some cool slime-making recipes for After School Activities for Kids. Because while making their favorite slime recipe, and during the fun, the kids will start to comprehend how sensors work and how slime provides them a chance to learn to touch or smell with something new.

Improve Creativity


Slime also helps in Improving creativity. Making slime with kids allows you to add new things to it such as stars or glitters. This way you are improving your kids’ creativity. The more creative your kids get with the slime the more fun projects can be for the whole family. 

The color schemes and the mixtures of new objects can help your child use their creative mind to find out what will work best with their next slime project.

Quality Time with Kids


If you can let go of the fact that making the line with your kids will provide you with quality time together. You should focus on the fact that you will be working with your kids, thus strengthening your bonds with them. Making slime is entertaining, fun, and creative that even parents have a blast. What I mean is that parents get quality time in making their favorite slime recipes with the children regularly. 

Along with enjoyment and some bonding moments with them.

Learning with Slime


Talking about teachers, making slime with your kids is much like a hand on a science experiment. Kids will learn how the different substances are mixed to form a stretchy substance known as slime. While they explore this slime texture. They can also mix colors to learn about the color combinations that create new colors. Such as blue and red make purple which is all in the name of science. 

Slime is one of the best fun products that can be created at home. Slime is a connection of the modern era in this busy life. Today slime has made a place in the adults’ hearts and the kids’ hearts at the same time. It allows parents, teachers, and Friends to create a bond of friendship, love, and understanding. 

So it must be obvious that Tactile activities are always good. The sense of touch is a very special sense that as a kid learns during their growing up and development. That’s why kids love Slime because it makes them smile. They feel the achievement that boosts confidence and enhances. 

Teachers are very near to kids and they have witnessed that when kids are tired and exhausted they feel more relaxed and comfortable with fun slime. For kids, slime is amazing and a stress-relieving tool. It is an effective toy for relaxing the mind and that makes wonders in their learning and attaining academic goals.

Good for Sensory Processing


Slime also acts as a treatment for those kids who lack sensory processing. Slime is an effective mode of treatment for these kids because they love playing with it. So I would just like to say to the parents that don’t get upset with the mess of Slime making. It is really fun and I am sure your kids will be enjoying it too much.

Just giving them some open-world will boost their self-confidence, brain development. It also helps to Nourish their social skills. When they play with slime they create designs shapes and even more colors of their choices. I would advise parents to teach them in an environment of play and fun. That’s how they can control their movement and activities.

Slime teaches the kids how they can express creativity openly and vividly. With the confidence that will make them feel on a different level. This way they can explore the real meaning of fun. While learning regardless of the situation or even offer to learn the language of descriptive expression that is obligatory for mental health.

Improves Focus and Concentration


Slime toys improve to imperative elements in the kids such as the focus and the other one is concentration. Your kid indirectly learns how they can achieve ordinary things. By just putting more focus and the level of concentration in the environment of learning and playing. These are some of the most common benefits of making slime with kids. 

Each of these benefits of Slime will surely override that annoying feeling you get with your kids asking you to make some craft with them. During the process of creating your slime at home, I assure you that you will enjoy every second.

After School Activities For Kids: Coloring Pages


We all struggle for the time with ideas of putting the whole family together on a project. As the kids are busy playing and adults are busy with work. I recently provided some ideas for indoor games and activities to help you come with some ideas. And the best activities for the family time is good to return to the basics coloring and drawing.

These two of the earliest simplest activities that we do are also extremely beneficial coloring books provide fun. They are one of the best low-cost ways to relax children. Kids can reap some benefits through coloring too as the coloring pages help the kids to improve their fine motor skills. They also train the brain to focus.

Simple Activity


For the parents and teachers, these inexpensive activities require limited preparation. And are well suited to coloring materials. They are easily available at most general and discount stores or online. Teachers and parents can find a growing number of coloring and drawing apps available on mobile devices.

For those looking for a fun and clever way to incorporate education components, coloring fits the bill with young kids. Coloring can be done with packaged books and pages. For different age groups, there are different options for coloring. Kids that are under 9 can paint some simple animals, birds, or flowers.

