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Creative April Showers Craft Ideas to Keep You Busy!


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    Are you looking for April crafts to brighten up your spring season? April showers craft ideas might be just what you need for the rainy day to come. In this article about April showers bringing May flowers, craft is going to have a lot of fun for kids to make and play. These April showers craft ideas are best for toddler, preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten kids.

    You can use this April showers preschool art tutorial to decorate your classroom doors and walls for spring or as of April crafts. These April showers craft ideas are inspired by spring, umbrellas, rain, and rain boots  which are always popular in springtime. These fun and super cute April shower craft ideas are for kids of all ages and make rainy days seem a lot more pleasant.

    April Crafts 

    April Showers Bring May Flowers Craft

    Flowers bloom, welcoming spring from the previous April showers. Flowers are a blessing on our earth; they are beautifully structured, colorful petals and pleasant yet sweet scents. 

    All these components attract us and I can’t imagine a season without these beautiful creations!  

    This April showers craft is very wonderful as it includes the idea of making lovely flowers and we all love these types of crafts! This April Showers Craft Ideas is very easy and fun to make, especially the idea that it includes cupcake liners. 

    Cupcake Liner Flowers

    What you need are a glue tube, a popsicle stick, green paint, and a paintbrush, cupcake liners or wrapping, and a red-colored sheet but you can also choose the color of your choice. 

    1. To begin this April showers preschool art, make sure you lay down an art mat on your table as it includes the usage of paint. 
    2. Take your popsicle stick and color it green with your paint and brush. Once it is painted completely, leave it on the side to let it dry. 
    3. Now cut the petals out of your red-colored sheet in the shape shown in the illustration. It is like an oval from the bottom and pointed at the top. Cut 6 of these that are fully identical in size and shape or a cheat is to make one and trace out 5 more so they are accurately perfect. 
    4. After doing this, you have to glue all of them together with the middle point as the cupcake liner glue the bottom of the cupcake liner and paste in the middle.

    If you want, you can paste these Cupcake Liner Flowers on a piece of paper and hang it on a soft board in your room, a wall, or your bedroom door. You can place it in a pot and put it in the corner of your study table as a great decoration. In this way, your April showers preschool art is complete. This April showers Cupcake Liner Flowers craft is very entertaining and you will enjoy craft and spring.

    Umbrella Crafts For Kids

    Umbrellas are our first choices during shower seasons and we love enjoying rainy days with colorful umbrellas. When you think about these, you will notice that umbrellas are required by all of us in all the seasons, to protect from snowflakes, from severe heat during the summer and rain of course! 

    This April showers preschool art is very fun when we have rainy weather and spring approaching; you can try these DIYs also with your family to make family time more special by following our April showers craft ideas. 

    Umbrella Paper Craft

    For this April Showers Craft Ideas, you would require very few things that will help you create a beautiful April showers craft!

    • Grab a red and orange sheet or you could pick any other 2 colors of your choice to make the top of the umbrella.
    • A black-colored sheet is used to take hold of the umbrella
    • You will need melted wax/candle.
    • Grab a base color of your choice to paste the umbrella on it; we have chosen green color.
    • You also need glue for this task.

    Now, to begin this, you would need to cut the green paper into a perfect square of the size of your choice (if you make a bigger size, you will have to make a bigger umbrella).

    1. Begin making the upper layer of the umbrella; this is a difficult task, but very easy once you start! 
    2. Take the leftover green sheet and make the shape of an umbrella on it like shown in the illustration; it is like an oval on the top and 3 arcs on the bottom. 
    3. After making it, divide the shape into 3, each part should be starting from the end of one arc (see the illustration and we need to divide the shape into 3 to make 1 of the orange and the rest 2 red). 
    4. Now cut the three parts and place the ones on the left and the right on red and trace them out and the middle one on the orange sheet and trace out. Cut them and paste them accurately on the green sheet neatly in an accurate way like done in the figure.
    5. Next cut the black stem (which is where we hold the umbrella) and paste it under the umbrella. 
    6. Last use the melted wax to make raindrops. Put dots with melted wax on the paper randomly and let the flow down as you pick it up and let it roll. Liquid glue can also be used to make these raining drops.

    So, if you are looking for a fun rainy day project or want to add some extra cheer to your home décor, be sure to try out this easy umbrella paper craft. Have you tried making this craft April Showers Craft Ideas before? If so, we would love to see your pictures!

    Raining Clouds Crafts

    Clouds are like puffy snowballs, white and fluffy and we all love imagining living on clouds! They sometimes sob and weep, producing raindrops that we love dancing in and playing and performing in activities. This activity is a very fun task of making soft clouds and their cotton-like raindrops!

    For this April showers craft, you would only need stuff that is already present in your house! There are only three components of this spectacular Raining Clouds Crafts masterpiece! 

    Cotton Swab Rain Cloud Craft

    • First, you will need a random piece of paper like blue; we chose blue as it looks like a sky and brings more of the vibes of rain.
    • You need cotton which is commonly found in our houses
    • Q-tips that will represent raindrops.
    • You need glue as well for the sticking and pasting of the q-tips and cotton.
    1. Now, let’s begin! Start by ripping off some cotton.
    2. Roll them into balls.
    3. Next take your tube of glue and apply it to the blue sheet in a cloud shape.
    4. Start placing the cotton balls on the glue cloud. This will make the shape of the cloud-like shown in the figure. 
    5. Last, begin inserting the earbuds underneath the cloud cotton and make it into a beautiful pattern.

