Campfire Craft Preschool

21 Fun Camping Activities (Campfire Craft Preschool)

Camping is an outdoor activity, camping crafts is loved by preschoolers. Campfire Craft Preschool Children love to go out and do something adventurous. Camping inspires the kids’ imaginations so they can enjoy nature to its fullest. This temporary accommodation far away from urban areas makes them understand life. Preschoolers learn to live in all kinds of situations.

What is a Camp?

Here the question arises what the camp is? Camp is a kind of a temporary accommodation away from one’s own house. It is a shelter where campers stay for sometime. Camp can be a hut or a tent and sometimes it can be a trailer.

What is Camping?

And we can define camping as: living in a temporary shelter far away from house. Camping is an outdoor activity. It is a temporary stay that can be overnight or continue for days. This recreational activity helps to motivate preschoolers, toddler as well as adults.

Types of Camping

There are two types of camping that can be enjoyed by camping lovers.

  1. Tent camping
  2. Glamping

Tent Camping

Tent camping is a classical type of camping. It is an activity where a temporary tent or a hut is made for a temporary stay far away from home. Those who have enjoyed this type of camping can understand the hardship of living in the middle of wilderness..

Campers become more thankful for all the comforts and all those luxuries they enjoyed living in their homes. Those who have experience of camping can understand how to brush teeth with water from their water bottles and what is the experience of cleaning the body with baby wipes after hiking instead of taking a hot bath. And how to cook in the open with few resources. It is a kind of self discovery and to understand nature.


The second type of camping is Glamping. “ Glamping is the most luxurious mobile home in a trailer”, one can enjoy all those facilities and comfort that a classical camper dreams of. They can take a bath, use the toilet and cook food in their kitchen, can stay away from dirt and insects, and can charge their mobile phone batteries.

The regular campers can make fun of a glamper as they think it is the same as living at home. They think glamper cannot experience nature as closely as the classical tent camper.

 Campfire Craft Preschool Activities

“All those recreational activities that are enjoyed during an outdoor stay in a temporary tent are known as camping activities”

Everyone enjoys these activities as they are so entertaining. Camping activities help to boost stamina. These activities teach us how to live in hardship and how to live close to nature or in the middle of the wilderness..

There are a number of activities that can be enjoyed during camping.

Seven Best Camping Craft Activities for Toddler

Toddlers are always ready to accept recreational activities. They enjoy having outdoor fun. Camping activities help toddlers to understand nature and to live in their own imaginations.

Before going camping you must plan some memorable activities to make your child trip more adventurous. Here are some loveable camping activities for toddlers.

  1. Blowing bubbles
  2. Hunting
  3. Drawing and Painting
  4. Sculpting
  5. Leaf art
  6. Rock collecting
  7. Storytelling

Blowing Bubbles

You can take a bubble machine with you or make your own. Toddlers love bubble making and enjoy them moving with air. During your stay in a camp you can blow bubbles and let the child chase them around your camp. It is really a loveable activity.


Hunting is one the best camping activities for toddlers. Children usually love these kinds of scavenger hunt activities. You can print different figures on paper and paste them with glue on cardboard and let your child move around them or search them out.

And you can also make a list of different things and let the toddler search them all in natural surroundings. 

These items can be

  • Pine cone
  • Small or large leaf
  • Stones of different shapes
  • Rocks
  • Some kind of insect
  • Butterfly 

Or you can name a variety of things that will not only help in memorizing the names of different naturally found things but it also helps in identifying those things.

Drawing and Painting

Toddlers love to draw and use attractive colors to paint. For this camping activity you have to take colors, crayons, water colors or oil paints and papers with you. Tell your child how to draw different shapes and let him/ her color these shapes and drawing.

Drawing and painting is one of the best camping activities for toddlers.


It is one of the most loveable activities that not only  helps to develop fine motor skills in childrens but also grows their power of creativity. 

You can use mud or clay for sculpting and let your child have fun with it making figures and different shapes as he/ she likes.

Leaf Art

Let your toddler collect leaves of different shapes and sizes, paste them on a paper with glue or tape and teach them how to draw it with a marker. You can also teach them how to get a design on a paper by rubbing a crayon over it. For making a leaf on a paper you can put a paper over a leaf now rub a crayon over it and an image of the leaf will appear on the paper. 

It is also the best activity for a toddler in natural surroundings. This will help them to understand nature.

After making these arts you can displace them in the tent for others to appreciate them . It will help to boost confidence in your child.

Rock Collecting

Collecting rock is another loveable camping activity that toddlers really enjoy.  Encourage them to find some cool rocks of different shapes and texture. They can easily search out in the camp vicinity. After gathering some fine rocks, let your child draw on them with paints. And they will enjoy being creative.


After planning an outdoor trip it will be good to buy some good informative stories with a camping theme. Children of all ages love stories and they really enjoy them at their bedtime. Therefore you can tell them unique and moral stories in flashlight that will really help to make their journey more memorable.

