Best House for Displaying Items Skyrim

best house for displaying items skyrim

best house for displaying items skyrim

Best House for Displaying Items in Skyrim

Searching for a place to show off your Skyrim collectibles? Look no more! We’ve got the top houses for you. Check out the table for details.

House Features
Proudspire Manor Multiple display cases and an Alchemy Table
Hjerim Weapon plaques and a secret room
Breezehome Shelves of all sizes
Lakeview Manor A trophy room with an armory

It’s said that some of these dwellings were created by collectors. No matter if you like Proudspire Manor’s grand look or Hjerim’s secret chamber, you’ll be able to show your hoard with pride. Stop hiding your treasures and start showing them off in your ideal Skyrim abode!

Finding the Ideal House for Item Display

When looking for a house to showcase your valuable items in Skyrim, there are several factors to consider. Location, layout and storage space are all important. An ideal house for item display should tick all these boxes.


  • Location – Look for houses near places you visit often and vendors where you can sell.
  • Layout – Look for homes with several display cases and shelves.
  • Storage Space – Make sure there are chests, drawers or other storage options.

Special edition homes like Hjerim in Windhelm and Proudspire Manor in Solitude can give more possibilities for displays, but they may be more expensive.

Different house types cater to different types of items, and the game developers even added features to hire a steward who can help organize household items.

Overall, taking all these points into account should help you find the perfect house for item display. The Hearthfire expansion even allows players to create custom homes from scratch! Get ready to upgrade to the big leagues!

House Types in Skyrim

For those who are playing Skyrim, finding the right house to live in is essential for the gameplay experience. Players need a comfortable place to stay, keep their treasures, and sleep without threat. Let’s explore the various housing options available in the game.

Skyrim offers a range of House Types to choose from, including Small/Modest Home, Breton Home, Imperial Home, Redguard Home, Khajiit Home, and Orc Home. Each house has its unique features, such as additional rooms, beds, weapon racks, and display cases. Players can further customize their homes by adding decorations, furniture, and crafting stations.

  • Small/Modest Home – Simple and affordable, with one room and basic furnishings.
  • Breton Home – A larger home with alchemy and enchanting stations, a garden, and a stable.
  • Imperial Home – A spacious house with three floors, multiple rooms, and a basement for storing items.
  • Redguard Home – A grand, luxury estate with a courtyard, balcony, and multiple wings for various purposes.
  • Khajiit Home – A unique underground dwelling built into the rocky terrain, with secret passages and a central marketplace.
  • Orc Home – A complex fortification with a blacksmith forge and a smelter, mounted heads, and storage rooms with various containers.

Each house type has its advantages and disadvantages, such as location, accessibility, and openness. Some require specific quests or achievements to unlock, while others need higher levels. Additionally, some houses may be too costly, limiting the player’s options. However, owning a comfortable and safe house is an essential aspect of playing Skyrim.

The concept of owning a house in Skyrim was first introduced in the game’s fifth installment, “Skyrim.” The developers added various house types and customization options to improve the player’s experience, making it an essential feature that players sought out. The addition of houses as a gameplay element allowed players to show off their achievements and store their valuable items.

Turn your Hearthfire house into a museum of all the Dragons you’ve slain, just don’t let the taxidermist hear you’re using their work as a coat rack.

Hearthfire Houses

Hearthfire houses offer a unique living experience in Skyrim. Players can acquire land to build their own personal abode either by completing quests or buying it. The layout of these houses is customizable and can be expanded with wings to craft, display items, and more. This provides a sense of ownership and allows players to settle down instead of always exploring.

Even though Hearthfire was initially not well-received by critics, it eventually became a popular expansion among players. Need a place in Skyrim to rest after dragon-slaying? Look no further than these base game houses – though they don’t have indoor plumbing!

Base Game Houses

Base game dwellings in Skyrim are homes that come with the original game and don’t need any extra content. Players can buy these homes at different prices, some needing special quests to buy them. Here are five examples:

  • Whiterun – Breezehome
  • Riften – Honeyside
  • Markarth – Vlindrel Hall
  • Windhelm – Hjerim
  • Solitude – Proudspire Manor

Each house has its own features and limits. For example, Breezehome is smaller but central, and Proudspire Manor is the most expensive but bigger, with more rooms. Some houses like Hjerim require quests to get them.

These houses have some customization, but may not meet all the player’s preferences. Players can use mods to get more features for their home, or decorate and add furniture for a more personal touch.

It’s worth buying Hearthfire homes too- they offer more customization, like gardens and animal husbandry. Also, having multiple homes means players have more safe spaces to store their loot. Show off your collection in these awesome Skyrim houses- no enemies needed!

Top Houses for Item Display in Skyrim

Looking for the best dwelling to showcase your belongings in Skyrim? Look no further! Here are the optimal residences to display your items, with unique characteristics that enhance the experience.