    If you enjoyed this fun and easy Cotton Swab Rain Cloud Craft Project, please let us know in the comments below. We have plenty more where that came from! And if you’re looking for even more crafting inspiration, be sure to check out our other posts.

    April Showers Craft for Preschoolers


    This fun April Showers Craft for Preschoolers is my favorite of all! When it comes to sun catchers, we love crafts with these ideas and their glowing surfaces when the sunlight approaches! 

    Give your windows a dash of color to welcome spring with a unique Raindrop Suncatchers craft, representing the pleasant rainy weather! 

    Raindrop Suncatchers

    However, these suncatchers aren’t normal; they are crayon suncatchers with vibrant colors! For this April showers craft, you will need:

    • blue and white crayons
    • iron
    • strings
    • wax paper
    • and a sharpener

    These items are also present in all of our homes. I would recommend the consultation of parents in this activity as it includes the usage of iron.

    1. First, you will remove the wrapping over the crayons and peel them off.
    2. Next, begin sharpening the blue and white crayons into flakes and place the wax paper on the table you are working on. 
    3. Now begin smearing the blue and white flakes on the wax paper randomly in the shape of a drop and make 10-12 of these.
    4. The sizes of the raindrops are up to you, but just remember each raindrop should consist of both blue and white colors.
    5. Next, place another sheet of wax paper on top. Turn the iron on low heat intensity and iron the wax paper so the crayon flakes begin melting and combining to form a beautiful texture. 
    6. When they have completely melted, remove the wax paper from the top and pick the droplets you have made.
    7. Next, make holes on the top of the raindrops and tie strings to them. The strings will look better in blue color, so they correspond with the weather.
    8. Attach or hang these sun catcher raindrops onto a window. They will glow in the sunlight, and you will love them a lot!

    If you’re looking for a fun, easy April Showers Craft Ideas project that will get you in the mood for summer, we suggest trying out raindrop suncatchers! This craft is simple enough for kids but can also be made more intricate and sophisticated depending on your skill level.

    April Showers Craft

    Rain Boots Crafts

    Rain boots are super chic and protective clothing in the rainy season and we love splashing in puddles with them. 

    In this April Showers Craft, you will learn to turn normal rainy items into a nature-preserving DIY! It will include a splash of colors and a cute decoration for your boring gardens and make them more colorful along with your raindrop sun catchers that we learned to make earlier.

    Rain Boot Planter Ideas

    To start this DIY, you would require:

    • A few pairs of rain boots that are old or dirty. If only one is available, it doesn’t matter, at least it will look beautiful! 
    • You will need some paints of the colors of your choice and the number of paints depends on the number of boots, as I prefer a different color for each boot.
    • The last thing you require is some plants of the number of your boots. For example, if you have two pairs of boots, you would require two kinds of plants and two colors of paint (one for each pair).

    Now let’s start this April craft which is super fun and easy. It would be more fun if you perform this activity with your cousins, friends or family. 

    I will recommend you to place an art mat on your table or any piece of cloth to avoid attaining it on your workstation. 

    1. Now, pick a boot and color it the way you want and if you have more paints than the number of pairs of boots, you can color a pair multi and blend it.
    2. Keep on painting and going until they are all colored and dry and ready for the next step.
    3. After this, collect some soil from your garden and fill it up in the boots. 
    4. Now put the flowers in the soil and your flower-colored rain boots are ready to decorate your lonely garden and add in with the beauty of your suncatchers!

    If you’re looking for a fun and easy gardening project, consider making a rain boot planter! These whimsical containers are perfect for succulents or herbs, and they can be made in any color or style to fit your decor. All you need is an old pair of rain boots (or any other type of waterproof shoe), some potting soil, and your favorite plants.

    Strawberry Paper Craft

    In spring, kids love to have fun with fruit crafts. the 3D Strawberry Paper Craft is perfect under the category of April shower craft for adults. The following things are required for this perfect April Showers Craft Ideas.

    • Red color sheet
    • Green color sheet
    • Black market
    • Glue (glue stick & liquid glue both can work)

    Looking for a fun and easy craft? Look no further! This 3D strawberry April craft is perfect for kids of all ages. Plus, it’s super cute. So, get ready to get creative and have some fun!

    3D Strawberry Paper Craft

    1. Begin by cutting the base color, white into a square of the size of your choice, but do not make it too small that the strawberry does not fit in it. 
    2. Take your red-colored sheet and make a heart that is a little slimmer on the end and not very pointed but a little circular and oval on the top.
    3. Once it is made, cut it out and trace it on red once again and cut it out too. 
    4. Make the top leaves and the stem of the strawberry green so it is slightly longer than the top of the strawberry shape (look at the illustration).
    5. Then begin making black dots on both the strawberry shapes as seeds. 
    6. Begin pasting one of them on the white sheet and glue it and paste the leaves as well on the top.
    7. Now take the second strawberry and fold it in the middle. 
    8. Apply glue on the turn and paste it in the middle of the strawberry.

    If you’re looking for a fun, easy craft project that also happens to be adorable, look no further than this 3D strawberry papercraft. It’s simple enough that anyone can do it, but still looks impressive when finished.

    To sum up April Showers Craft Ideas

    If you want to get the most out of April showers, here are some April Showers Craft Ideas that will be sure to keep your kids busy and happy. We hope these crafts have given you a few new ideas for how to spend time with your children during this lovely season when flowers start blooming all around us! Remember, if you liked this article please share it on social media or in person so we can spread the love too. Until next time…

    If you like this article about April Showers Craft Ideas and would like to know more, please comment below.

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