Seven Best Camping Craft Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers usually ages 3 to 5 have much developed cognitive skills. They really love to do different things as these make them learn new skills and also help them to explore the world.

There are a number of things that can be planned for preschoolers if camping  outdoors.

  1. Fishing
  2. Painting
  3. Campfire
  4. Trackanimals by footprints
  5. Nature discovery
  6. Hand printing
  7. Kite flying

These are seven best camping activities for preschoolers. If you are planning outdoor camping you can definitely choose from  them.


You can take fishing rods with you and if camping near the lake or the sea, this activity is really amazing. Children enjoy catching fish. You can use swimming pools with toy fishes in it instead of real water fishing. The happiness of the children’s faces will show how good they felt after catching a fish.


Children of all ages love to paint even if they are not very creative. They feel satisfaction in this activity. Take some oil paints or acrylic paints with you and a canvas and let your child draw natural scenes. And animals and birds in their natural surroundings.


Lighting a campfire is not safe for preschoolers but they can learn it under the supervision of their elders. For teaching them lighting a fire you can use some wooden blocks as real logs and red and orange blocks as fire. They will enjoy it as they are lighting a real campfire.

Tracking Animals Footprints

You can use magnifying glass to trace the footprints of different animals. This can be done by making footprints in sand or wet clay with the help of some toys. Preschoolers love to track the footprints of animals and can print them on the paper.

Nature Discovery

Camping is the best outdoor activity to make a preschooler learn and discover nature closely. They can observe different animals, birds and insects in their natural surroundings. They can also figure out different types of plants and in open surroundings they can easily classify these animals and birds.They can also identify the voices of different animals by listening to them closely.

Hand Printing

Children love to make prints with their hands. You can use different attractive colors and teach them how to make prints of different animals as well as birds by using their own hands. I must say, preschoolers will definitely love this outdoor camping activity. 

Kite Flying

Kite flying is also an engaging activity. Children love to craft kites of different shapes and colors and after making a kite with their own hands they will enjoy watching it flying above their heads.

In outdoor camping activities it is one of the best that kids will enjoy to their fullest.

Seven Best Camping Craft for Kindergartens

In school camping is usually planned at the end of the year or in summer, that is also known as summer camp.children during this outdoor activity can explore nature and learn different new things.

There are number of camping craft activities that children will love as:

  1. Cardboard camp
  2. Making camp with sticks
  3. Kite crafting
  4. Science investigation
  5. Paper plate camping craft
  6. Creating list of natural thing
  7. Cooking on campfire

Cardboard Camp

Children will love and enjoy making their own small hut or a camp with their own hands. It can be made both indoor and outdoor. You can also help them in cutting and pasting different pieces of cardboard and it will be a memorable experience for them.

Making Camp with Sticks

Children during kindergarten camping will surely love to craft camp with the help of glue and sticks. They can collect sticks from natural surroundings or they can also buy colourful sticks. 

It will be a memorable activity.

Kite and Lantern Crafting

Kite crafting is another recreational activity. Kindergarteners love to craft kites of their choice. After crafting kites it is also very exciting to fly these kites in the air, as these colourful kites look attractive in an open sky.

Preschoolers love to craft candles with paper and can enjoy lighting these lanterns when it get dark. These lanterns are mesmerized and look enchanting in the natural surroundings.

Science Investigation

Children love to discover nature. They can discover different types of clay and leaves as well as birds and animals. They can also make a list of these item under different heading. To make this activity more engaging and interesting the teacher can guide them to paste the samples of clay and leaves in front of them and note down these samples of different  things under their scientific name and origin.

Paper Plate Camping Craft

Children love to craft things using paper plates. They can make different structures with them and on them with paint and crayon.

These decorated paper plates can be showcased within a tent or at their places after coming back from summer camp. Creating new things develops creativity and they use it to learn new skills.

Cooking on a Campfire

Children love to cook and it is really fun when cooking a fish, they themselves caught, on a campfire. They not only learn to light the fire but also cook different natural vegetables and meat on it. The aroma and taste of self cooked food will make them happy.

Easy Indoor Crafting Ideas for Kids

All of these ideas listed above can be utilized both indoor and outdoor. Children love to draw, paint, collect things, observe nature, utilize scrap items to craft new things. They will have a memorable experience by doing all these recreational activities.

Benefits of Camping Craft Activities

Camping craft activities have following benefits:

  • Children learn new skills while walking in natural surroundings.
  • Their cognitive and motor skills grow more effectively.
  • Camping helps them to discover the self after discovering the world.
  • Camping binds them with nature; they can observe plants, birds and animals in their natural habitat.
  • They learn to work in teams and learn to face the obstacles, hence camping helps in personality development.
  • They learn primitive skills like catching a fish, lighting fire and then cooking raw food on the campfire.
  • Camping helps to boost self confidence.

If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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