Christmas Arts and Crafts Ideas

44 Amazing Christmas Arts and Crafts Ideas

Christmas is about spending time with family and friends and making memorable memories, especially for children. While there are various ways to achieve this—think snow angels and sledding—on some days, indoor activities are the ideal choice. Rather than plopping the kids in front of a holiday movie (although we do that too!), share your love of DIY Christmas Arts and Crafts Ideas with the kids by doing a Christmas craft with their help.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

What is the most appealing part of these endeavors? They make for meaningful and personal holiday decor that can be used in any house room and are also great to give as gifts. Performing them every year will become a wonderful Christmas tradition! Bookmark the countless DIY Christmas ornaments that follow if you want to add a bit more decoration to your Christmas tree. 

Whatever you and your children decide to make, the most important thing is that you’ll be spending quality time together during the holidays—and who doesn’t want to spend quality time together during the holidays? Start with a few glue sticks and some paint to make one of our favorite Christmas crafts for kids.

Ideas For Christmas Arts And Crafts Ideas

Santa Claus Advent Calendar

The kids will have a blast helping Santa grow his beard with fluffy cotton balls. He’ll have the whole shebang by the 25th!

How to make: Make a Santa face out of white construction paper. Add texture with a colored pencil. Pink construction paper cheeks, eyes, and nose should be cut out and attached to the face. Cut a red and white craft paper hat to fit the face and glue it on. Glue a large cotton ball on the point of the hat. Make a lengthy beard form out of white craft paper. Scribble the months leading up to Christmas on the beard. A dish of cotton balls and a bottle of glue should be placed accessible, as well as the calendar.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Hot Cocoa Kit

When you enlist the kids’ help in assembling these lovely DIY kits, we practically guarantee that you’ll have to make a cup of hot chocolate for them. Spending quality time making gifts for loved ones, on the other hand, will more than makeup for the sugar high.5

To make it, paint a red circle with acrylic paint on a 1-cup mason jar (or use a round red sticker). After the paint has dried, add some foliage and the word “hot cocoa.” Layer the hot cocoa mix, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows in the container. Sandwich a square of seasonal fabric between the lid and the screw band to tighten.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Felt Wreath

Tie strips of green felt around a wreath form to create this fluffy and quirky Christmas decor.

To make it, cut two different shades of green felt into strips. Wrap fabric strips around a wreath form. Using hot glue, attach small red embellishments to the wreath. Wrap a length of wide ribbon around the wreath to hang it.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Jingle Bells

Children will have a lot of fun helping you make this charming Christmas noisemaker. Have them thread the bells on the ribbon as you knot the bow. Attach to the front door, mantelpiece, or foot of the bed.

To construct: Three lengths of ribbon are threaded with large jingle bells, and one end of the ribbon is knotted. Wrap the untied end of the wire around a tiny wreath form or a circle of wire. Using wire, attach a small bunch of seasonal greenery to the wreath or circle design. Tie a huge bow and use hot glue to adhere it to the wire directly above the plant.

School Holiday Craft Ideas

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Christmas Treat Bags

These lovely Christmas treat bags are the perfect way to bring food, Christmas arts, and crafts at home, whether your child has a Christmas party at school or if you’re hosting one. Make a cast of characters to add to the excitement!

Candy Pots

These little pots are not only attractive as Christmas table decorations, but they can also be filled with sweets for the ultimate Christmas candy-eating experience! For your family’s sweet tooth, make a less sugary version of their favorite treat. These are adaptable and may be made in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They’re sure to add a splash of color to any tree!

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Paper Plate Santa Claus

This adorable googly-eyed Santa with a pompom nose and white mustache will be a hit with your kids.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Balloon Christmas Wreath 

This charming DIY Christmas wreath made entirely of balloons adds a dash of color and whimsy to your holiday decor. Allow your kids to help you create a kid-friendly Christmas décor for their room.

Pinecone Tree 

You won’t even need to go to a craft store to do this project because it’s that simple. 

Snowflake ornament

While making holes in paper to make snowflakes isn’t a bad idea, we think these are a little more fun. 

Christmas Arts And Crafts For Adults

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Photo Ornament 

Make personalized ornaments from your photos. 

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Popsicle Sticks Christmas Craft 

Are you at a loss for what to do with your young children? Start with popsicle sticks. Look at this DIY for an example of how affordable and adaptable they are.

Paper Plates Christmas tree

Are there any leftover paper plates from Halloween or Thanksgiving celebrations? Create this brightly colored craft to recycle them. To make the dish look like a Christmas tree, paint it green and add decorative pom poms.

