Auditory Activities for Students

5 Quick Auditory Activities for Students


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    Are your students struggling with auditory processing? These 5 Auditory Activities for Students are perfect for the classroom! This activity will show who has a difficulty with auditory processing.

    What is Auditory Processing Disorder?

    Auditory Processing Disorder is a condition that affects how the brain processes auditory information. People with this condition may have difficulty understanding speech, or they may be unable to process certain sounds correctly. This can lead to problems with communication and learning.

    5 Easy Auditory Activities for Students

    The key to a good education is to make it engaging, fun, and rewarding. One way to enhance learning is to make it more visual, audible, and even physical. Educational activities can introduce new material and make a model easier to understand. Students of every skill level can benefit from these ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) activities.

    1. Red Light/Green Light

    Take a white card and make three large circles. Make one red, one yellow and green. When helping your child with homework (or having other detailed conversations), encourage them to use the Red Light/Green Light card. 

    When they feel overwhelmed by the words you use, ask your pointer to go to the red light on the card. This is your signal to stop, take a short break, and review the points until your child feels prepared to give you the go-ahead to continue. It may use the slowdown circle, the yellow, in the same way, letting you know that it needs more time.

    2. I Went Shopping

    This game needs at least 2 players. Each person takes a turn repeating the current grocery list and adds a new item in alphabetical order.  

    He said, “I went to buy an apple.” “I bought an apple and a banana.” “I did some shopping and I bought an apple. a banana and a biscuit.” “I went shopping and I bought an apple, a banana, a biscuit, and und____.” I like this game to listen to and remember!

    3. Go Fish

    One of our favorite go-fish games that is not “babyish” is the American story Go Fish.  As with Clue, to win, listening to other players’ card requests is an important element. And, you get an overview of history as well!

    4. Listening Game

    Eyes closed, your child should try to identify the sounds they hear. These can be inner sounds, outer sounds, sounds from things you shake, etc. If you want, ask your child to indicate the direction of the sounds to add a layer of auditory processing.

    For an extra bonus of comprehension and vocabulary, have your child describe the sounds with words like heavy and light, quick and slow, or high and low.

    5. Listening Nature Walk

    Turn an ordinary nature walk into a little brain-building activity by identifying as many sounds as possible and recording them in your nature diary.

    The Challenges using language

    Activities to improve the language skills of children with auditory processing disabilities are important to the parenting role and the teaching toolbox. Language is a key piece of communication.

    The simple games and activities shown above are designed to help children with APD develop language skills. There is no single method to treat this condition, and often success is highly dependent on the individual child.

    Wrapping Up Auditory Activities for Students

    We hope you enjoyed our blog on auditory activities for students. We are proud of the chance to share these activities with you. These activities can help you to engage students during your listening comprehension lessons. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us

    If you like this article Auditory Activities for Students and would like to know more, please comment below.

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