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Arts and Crafts Tile Adds A Unique Touch to Your Home


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    Arts and Crafts tile is a beautiful and unique type of tile. It is made by hand, which gives it a lot of character. Each tile is different, which makes it perfect for unique projects. Arts and Crafts tile is perfect for floors, walls, and countertops.

    If you’re looking for antique tiles in arts and crafts style. From Ancient tiles to English tiles or modern Art Deco tiles, we’ve got something for you here. There are various ways to incorporate tile into your home, from the kitchen and bath to the fireplace or mural—everything from blueprints to fixes to detailed vendor profiles.

    Whatever type of tile you choose, proportion, color, shade variation, and grout are part of the design decision. Regardless of what kind of tile you select, proportion, color and shade variation, and even grouting become part of the design decision.

    As tile-making resurgences bring back historically inspired installation design, so does the resuscitation of tile design. The rooms on this page may appear to be remnants of a bygone era to people familiar with tile’s use in the past. Bathrooms with white walls, purple walls, and a fireplace surround can be found in various periods and styles, from the early twentieth century through the Jazz Age. However, they were all created in the last 20 years. Tile novices may be taken aback by the boldness and modernity of these designs.

    Taking a look through the collections indicates that tile has been utilized for both functional and ornamental purposes throughout history. During the American tile industry’s golden age, between 1910 and 1940, striking specimens abounded, although not exclusively in the Arts & Crafts style, as many people believe. Mosaics in earth tones like amber and green and bright Spanish-Moorish designs may all be found throughout this period—Mercer’s Moravian tiles, created in Pennsylvania. Let’s discover the most popular tile works in arts and crafts style!

    Carreaux du Nord Tiles

    Ceramic tile with an embossed pattern in blue and brown Tile from the Carreaux du Nord is fantastic tilework for old homes. For architectural and aesthetic applications such as fireplace borders, backsplashes, and other similar projects, we create unique handcrafted art tiles in classic and original Arts & Crafts themes.

    American Restoration Tile

    American Restoration Tile is a ceramic tile made in the United States, America. This venerable company makes custom vintage ceramic tile. They will match equivalent conventional tiles and create custom tiles in old shapes and styles to fit existing old tiles. Tiles in various materials include ceramic, stoneware, semi-vitreous, porcelain, and terra cotta.

    Terra Firma Ltd. Tileworks

    Terra Firma Ltd. is a private limited company. These reflect such designs that are original and loyal to the concept of the Decorative arts movement. Glazed in rich Craftsman colors and unique patinas, this piece is a work of art. There are also field tile and architecture moldings.

    Amsterdam Tile

    Amsterdam Tile is a type of ceramic tile. Dutch tile kitchen backsplash and fireplace borders specially manufactured in the Netherlands are among the most popular choices. For 40 years, I’ve been creating handpainted tiles.

    Tilework in the Arts and Crafts style

    Clocks, plaques, and fabrics are among the unusual Arts & Crafts decoration tiles for the home that they sell. They sell white framed tiles from a variety of producers.

    Derby Pottery and Tile

    Derby Pottery and Tile is a family-owned and operated business. Custom and imitation tile for fireplaces, backsplashes, tub sides, and shower surrounds are available at Tiles-Direct. Their collection pays homage to the long-gone art of textured relief tile, which is highlighted with a colored translucent coating.

    Fireclay Tile

    The floral abstract on a fireclay tile looks fantastic. For the past 22 years, they have been designing excellent, handcrafted tile at their San Jose studios. Embossed and flat designs, cuerda seca, rope tile, and other decorative elements are included.

    Tudor Tile

    Tudor tile is a type of art tile. Ceramic tiles with a fine surface glaze and a beveled edge are one of a kind.

    L’Esperance Tile

    L’Esperance Tile Works is a tile manufacturing company located in L’Esperance in the province of Quebec. Toilets, fireplaces, kitchens, and entryways can benefit from custom porcelain tiles. Arts and Crafts, as well as other vintage design forms, are her specialties.

    Malibu Ceramic TileWorks

    Malibu Ceramic Works is a ceramics studio in Malibu, California. Historical and beautiful tile influenced by the architectural style of California in the 1920s and 1930s, suitable for use on walls, fireplaces, and water fountains.

    Sculptured Metaphor Bronze Tiles 

    Solid cast-bronze tiles are created from reused copper and custom in a beautiful palette of proprietary patinas. Plus, Solid cast-bronze tiles are manufactured from recycled copper.

    Medicine Bluff Studios

    Medicine Bluff Studios is a performance space in Medicine Bluff, California. It is a small glass art tile studio that creates collections influenced by distinctive natural elements, maritime culture, and west designs.

    Mission Tile

    Mission Tile West is a tile company based in California. Batchelder, Malibu, and Catalina forms of reproduction art tile are available. The Revival line is inspired by the ceramics of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. In addition, they use stone and terra cotta.

    Motawi Tileworks

    Motawi Tileworks is a tile manufacturing company in Motawi, Kenya. A tiled studio specializing in design elements such as vibrant Arts and Crafts-inspired patterns, rich matte glazes, and exquisite architectural molding for use in fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, and toilets.

    Native Tiles and Ceramics

    Native Tiles and Ceramics bathroom mural tile is made of ceramic. The use of indigenous tile and ceramics is becoming increasingly popular—handmade ceramic tile in California, Spain, and Craftsman. Trims, margins, pools, flooring inserts, paintings, fireplace sides, and rug designs for flooring are all examples of decorative elements.

    North Prairie Tileworks

    North Prairie Tileworks is a family-owned and operated business. You may acquire a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes with this bespoke tile technique—decorative tile, trimmings, mosaics, and handpainted tile that is one-of-a-kind. Restoration, duplicates, and custom colors are all available.

    Ravenstone Tiles

    A Ravenstone Tiles portrait tile is also present in the arts and crafts style. Art Nouveau and Art and Crafts elements can be incorporated into a custom tile design. Tiles for the numbers on the house are also available.

    Seneca Ceramic Tiles

    Seneca ceramic tiles with terra cotta for walls and floors are available indoors and out. Distributors can provide this service.

    Tile Restoration and Repair Center

    They produce historically correct copies of the tilemaker Ernest Batchelder’s work in his studio. Aside from that, they create Claycraft designs and custom and creative work.

    Weaver Tile

    Weaver Tile is a type of ceramic tile that is made from a weaver’s loom. A small tile company specializing in high-quality, high-fire ornamental tiles with Arts and Crafts themes is located in New York City.

    Tile Source

    Tile Source is a company that manufactures ceramic tiles. Genuine English adhesive and pattern floor tiles, suitable for the renovation or re-creation of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century floor surfaces.

    To Sum Up Arts and Crafts Tile

    In conclusion, arts and crafts tile is an affordable, beautiful, and timeless option for flooring. It is a great choice for anyone looking to add some personality and character to their home. If you are interested in adding arts and crafts tile to your home, be sure to visit a local showroom or tile shop to see all of the different options available.

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