Whereas those kids that are over 12 can color some more complex and beautiful drawings. While coloring, kids will also get a chance to understand some other subjects. For instance, kids can count the number of trains on the pages or count the name of the different animals on the picture.

Aid in the Learning process


You can make them focus on learning the number of colors, geography history, and even the spelling. This isn’t a 100 trick theory. We have seen results of first-hand adventure fitness. While we always seek to provide fun activities to kids. Our ultimate purpose is to reinforce the health and educational concepts to the children engaging in those activities.

Coloring provides a quick solution. You can pull off the shelf for those cold and wet days when the family stays inside. Determination works best with the family and keeps in mind that coloring provides many benefits for the physical and mental development of the child beyond just fun activities.

Improve Hand-Eye Coordination


Coloring helps a child practice holding a writing tool in the correct way. It aids in the development of those tiny muscles in their hand’s fingers and wrists. Thus, Coloring plays an important role in hand-eye coordination. This is because of the way the child learns to color within the specified area. 

Children develop the skill of patience and learn to focus on details when coloring. Moreover, a sense of accomplishment is achieved when a coloring page is completed. Coloring allows a child to relax and to be comfortable while creating a piece of art. Children can learn about the figures and the shapes on the page. 

They choose which areas they are coloring and know the outcome would be exactly as they wanted to color. A simple printed page helps the child to recognize the color, shape, perspective, and form. It also helps a child to see and recognize patterns and pre-reading and pre-math skills. Eventually, a child can even learn to plan as they decide the colors they will use in their picture and then what order they are going to color things within the picture.

Different Coloring Sources


Different types of color books are available in the market. Like the unicorn color box, wild animal coloring books for children, English coloring books, mathematics geometrical color, these are some of the different types of coloring books. Which help the children to grow to think, to form, to exaggerate, to develop the skills that they have in an easy beautiful manner. Last but not least the coloring can allow for the child to have some quality time together with the family. 

On the other hand, it can provide parents a wonderful time to sit and chat with the children.


Problem Solving and Motor Planning

Art is a creative outlet for children that helps them develop important skills like problem solving and motor planning. The materials used in art projects allow kids to explore their creativity while developing fine motor abilities necessary when creating artwork, which will lead them down the path towards being more knowledgeable about real world problems as well!

Arts and crafts activities are so important for early development. Arts allow kids to express themselves in a creative manner, which often leads them on path towards other hobbies or professions they might have never considered otherwise! You should make sure your child has an opportunity with arts from day one because it could save him years of trying later down the line when he’s grown up – if you give enough time now while he still needs guidance adapting new interests onto himself then there will always be room left over since our minds tend not want too many things at once but rather focus well upon individual tasks

Improving Problem-Solving Skills

Kids that are creative and have the ability to think outside of what’s expected will be able use their imagination in art. As they’re creating, children can work on improving problem-solving skills as well; this is important because it helps kids connect with real world problems too! And if your little one has trouble naming shapes or colors but loves drawing people–you should know there’s no need for him/her do so successfully every time

Develops Self-Expression and Creativity

Develops self-expression and creativity. It also improves hand-eye coordination, which can give you a boost in your esteem! However, it may be difficult for some children who are not used to expressing themselves this way yet or maybe don’t know how because of their age group; however, the benefits make up for any difficulties that may occur when using these tools with younger kids (like encouraging innovation).

Think Critically

Arts and crafts have always been an important part of the curriculum. This activity helps children learn to think critically while understanding their creative process, which is key for future success in life! By encouraging your child to get into arts and crafts, you are providing them with regular opportunities for creativity. You’ll help develop confidence in their subjective life skills as well! Arts & Crafts is an excellent way of learning about yourself by exploring different techniques that can be used when writing or drawing

After School Activities for Kids Conclusion

After-school activities are a great way for kids to learn new things and explore their interests. They can also help children develop social skills, make friends, and stay active. If you’re looking for ideas on after-school activities for your child, check out the list we’ve compiled below. And if you want more information like this, be sure to leave a comment! We love hearing from our readers.

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