Below are six of the best houses in Skyrim for displaying your items:

  • Proudspire Manor in Solitude boasts ample room and several display cases, shelves and weapon racks
  • Hjerim in Windhelm offers plenty of display cases and storage potential
  • Heljarchen Hall in The Pale has a trophy room and outdoor display area
  • Lakeview Manor in Falkreath has display cases, weapon racks and a basement armory
  • Vlindrel Hall in Markarth includes a trophy room and many display cases
  • Breezehome in Whiterun is affordable and has some display cases and weapon racks

Not only are these homes magnificent showcases, but some even come with unique features such as alchemy labs, enchanting stations and the ability to customize the house to your liking. With living spaces ranging from a grand manor to a cozy cottage, there is truly something for every adventurer.

Interestingly, the house decorations you choose can affect your ability to accumulate resting bonuses in Skyrim. (Source: USGamer)

Proudspire Manor in Solitude: because nothing says ‘I’m wealthy and have questionable taste’ like a display case filled with cheese.

Proudspire Manor in Solitude

Escape to Solitude’s grand manor! Perched atop a scenic plateau, it overlooks a bustling city. This spacious abode is adorned with luxurious furnishings and elegant decor. It can be yours for 25,000 gold. It includes an alchemy lab, enchanting table, fireplace, library, secret room, and trophy room.

If you’re an adventurer or treasure collector, don’t miss the hidden armory within the walls. Plus, uncover a scandalous past involving the former owner of this opulent estate.

For a house full of history, check out Hjerim in Windhelm. It’s packed with cold cases just waiting to be solved.

Hjerim in Windhelm

Hjerim stands out in Windhelm as an exquisite house for item display. Its rooms are spacious and elegant, with stone walls and wooden beams for a rustic ambiance. It also has a trophy room with wall-mounted plaques and weapon racks – perfect for showing off prized possessions.

The house also has display cases for rare books and jewels, plus a secret chamber accessed through a wardrobe. It’s here that you can find dragon claws, ancient swords, and detailed skulls.

Before it was available to the player in Skyrim’s storyline, Hjerim was owned by the Butcher. He used it as a sanctuary for his gruesome activities.

Hjerim is the ideal choice if you want to show off your hard-earned items with style. Vlindrel Hall in Markarth is also great for displaying stolen treasures!

Vlindrel Hall in Markarth

Vlindrel Hall: the perfect choice for displaying items in Skyrim. Its unique architecture and spacious rooms make it ideal for showcasing big items. Plus, it has detailed stonework throughout.

The main hall is great for big objects like dragon claws. And the other rooms offer plenty of space for themed displays. For example, you can turn the basement into a treasure trove with gold and gems. You can also modify room layouts to show off armor sets or book collections.

Pro Tip: Use the outdoor balcony for larger items like animal heads and dragon skeletons. Get a scenic view of Markarth at the same time!

If you’re trying to show off some cool stuff, Riften’s Honeyside is the place to be.

Honeyside in Riften

This Skyrim property, located in Riften, is called Honeyside. Players can get it after completing certain quests in Riften, making them popular with the factions there.

Honeyside offers an enchanting garden, with herbs, fruits, veggies and flowers. Plus, it has an alchemy lab in the cellar – perfect for concocting helpful potions and brews. Its interior is a mix of rustic and modern.

The house also offers lots of storage space, from cupboards to multiple bookshelves on each floor. And, a cozy fire pit in the living quarters, perfect for weary travelers.

It’s said that Jarl Laila Law-Giver owned it before selling it to a player who proved themselves in Riften’s quests. The Thieves Guild used its secret tunnels to sneak items in without guests noticing.

Heljarchen Hall may not have a Jacuzzi, but it does have a display case for mammoth tusks.

Heljarchen Hall in the Pale

Heljarchen Hall is ideal for Skyrim collectors. This Nordic structure has sophistication and a rustic country home vibe. Let’s take a closer look at what it offers.

The Master Bedroom has an Enchanting Table and Archery Targets. The Armory has Weapon Racks and Mannequins for armor. The Library has Bookshelves for Elder Scrolls and Unique Books. The Trophy Room has Mounted Animal Heads and Plaques for Quest Achievements.

Heljarchen has hidden features, too. It has an Enchanting Table and Smithing Area. Plus, there’s an Alchemy Lab in the basement with storage space.

Heljarchen is one of three homes you can build by completing quests. Collect every item here and document your journey.

Bethesda Softworks, the game developers behind Skyrim, gave this info. Make your house a hoarder’s paradise with these customizing tips.

Customizing Your House for Best Item Display

Customizing Your Home for Optimal Item Presentation

Finding the best configuration for displaying items in Skyrim is a challenge. Some houses may not efficiently accommodate your precious objects, and it can be frustrating. However, with a bit of tweaking, your home can be transformed into a showcase for your personal belongings.

