Art Is My Life and My Life Is Art

Art Is My Life and My Life Is Art


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    Art Is My Life

    Art Is My Life and My Life Is Art! When you are an artist, your life becomes the canvas for all of its creative possibilities. Using your creativity and imagination, you can turn any life into an adventure! When you use your creativity and imagination, this is called an “art life.” It’s when the journey of living becomes more about what we create for ourselves.

    My Life Is Art

    I have always loved art. As a kid, I loved to draw and paint. As an adult, I love to experiment with new mediums and techniques. Art is my life. It’s how I express myself, my passion, and my joy. I hope to share that joy with others through this blog post. Whether you’re a kid who loves art or a teacher who wants to help kids fall in love with art, I hope you’ll find something useful here. Thanks for reading!

    What is Art?

    Art is life, it is an atoned thought, a marvelous feeling and a delightful emotion. There are a good number of answers to define art and artists. Art is a versatile word meaning the application of skills to explore the beauty and diversity of nature.

    The playing elements of nature include flowers and its paintings, traveling and unexplored parts of the world, meeting new persons and their beautiful souls. Art actually is a creative and imaginative hobby for hundreds of people.

    Quotation to define art

    Art is composed of different natural elements which include the visual components of color, form, shape, line, texture, space and value. Thus, art is comprehensively assembled into a sentence                       

    “Something that is created with imagination, discovery, exploration and skill is called a piece of art”                 

    “There is no must in art as art is free”

    Importance of artists?

    Art has an important effect on people. An artist is the one who sees versatility, thinks differently, observes differently and enjoys joyously. An artist is the beauty keeper of nature and knows all the secrets of nature as an artist is the only one close to nature. The Poet once said:                                 

    “We have no time to stand and stare…..”

    Art and nature

    But an artist does have time for nature.  Artists have the ability to strengthen the will and compel people to act. An artist is the only one who can answer the miracles of nature and natural elements. Someone said:           

               “An artist can see what others catch a glimpse of..”

    Different artists

    Life is an art artist. A music artist can answer the tones of nature, a painter can paint the flow of nature, a dancer can make moves in synchronization with nature. Artists think from their bloomed hearts and revolutionary minds. Thus, an artist is the pulse of nature.

    Art and life are not separate entities, they actually mean one. If life is a picture, art is like an array of beautiful colors. If life is a scene, Art is a motion. If life is a destination, art is the pathway.

    Importance of art in life

    If life is a story, it is the lead character towards crossword clues. Life is an art artist as it helps in cobbling the index and standard of life. An artist is the one who really knows the value of art and standardizes it well.  An artist spends life by observing it closely enough. It is a kind of therapy also and aids in the relaxation of tired minds.

    Life is an art artist as it cooperates with the artists to figure out the proper clues for their lives and loved ones answers. It actually causes us to feel a sense of thankfulness and gratification for what we have in our lives. Thus, it let us stay contented and cheerful

    Why is art my life?

    Life is an art artist… is everything.  Life as an art artist is my life because it stirs and provokes the imagination. Art is my life because it enhances creativity and cognition. Life is an art because it helps to discover nature and to discover the veiled natural elements. Art provides more clues towards an ethnic life.

    Art and discovery of nature

    Art is my life  and my life is art as it adds more clues to my exploration. Exploration opens unending doors of success. Exploration ignites the person to keep on striving for the best! Art is my life and my life is art because it encourages me the best is yet to come!! Art is my life because it gives me new clues towards the orientation of each task.

    Life is an art because it enables me to look into myself and give me more clues to find my priorities. Life as an art artist is my life because it promotes me to care for my loved ones. Art is my life and my life is art because it joins my thoughts and answers them with the realities.

    Art promotes the expressions of person

    Art is my life and my life is art because it portrays and answers emotions and feelings. Art is my life because it throws light on the more clues that help in the better and gross understanding of various complicated questions. Oscar Wild said:                          

    Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates life

    Quality of life affects thinking of people and once thinking is destroyed, a person is hampered. Art is my life and my life is art adds new beginnings to a person’s life, this is art is my life. Art can simply transform the way and index of living. Art can give us clues to connect with our inner selves. In this way, art provides crossword clues at the points of interest of a specific person.

    Why should we include art in our lives?

    Art is my life and my life is art as it completes life just like the soul completes the body. It is a dictionary that answers all the crossword clues of life. It is like a book giving the answers for all the queries is an infrastructure guiding the life towards life.

    Painting should create space in our lives as it gives a fragile yet firm hope of peace and clue at veiled things. Artists spread peace and harmony through their art. Art is my life and my life is art as it is the best gift one can offer itself. Painting makes us more expressive. and enables us to give more answers.  It connects our expressions with our answers, and then they can be heard in every corner of the world!

    Art, A Good Hobby?

    Life is a good hobby to spend your leisure time with. There are many forms of art like dancing, singing, painting, designing, writing and many others. You can adopt and practice any one of these. All of them are equally wonder lusting in their places and welcome each and every artist gracefully and answer their thirst.

    Why is my life art?

    Artists often prescribe ‘art is my life and my life is art’ and really art is their life. According to the artists; it speaks of the inner self. My life is art as it is the only one method to display my way of thinking.

