Best House Contractor Items Hades

best house contractor items hades

best house contractor items hades


House contracting can be daunting. To help, we’ve put together a list of top tools and materials. From premium paints to sturdy flooring, our guide has all your needs.

When renovating or building, get reliable supplies for quality craftsmanship. Our article includes expert-selected items that meet industry standards.

Explore eco-friendly alternatives to traditional materials like wood. These are better for the environment, durable and require less maintenance.

Studies by Building Design + Construction Magazine show investing in weather-resistant roofing materials is key for long-term success. Improve property value with these materials.

Even Hades needs good power tools. Check out our must-have contractor items for him.

Top 10 Must-Have House Contractor Items for Hades

To equip yourself with the best tools for house contracting in Hades, you need to have the right set of equipment at hand. To make your work easier, we have compiled a list of the top 10 must-have house contractor items. These include a heavy duty hammer, power drill, measuring tape, saw, nail gun, safety gear, level, workbench, screwdriver set, and 2.10 utility knife.

Heavy Duty Hammer

For any contractor dealing with Hades, a high-quality sledgehammer is essential. Consider these points when searching for the perfect hammer:

  1. Durability: Hardened steel is best for continuous use.
  2. Grip: An ergonomic handle makes work more efficient.
  3. Weight: Choose a weight suitable for the task.
  4. Head Design: Optimal balance of size, shape and weight for maximum impact.

Also look for features like shock-resistance or anti-vibration tech. With a top-quality sledgehammer in hand, comes responsibility. Caution must still be taken to avoid injury or damage. For drilling through the depths of the underworld, you need a power drill as tough as your soul.

Power Drill

If you’re a house contractor in the underworld, a Soul Drill is essential. Here’s why:

  • It can penetrate diamond rocks.
  • It has a powerful motor and sharp drill bits for big projects.
  • Safety features prevent accidents.
  • Compact size and light weight for easy carrying.
  • It helps contractors finish tasks quickly and precisely.

Plus, Soul Drills are different from human power drills. They offer precise control, creating a polished look.

2,000 years ago, Greeks used primitive drilling technologies – copper and water flow. Later, these methods developed into modern drilling methods.

When in Hades, measure once with a measuring tape that can withstand hellfire.

Measuring Tape

Accurate measurement is essential for construction projects in Hades. A Distance Calculating Device is a must-have tool for contractors. It ensures:

  • Distance: measuring long distances quickly and precisely.
  • Accuracy: linear measurements and calculations for height, width and length.
  • Flexibility: adjusting the device to fit different surfaces like floors or walls.

This device comes in various sizes and brands, so be sure to consider what you need it for. Pro Tip: Check if extra features, like laser guidance or camera footage, are included.

For home improvement in Hades, don’t forget the saw. After all, there are plenty of souls to be set free.


The power tool is renowned for its versatility and strength. It’s great for carpentry tasks and an essential part of any DIY toolkit or professional workshop. It may be used to cross-cut woods, slice metals, or even cut bricks. Different saw types vary in blades and tasks they can do.

Circular saws are handheld motor-powered tools that make straight cuts in wood, metal, or plastic. Jigsaws, reciprocating saws, and hacksaws are suitable for small-scale projects at home. Band saws have a long vertical blade that can cut precise curved lines in wooden planks.

These tools can not only cut materials into shapes and sizes, but can also add aesthetic value when used by experienced hands. Some are great for DIY, while others are best for commercial purposes.

Once, there was a man who wanted to make furniture for elderly people. He had the designs, but lacked the tech knowledge. He couldn’t get the pieces to the right dimensions. Until he got saws to increase accuracy – now his showroom is popular!

Nail Gun

For construction in the underworld, a ‘Power Nail Driver’ is a must! It allows effortless nailing impossible to do manually. Find one that fits your job’s needs – with adjustable depth control, light weight and a power source (electric or battery-operated).

Invest in quality nails – brads, finishing nails & staples. And don’t forget your safety gear – gloves, eye protection and a dust mask! Working in Hades? Safety gear isn’t just suggested, it’s essential!

Safety Gear

Protective Equipment for Hades’ House Contractors

Hades’ house contractors must have the right protective gear to stay safe. Here are 6 necessities for each contractor’s toolkit:

  1. Respirator: Blocks dangerous particles and fumes.
  2. Hardhat: Keeps head safe from falling objects.
  3. Safety Glasses: Guards eyes from debris, dust, and other hazards.
  4. Earplugs: Protects hearing from loud machinery and equipment.
  5. Gloves: Shields hands from cuts, chemicals, and burns.
  6. Steel Toe Boots: Avoids foot damage from heavy falling objects.