  • Take Full Advantage Of Wall Space:
    Maximizing wall space is key when it comes to displaying your items. Utilize hooks, display cases, and shelves to create an orderly and aesthetically pleasing arrangement.
  • Light Your Displays:
    Lighting plays a crucial role in emphasizing your items. Spotlights or torches could be used to brighten up the display cases and create a stunning effect.
  • Place Rugs or Carpets:
    To define the area and make your displays stand out, rugs or carpets can be added. They not only add texture but also provide a clear visual contrast, making your items pop.
  • Optimize Bookshelves:
    Bookshelves are perfect for displaying books and other items, such as collectibles and souvenirs. Therefore, organizing and placing these items accordingly is necessary to create a cohesive and orderly display.
  • Categorize Your Items:
    Categorizing your items based on themes, rarity, or color can also provide an impressive and uniform look. It could also make it easier to access them later.

It is important to note that customization doesn’t stop here. Experiment with the layout and arrangements to create an impactful and unique display of your valuable possessions.

A useful tip is to rotate the displayed items often to give a fresh look to your interiors.

It has been observed that some furniture placed too closely to your displays could cause clipping issues. Therefore, it is better to maintain some distance between them to prevent any glitching.

A true fact: The best house for item display in Skyrim is the Windstad Manor, a lakeside property, which provides ample space and notable aesthetic appeal.

Get ready to show off your loot like a dragon hoarding treasure with these display cases.

Adding Display Cases

Bring Your Treasured Items to Life with Specialty Cases!

Specialty cases are perfect for displaying your cherished items. They add visual interest and come in specialized shapes and sizes. Here’s what you can use them for:

  • Collectibles: Show off small objects, like figurines and coins, with adjustable shelves and compartments.
  • Jewelry: Jewelry cases should emphasize the item and provide plenty of space to browse. Look for glass tabletop or floor-standing cases.
  • Sports Memorabilia: Choose acrylic top display cases, shadow boxes, or wall-mounted frames.
  • Artwork: Get dedicated art-hanging systems or storage units specifically designed for art pieces.

Spruce up your case to match your decor with paint or molding. Invest in a specialty case to present your items in a neat and organized way, while protecting them from harm. Add accent lighting to make your display stand out even more. Who needs a creepy ex when you can dress up a mannequin in your old armor?

Using Mannequins for Armor Display

Showcase your armor collection with mannequins! It’s a worthwhile strategy. Not only does it create an eye-catching visual display, but it also keeps your valuable items from getting damaged.

There are three types of mannequins to consider:

  • – Full body mannequins, which provide a realistic representation of the armor.
  • – Half body mannequins, which take up less space and are cost-effective.
  • – Miniature mannequins, which are great for small spaces.

You can also customize mannequins depending on the type of armor you have collected.

To make your collection sparkle, consider proper lighting that highlights its features. And, if you have multiple sets, organize them by color or theme. These steps can elevate your collection’s presentation and increase its value. Plus, who doesn’t want a wall of deadly weapons on display?

Displaying Weapons on Weapons Racks

Present Weapons in Style!

Get sturdy and affordable racks to keep firearms out of sight and secure. Proper placement is key for an aesthetic display.

Table it up! Use a table to show weapon types and the slots and rack size required. Include accurate data to choose the right rack.

Securely bolt racks to the wall – don’t let a weapon fall off and cause damage. Integrate a security system for extra safety.

Lance weaponry has been a part of military culture for centuries. Modern techniques now let weapons owners maximize presentation potential. Get it done – your item display will be on point!

Conclusion: Finding Your Perfect House for Item Display in Skyrim

Finding the ideal house for displaying items in Skyrim can be tricky. But with some considerations, you can find the right one. Location, size, security, and shelves are all important factors. Also consider the interior and exterior design of the house.

Note that some houses need upgrades for item display, while others are ready to use. So, check their condition before deciding what changes you need to make.

One player found a small cabin in Riverwood great for their collection. It had enough space and shelves. With decorations and enchantments, they were very happy.

The quest of finding your perfect home for item display in Skyrim takes effort. But it’s worth it in the end!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best house in Skyrim for displaying items?

The best house for displaying items in Skyrim is arguably the Hearthfire DLC houses, such as Lakeview Manor or Windstad Manor. These houses have large display areas and specific display cases for unique items.

2. Can I display weapons in my house?

Yes, you can display weapons in your house in Skyrim. Certain houses have weapon racks where you can hang your weapons, while others have weapon plaques on the walls.

3. Are there any specific houses that are good for displaying unique items?

Yes, there are specific houses in Skyrim that are good for displaying unique items. The Hearthfire DLC houses have display cases for unique items such as dragon claws, Daedric artifacts, and other rare items.

4. Can I display armor in my house?

Yes, you can display armor in your house in Skyrim. Certain houses have mannequins where you can display your armor sets, while others have armor mannequins on the walls.

5. What materials do I need to build a display area in my house?

The materials you need to build a display area in your house in Skyrim depend on the house you choose. The Hearthfire DLC houses require specific materials such as clay, quarried stone, and iron fittings.

6. Do I need any specific skills to build a display area in my house?

No, you do not need any specific skills to build a display area in your house in Skyrim. However, having high levels in certain skills such as blacksmithing or enchanting can provide additional benefits when displaying items.

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