    My life is art because it teaches me through new experiences and gives me answers towards my life problems and solve them . My life is art as it governs my stories and leads them. My life is art because art is my life.

    Art is an intriguing pathway providing clues that leads to beautiful destinations of life. It lets the artists excel further and further upon the clue until there is an end, and of course, art is endless. So, the story of Art continues. Because of this, I often call it my life.

    Art elevates the mood

    Scientific studies have proved that appreciation improves our mood and makes us feel proud. That’s why it is my life. We gain more ability to solve our problems, create an intellectual ground for us and help us function smartly and sharply.

    Artists share more efficient and effective minds than others. Artists create a broad vision and we can think bigger!! Of course, they can achieve bigger and wider goals!!!

    It is my way of living and loving. It is an investment in a visual clue story, a story that will fancy the walls of mind and soul and answer them. No piece of art is created without a clue, an Art is a complete story with solved clues.

    Art is life because it empowers the artist to surround himself with the good things and walk on given clues. It raises the vibrations of the artist so that they can herald around the world. These vibrations can attract more good things and an aura of delightful vibes is created around the artist.

    Art makes things easy for people. It is said to be a magical expression that flows so easily and effortlessly with the flow of time in a stream-lined manner. So, art enables you to bring your own vision and magic into the world!

    It is a key sign of inspiration , hope and peace. An art is a pure reflection of an artist ‘s personality, his deeds, his hope, his likes and dislikes. The colors used in the piece of art also give true clues towards the attitude of the artist and aid him to explore.

    Different types of art evoke different emotions and inspire variably. Music play has its own way of igniting the raw emotions of an artist. Dancing is known for putting together the ethereal tones and warm lyrics into the soft moves.

    Art and Architectural Designing

    Architecture designing is another commonly opted mode of art. It is admirable how this specific work can utilize resources and convert drab places into the worth viewing scenes. This art is well reputed for replacing the dull corners into amazing living places decorated with fresh and aqua colors by using limited resources.

    Art a complete lifestyle

    On review, it is attributed to a complete lifestyle. It is a norm to live and discover. It is a sign of celebration, and it should be celebrated with zeal and zest. The expansive and seemingly inexhaustible nature of mankind seems to be answered by it. It is capable of introducing confidence in a person’s life. Thus, my life is art as it is a sheer joy of creation.

    Art is my life and my life is art because art enables the recognition of skills of artists. It brings all the answers, beautiful dreams, desires and ideas of life into reality. It is surely a source of happiness and a clue of cheerfulness in a person’s life. It lets the lovers live a loving and thriving life!

    Fine Art Definition

    When we talk about “fine art,” it’s clear that there are many different definitions. The primary function for this type of work is to make beautiful and artistic designs, paintings or sculptures which have their origins in sketching out ideas on paper before transferring them into an actual medium like paint – even if you’re working digitally! Some examples include photography (both cultural & applied), architectural drawings/ photographs; some forms may be more closely associated with one industry than another: photojournalism versus graphic design would likely come up less often when discussing what kind-of artist they are while still producing amazing pieces outside those fields too.

    Why Art Is Important to Society?

    The importance of art in society cannot be understated. The creativity and genius that artists have displayed throughout time has helped shape our world, both individually as well as collectively through their work for generations yet still today it’s widely recognized by all cultures around us. Art impacts people on many different levels; whether you want your child involved with making his/her own creative projects or just appreciate what they do at school educationally-art really does matter!

    Understanding The Importance of Art and Craft in Life

    The importance of art and craft in education is often forgotten, but it should not be. Teaching children to create was once considered a privilege – now we take for granted how much time kids spend on their portfolios or designing Halloween costumes from scratch instead.’ There’s also growing evidence that demonstrates just what benefits this type of classroom setup offers: students who are well rounded tend get better grades than those learned balanced only through academics; they’re more likely become entrepreneurs when grown up because creativity has been encouraged during childhood.

    Why we love arts and crafts?


    Why we love arts and crafts? We love arts and crafts beacause they are enjoyed by people of all ages. For kids, crafts can be a fun and creative way to spend an afternoon. For adults crafting can be a relaxing hobby or a chance to express their creativity. Arts and crafts can also be used to DIY projects around the house or to create decor for your home.

    Arts can be as simple as painting a picture or as complicated as building a piece of furniture. No matter what your skill level, there is an arts and craft project that is perfect for you. So why not try your hand at arts and crafts today? You might just find that you have a hidden talent for artful creation!

    Art Is My Life and My Life Is Art

    Art is the essence of my life. It’s what I live for, it brings out creativity in me and fills up this empty space inside with beauty; there are so many ways to define art! Some say that artists are those who use their skills to explore nature. Art is the exploration of nature’s beauty and diversity. It can be anything from painting flowers or meeting new people in faraway places–it really just depends on your imagination!

    Did you know that there is a special way to live your life? It’s called an “art life.” An art life is when you use your creativity and imagination to make your life into an adventure. Every day is an opportunity to create something new and exciting. You never know what might happen when you’re living an art life!

    If you like this article about Art Is My Life and My Life Is Art and would like to know more, please comment below.

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