Also, durable work pants and shirts are important protective clothing.

Protective gear must fit properly to be effective. Poor-fitting gear can cause injuries or accidents on the job.

One contractor had a close call when something fell from above. His hardhat saved him from serious head injury. This reminds us all that protective gear is important for contractors on the job site.


Creating a successful Hades house requires the right tools and materials. For ‘Top 10 Must-Have House Contractor Items for Hades’, homeowners must consider:

  1. Hammer and nails
  2. Chainsaw
  3. Drywall tape
  4. Steel framing squares
  5. Measuring tapes
  6. Pneumatic nail gun
  7. PEX tubing
  8. PVC pipes
  9. Polyurethane foam cans
  10. Power drill driver and safety gear

These items are essential for constructing solid foundations and long-lasting protection against this region’s harsh weather conditions. Invest in these must-haves to make sure your workbench is sturdy enough to handle the weight of your soul-crushing failures and demonic power tools.


For weapon crafting, Hades must have a workbench. It needs to be sturdy and have proper lighting. It must also have enough space and clamps so materials don’t move.

Tools like hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, saws and sandpaper should be accessible. Drawers are also important for storing small parts, nails, finishing screws and coatings. An electrical source is needed for powering tools.

The secret to crafting quality weapons is in the details. Hades’ workbench needs to have a magnifying glass for detailed inspections. Don’t forget about this essential item! Investing in a good one will make your weapons legendary! Get crafting! If you need a screwdriver that can handle demonic possession, try the Hades-approved version.

Screwdriver Set

A screwdriver set is an imperative item for a house contractor’s toolkit! Here are 5 reasons why you should have one in Hades:

  • It lets you easily tighten and adjust screws of various sizes.
  • It’s multi-functional and can be used to assemble furniture and fix appliances.
  • It’s durable and can last long, even with frequent use.
  • It saves time and money by enabling DIY repair work.
  • It has precision tips for accurate placement and control when working with small screws.

Screwdriver sets come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. It is important to choose one that suits your needs.
Having a comprehensive collection of screwdrivers also means you will be prepared for any emergency repairs.

I once had an emergency repair job at night in Hades. The client had a broken table that needed urgent attention for the next day. Thanks to my screwdriver set with precision tips, I was able to fix it quickly!
Who needs a Swiss Army knife when a good old utility knife can also be used to fight off pesky demons trying to invade your underworld abode?

Utility Knife

Utility Tool: A Necessity for Any Contractor’s Toolbox!

A utility tool is a must-have item for any contractor’s toolbox. Whether a building professional or a homeowner, an effective and efficient utility tool is essential.

  • Cutting Ease: Utility tools have sharp blades that make it simple to cut anything from drywall to wires.
  • Multi-Purpose: It serves many purposes like cutting materials, stripping wires, opening cans, and bottles and more!
  • Portability: Its small size makes it easily portable and convenient to take around, making it a dependable tool anytime, anywhere.

A utility knife could also come with replaceable blades, an ergonomic handle or even an automatic blade retracting feature – all offering more advantages to the user.

Pro Tip: Always ensure your utility knife is maintained regularly, sharpened or replaced to maintain effectiveness when using it.

For home renovation in the underworld, these 10 contractor items are the hottest thing since Hades!


Items for Hades are a must-have for any house contractor. The Stygian Blade, Aegis Shield, Eternal Spear, and more provide unique benefits for battle. The Chaos Boon items give random bonuses that can help in a tight spot. To be successful, one needs to use these items with other upgrades.

Did you know Hades was created by the same company as Bastion and Transistor? Supergiant Games made these popular titles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best house contractor items for Hades?

A: The best house contractor items for Hades are the ones that offer upgrades to the player’s abilities, such as the Death Defiance and Stubborn Defiance items.

2. Where can I find the best house contractor items for Hades?

A: The best house contractor items for Hades can be found in various rooms throughout the game’s maps, as well as purchased from the house contractor himself.

3. How do I unlock new house contractor items in Hades?

A: New house contractor items in Hades can be unlocked by collecting and spending darkness or diamonds, which are earned by defeating enemies and completing challenges.

4. Can I customize my house contractor items in Hades?

A: Yes, players can choose which house contractor items they want to equip and upgrade based on their play style and preferences.

5. Do house contractor items in Hades stack?

A: Yes, players can stack multiple house contractor items in Hades to increase their effectiveness in combat and other aspects of gameplay.

6. Are house contractor items essential to progress in Hades?

A: While not essential, house contractor items in Hades can significantly improve the player’s chances of success by offering powerful upgrades and bonuses.

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