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Are you looking for candy crafts for summer as school is out? Moms finally get some quality time to spend with their little ones. You have such a great time doing extraordinary things. You might run out of things to do before the summer ends. 

If you find a sweet way and want to engage your kids in STEM activities like designing, engineering, and problem-solving, you have to go nowhere else except your kitchen. Scrolling down the article, you will find unique ideas to turn delicious candies into amazing crafts

We have gathered a list of candy crafts for summer to keep the children entertained all summer long. Whether your kid is five years old or a tween, there is no need to roll your eyes. We have the best summer crafts for you. We will show you how you can use simple things like uncooked spaghetti sticks, toothpicks, candy connectors, pretzel sticks, marshmallows, and gummy candies to make different art pieces, pyramids, houses, butterflies rockets, and much more. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some candy and start experimenting. You will be amazed at the results. The best candy crafts for summers will allow you to share your piece of art with your friends and family only before gobbling them. 

What can you make Out of candy? 

You can do so much using candy. It could be rest over candy or additional candy, which is of no use for you. The candy craft for summer comes up with a wide range of colors and flavors. 

 Candy Chemistry

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Handmade Candy Bar Pups

You can make an adorable pup by using candy bars, Hershey’s Kisses, and chocolate chips. Your kids will love these canines as Candy Craft for summer. 

Flower Pot Oatmeal Cookies 

If you are looking for ready-set eat Flower Oatmeal cookies, you can watch simple tutorials for making them. You can make these Oatmeal flower pot cookies as a Candy craft for summer. It will be worth eating for your child. You can mold and turn candy into different shapes of flowers. 

Kit Kat House 

KitKat house is the best alternative to the classic gingerbread house. On the boring summer days when you have nothing to do, here is something best for you. You can build a house with Kit Kat Candy as a base and then decorate it with marshmallows, gumdrops, and other confections. The candy and chocolate lovers will surely love this Candy Craft for summer.

Candy Wafer Trucks 

You can make delicious vehicles using Sugar cookies, Pretzels, and Rolo Candy. The sugar candy toys are usually loveable by the kids and their friends. It is one of the best Candy Crafts for summer made by kids. Moms can watch their kids playing with trucks before eating them. 

Candy Lights 

The kids having decorating skills will love to make Candy lights for their rooms. The babies that are born with crafting can create Pinterest-Perfect projects. The candy pieces can stick together if a knife heats them. These candy lights will look amazing on any cake decoration or even placed alone on a plate. 

Peppermint Candy Bowls 

This summer, an amazing and trending craft that everyone will love is a bowl made of Peppermint candy. You can easily make these bowls by softening peppermint candies over. After heating, you can mold candies into a bowl shape in less than 20 minutes. You can add more candies into the bowl and wrap it with cellophane and tie having a ribbon. This candy craft for summer is the best handmade gift you can give to your family and relatives as it is inexpensive and sweet.


Mermaid Tail Candy Craft

You can make lustrous mermaid tail party favors by using white chocolate. This candy craft for summer is easy to make as you can add sprinkles on it or paint it with edible garnish. The mermaid tail will give a metallic finish that completes its underwater look. 

DIY Candy Jewelry

The little girls usually love to have their custom candy necklaces. For making these Candy Necklaces, You only need a long string and bulk candies with a hole in the center. Candies like Life Savers, Gummi Rings, Twizzlers Bites, or lengthy Twizzlers could be used to make these stringy necklaces. 

You can cut the candy into shorter pieces, add to the strings and tie up the ends of the strings. Amazing Candy craft for summer enjoyment is ready to wear and to eat after playing. 

Baby Butterflies of Candy

Kids can make butterflies with delicious candies that are easy to make. You have to fill the sandwich bag with different candies. Then using a wooden Clothespin, you have to clip the bag from half side. That will be the body of the crafty butterfly. After that, you can draw its eyes with a marker and add pipe antennas. There is much more to do as an extra decorative thing, including glue starburst candy stick to the clothespin. 

Candy Rockets

Candy Crafts for summer includes candy rockets that are loved the most. Making rockets are as fun as eating them. All you require is Air Heads, Life Savers, and Pop rocks candies with some straws. The larger the size of the paper straw, the more accurate rocket you will make as it fit the best in candies. 

This Candy Craft for summer includes some cutting. There is a need to form a cone shape with Airheads candy by which the rocket top is prepared. 

Candy Bracelet 

You can make colorful candy bracelets to turn plastic or hair elastic into an amazing or wearable bracelet. You will only need a few ribbons and bulky candy. Some people have tried Dubble Bubble gum which worked best for candy bracelets as a candy craft for summer. 

With rest over candies and remaining candies in your kitchen, you can make it through many craft which lasts long for the whole summer. 

Spring Candy Crafts

How do you make Candy Crafts?

The candy crafts for summer can work as a colorful spread of treats that entices the kids. Many different items can maintain the candy crafts, but here, we provide some mind-blowing ideas 


Toothpicks, uncooked spaghetti, Licorice sticks, thin and hard sticks of candies, and thin mini pretzels are some materials used as rods to make Candy crafts for summers

These materials will create a balance in every craft to increase the strength of the craft. 


Jellybeans, Marshmallows (mini and jumbo-sized), and gumdrops are some types of candies that could be used as connectors while making candy crafts for summers. 

These connector looks highly cute giving a craft edible grace. 


Gummy candies, Pull-and-peel Licorice, and sandwich cookies (of any size) can be used as extra fun on the Candy crafts for summer. These candies will add beauty to the craft and make the kid’s mouth flowing whenever they see it. 

Here are some examples of how to use these described ingredients in making candy crafts for summer

Yummy Geometry

One of the best uses of these items is to make funny and simple geometric shapes. Teach your kids how to insert a rod, i.e., spaghetti/toothpick, into soft connectors, i.e., marshmallows and gumdrops. 

Let your children find the ways and experiments on their own. They can create mesmerizing shapes by using the rods and connectors they like or prefer. Little ones can create squares or triangles, while children of 7-8 age can make complex shapes like hexagons, polygons, octagons. 

Crazy Alphabets:

 Let your children think about the alphabet and character they can easily make by using these items. Making alphabets are more fun when there is an option to nibble at the pieces that are too long. The younger kids can only use rods to make a flat alphabet, while the elder can add connectors and extras to insert a little bonus in the craft. 

Tips and Tricks: 

After the usage of rods like pretzel and spaghetti, toothpicks become the easiest ones in buildings. The toothpicks have the most consistent size and shape with maintains the structure of the craft. 

The sturdiest connector in them is gumdrop. Using the best items from the above-provided list, you can even make a dream house as a Candy Craft for summer ideas. It will be worth spending your time on such amazing crafts. 

Dreamhouse candy crafts: 

Using different candy items and rods, kids can prepare their custom house, reflecting their dreams. The most straightforward way is to prepare a candy box and add a triangle prism on its top. But elder kids who are the future architects can add much extra and crazy candy stuffs to make them look delicious and dreamy. 

Bottom Line 

Hope you have liked the Candy Craft for summer ideas. You are the one who enjoys crafts because that is why you are here. Well! You have read about many different and unique crafts for your kids. 

When moms usually look at their childhood keepsakes box, they found nothing extraordinary. In this era of electronics and media, you can give candies, clays, and crayons in your kid’s hands to make them feel innovative. The healthier kids are the one who utilizes their energies in crafting and doing creative fun.

If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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