Best Olfactory Sensory Activities for Kids

15 Best Olfactory Sensory Activities for Kids


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    Today we are focusing on the best olfactory sensory activities for kids. Basically, fragrant games and educational experiences!    Some of my preschool students this year have actually responded to fragrant activities, so I have quite a bit to share with you below.

    15 Best Olfactory Sensory Activities for Kids

    1. Our super simple spring fragrance water table was a great success. While the kids loved the feeling of the water and bubbles, a lot of them loved the smell. It smells like blossoms! I love blooms!”
    1. Engineers got a kick out of this perfumed color mixture experience! So much sensory, scientific and mathematical enjoyment in an easy-to-implement activity.
    1. The pumpkin pie paint showed up when we added spices to a process art activity. The spices brought back memories of pumpkin pies over the holidays.
    1. Our iced and sparkling letters have been a fixture in my home for some time. The chemical reaction produced fizz and yummy scents, to delight the senses!
    1.  Around Christmas, I got my students a mint candy. They liked the feeling of beans and corn, but the smell of peppermint is what caused them to come back again and again.  They literally played with this bin for weeks!
    1. My son and nephew helped me add a fragrant touch to the basic oobleck recipe. Much pleasure ensued!
    1. The coffee beans in our sensory flower tray have added a distinctive sensation and fragrance to the base spring game. I love the smell of coffee, but I was afraid the kids wouldn’t. I didn’t have to worry — “Oooooh, that smells like mom!”
    1. Painting with apples and spices made us want apple cakes! So fun, and so engaging for the kids’ senses.
    1. Our colorful and fragrant “explosions” were cheap and easy to put together. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve done this at home. The engineer loves to find new odours and new colours to use time.
    1. Creating a writing tray with vanilla spices combined with touch and smell with much learning.
    1. Near Thanksgiving, pre-school children and I added spices to the oat pumpkin pie. They loved to think about pumpkin pies around the table with their families.
    1. Another perfumed tray in the fall was dedicated to apple tart!
    1. Colorful and scented rice was a huge success for the kids. They loved how the rice felt, but the smell was their favorite!    ‘Oh, that smells so good!’
    1. The game perfumed with whipped cream enabled children of all ages to play together. Taste safe for the young, with a feeling and a delicious fragrance for the older children.
    1. Oh, how sweet the apple pie smelled! My preschoolers loved creating and playing with this scented dough.

    Yay! We are glad that you reached the end. That was really fun doing these activities with kids. 

    Do you have perfumed sensory activities to share?    I’m interested in hearing about it in the comments below! And make sure you have checked other sensory activities for kids. All of these are also helpful in ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

    If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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