Birthday Origami Ideas

Fun Birthday Origami Ideas For Your Next Birthday Party


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Origami is a Japanese word where ori means “folding” and kami means “paper.” This is producing art folding the papers. Origami adds beauty to the decorations of a party. These are specially designed for kids’ birthday parties. 

Origami was considered to be the art of Japanese culture, but nowadays, these are designed everywhere on different occasions. They need only colorful papers to make different kinds of birthday origami ideas. Nowadays, this modern design of Origami discourages cutting of paper, glue, or markings on flat paper to produce the design. This Origami is made while using flat, squared paper with different colors at their corner or different designs of papers. 

Birthday Origami 

Several birthday origami ideas give life to a birthday party. These include birthday cards, origami cakes, origami Santa and many more. We will learn making and also mention the materials required to make this birthday origami. 

Birthday Origami Card 

Handmade origami birthday cards are the most practically recognized projects of birthday origami ideas. Instead of spending 4 to 5 dollars in a stationary store, one can create a proper greeting by one easily. Materials that are required to make Origami include. 

  • Paper with different patterns  
  • Blank card 
  • Scissor 
  • Glue 
  • Tape 

The good thing about self-made cards is that one can adapt cards when one finds them fit, depending on the pattern paper one uses. It can be used other than a birthday card for different occasions. Step by step process to make a birthday card. 

Preparing of paper: the paper should be 4 inches square. No one has to cut paper into equal half to have a two into 4 inches strip. 

  • Secondly, one must place one strip in front of his face down of strip. Now he/she has to fold the left and right sides of the strip to make a triangle. 
  • One needs to fold both the right and left corners of the strip by making them sharp. 
  • Flipping over the paper, one has to fold up so that the white edges of the paper will be in line with the pattern edges of the paper. Now make a small triangle by folding each corner of the paper. Fold another identical unit using the strip of paper left from the first step of doing this project. 
  • Both origami units should be attached to the front of quarter folded paper. 

Now one can add a picture to the center to complete their origami card. 

Origami Cupcake Birthday Card 

Origami cupcake birthday card is considered a perfect way to send their best wishes to birthday girls and boys, excluding their age numbers. 

Making a cupcake birthday origami card is an easy birthday origami ideas process. It is a worthwhile project for those whose kids are invited to some of their friend’s birthday parties. 

Materials which are required to make origami cupcake card are less expensive. These includes: 

  • Squared origami paper. It should be colored on one side and colorless to the other. 
  • Additionally, paper is required for your card base also, and another sheet is required to create an envelope for a cupcake origami card. 

For making an origami cupcake birthday card follows certain steps. 

  • Face up the white side of the paper. Now it needs to fold the paper diagonally to make its triangle. Now fold the top layer of a paper half an inch above the bottom line of the horizon. 
  • Make another fold from the bottom up and again down. This will be the frosting edge of one’s finished cupcake. 

No one has to flip over the paper. One has to fold the layer above to make a bit small triangle. Fold both sides of the paper inwards towards its center. This will appear like the angular part of the cupcake. 

  • The flip paper again to bring it to the initial position. Now bring the top of the triangle created a step before the paper top to make a gumball topping for a cupcake. One can also make folds along with the bottom colored area of the cupcake liner area on paper to add texture to its design. 
  • In the end, fold the sheet in fourth to create a base for the card. This paper sheet for the base can be chosen in any color as per one’s choice. Now attach the paper-made cupcake with your card by using glue or with adhesive squares. Colored tapes can also be used to add a candle to a cupcake. 

Origami Gift Box 

Packing a gift creatively shows the individual who is having the birthday an extra thought about it. One will be able to make beautiful wrapping for gifts if he learns how to fold the Origami beautiful gifts. In this tutorial, the box feature of Origami is a traditional design called a masu box. 

The TIP uses a scrapbook that is a bit thick and will help one create a sturdy box. Tools and materials which are required to make a beautiful origami gift box are. 

  • Sheet of scrapbook paper 
  • Scissor  
  • Double-tap 
  • Glue or adhesive tape 

These are the materials which we require to make a beautiful origami gift box. It costs very low to create an origami gift box. We need to follow certain instructions to make an origami gift box. These steps include: 

  • First of all,l, we need to fold the scape book sheet in half horizontally to start the origami gift box. Now unfold the sheet again and fold it in half vertically. Now unfold it again, then you see a cross pattern fold each corner of the paper in the center. 
  • Fold both the top strip and bottom with the center of the paper sheet. 
  • Again fold the right and left sides of the paper sheet with the center. 

Open diagonals of two corners of the paper sheet while leaving the other two edges of the paper sheet folded. Coax the edges of the paper while using your finger and pulling the third corner upwards. Now tuck in the flap at the top to create box sides. One can use glue for flaps to secure them if he/she is planning to give a heavy gift. 

  • The fifth step is to cut the paper sheet according to planned size in inches, then follow the steps from 1 till 4 to create a basement for the origami gift box. 
  • The final step is to work on the decoration of the gift box as per desire. If you want to keep it simple, then tie a bow around the box as the desired color is enough. You can also choose different paper accents to attach to the box to add some beauty. 

Birthday Cake Origami 

One of the unique birthday origami ideas at birthday parties is to design an origami of birthday cake.  It adds beauty in decoration, and cake is the piece of attention during birthday parties, so the Origami of birthday cake can make this party valuable if it is created well. 

To create this origami material, we require it costs reasonable and also give life to the occasion. Remember it is just a design origami of birthday cake a decoration piece. Materials which we require to design an origami of birthday cake can be following. 

  • Paper sheets as per desire 
  • Scissor  
  • Glue  

These are the materials which we generally need to make a birthday cake origami. It includes a six-step process to make a birthday cake origami. 

  • Attach the three pieces with the help of glue and again glue them all to make a slice of the cake. 
  • In a second step, we make a candle to roll the paper like a candle body and glue it so that the lined paper makes a spiral design. 
  • Thirst we need to thread down the candle inside the cake so that the bottom of the candle touches down the bottom of the cake. 

Now by using a wedge piece, we join the top and bottom of the cake. We also attach the sides of the strip with the help of glue with the ends of the wedge. 

  • Now we need to glue the edge of the strip down till tabs, and we need to glue slowly attach two or three tabs at a time. Keep your cake straight. While doing this, all the processes must be untwisted. 
  • In the end, we assemble all the candles and attach them all to the cake. Finally, we get our no-calories birthday cake ready. 

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Bottom Line 

Birthday origami ideas helps in improving other modalities of seeking and learning. It also helps in learning skills through hands and keeps one’s mind busy. Especially it helps children to build their world around. One of the major advantages of creating Origami is that it improves thinking skills and builds a positive mentality. 

A person who gifts his own made Origami will increase affection among them, especially during birthday parties. It also helps one release their stress because it keeps the mind busy, which helps one avoid all the negativity around them and make them valuable for the people and society by spreading their love by producing birthday origami ideas for others. It can also help one to earn a reasonable amount. 

If you like this article about Birthday origami ideas and would like to know more, please comment below.

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Table of Contents

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