Can play-doh kill you

Can Play-Doh kill you?

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Can play-doh kill you? The answer is No, play doh cannot kill you but it can create some health issues for you like stomach problems, kidney failure, and choking hazards. Play-doh is made both in commercials as well as at home. It is prepared with some simple ingredients at home, such as flour and salt. But at the industrial level, some chemicals are utilized to make play dough more attractive and smooth and enhance its durability

Can Play-Doh kill you

Play-Doh is not harmful if taken in a small quantity, but play-doh can be dangerous if taken in large amounts.

Play Doh is not Edible!

Whenever play-doh is made at home or industrial level, it is not edible. For children, play-doh can create many choking hazards as well. Some children are sensitive to the food colors or wheat gluten used in making play-doh or any other chemical utilized in its preparation.

Advise Your Children

Health practitioners always advise telling your child before handing over the play-doh that it is not edible, so do not take it to your mouth or try to eat play-doh. Moreover, if your child intakes the play-doh, take him to the doctor as play-doh can cause vomiting, diarrhea, twitching, and lethargy.

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