Paper plates may be used to make almost anything, as you’ll quickly learn. Cut each one in thirds and stack them on top of one another. Make ornaments and garlands with pompoms and ribbons.

Handprint Santa and Reindeer 

Your youngsters will be able to do more than just cut and paste paper with this craft. Allow kids to create Santa’s beard and Rudolph’s horns by sketching their hands on a piece of paper!

Grinch Slime 

Slime is renowned for its versatility and the fact that it’s a lot of fun to play with! 

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Christmas Tree Craft

Use string to link “ornaments” to each level and a star to the top of your tree.

Beading and Pipe Ornaments

It’s clear to understand why we love these do-it-yourself ornaments: they’re incredibly easy to put together. 

No-Sew Snowman

Take some socks and buttons instead of a needle and thread!

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

These small toilet paper snowmen will be fun for your kids to customize.

  • Ornaments for the Christmas Tree Yarn are used to wrap the item.
  • If only decorating a real Christmas tree could be as easy!

Recycled Ribbon Tree Ornaments

You’ll never leave scrap ribbon laying around again. These ribbons are also good for the environment because they are recycled.

Tea Light Ornaments

Aluminum foil, glue, and glitter are used to do this amazing project.

Tea Light Ornaments in the shape of a Snowman

Using tea lights to make snowman ornaments? That is a fantastic suggestion!

Pasta Christmas tree

Your little noodle will have a blast decorating their own Christmas tree this year.

Any craft that uses pasta is a family  favorite.

Santa’s Slime

  • Provide youngsters some hands-on things to do while adults prepare Christmas dinner.
  • Paper Plate Ornament is a craft that you may do at Christmas arts and crafts at home.
  • Finally, an unbreakable ornament!

Do It Yourself Pom Pom Ornament

This easy-to-build DIY Christmas ornament is a lot of fun to make and can be personalized with your favorite winter character. Fill a clear plastic ornament halfway with pompoms and draw a penguin or snowman outline over it, allowing the pompoms to show through.

Christmas Craft Ideas 2021

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Family Handprints on a Christmas Tree

This modern take on the family tree is a terrific way to include everyone in the family. Trace and cut out everyone’s hands-on green paper. Arrange them in a tree shape, starting with the smallest and working your way up to the largest.

Toilet Paper Made of Reindeer

Using textured paper and googly eyes, turn a plain toilet paper roll into a charming reindeer decoration. These are not only fun to build, but they also add personality to your tree.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Tissue Paper Wreath

Greet your visitors with a festive Christmas wreath this season. This craft is easy for kids to do and only requires a few materials. To make a unique wreath, use green tissue paper or experiment with different colors of tissue paper.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Felt Ornaments

Tree Fashioned from Tin Cans

Do your kids enjoy putting bricks together? If that’s the case, they’ll have a blast stacking cans! By eliminating any sharp edges and painting them green, old food cans can be recycled. Finish with a star and whimsical accents such as ribbons and garlands.

Felt Gnome for Christmas 

Make a gnome figurine out of a mason jar, and some felt to add some whimsy to your Christmas decor. Use the design to make Santa and his elf helpers make this Christmas activity even more cheerful.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Paper Tree That Isn’t Complicated

For a popular Christmas paper activity, use a sheet of green construction paper and a paper towel roll to make a Christmas tree. To ensure that your craft shines brightly, add glitter and stars.

Dinosaur Cloche

This cloche is the perfect Christmas craft for dinosaur-obsessed children or parents who never grew out of it. Decorating a Cloche Is fun and easy to do.

Creative Arts And Crafts Ideas For Christmas

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Snow Globe

Work together with your kids to create a craft that will keep them occupied for hours. Make a snow globe using winter characters, glitter, and tonic water, then use a blacklight to illuminate it.

Jar of Happiness

The following items are required: a glass jar, pine cones, fabric dyes, rock salt, seed pods (optional), dried twigs, and star anise spice.

To depict the Christmas colors, paint pine cones and their shattered fragments red, green, and white. Layer rock salt, pine cone fragments, twigs, seedpods, and star anise in a glass jar. While rock salt absorbs negative energy from its surroundings, other natural elements are equally useful and contribute to a warm winter climate. This jar would be perfect for a Christmas table centerpiece.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Candle Holder

You’ll need cinnamon sticks, a tealight candle, a glass tealight candle holder, a glue gun, and jute thread.

The size of your glass tealight candle holder should dictate how many cinnamon sticks you break. Apply them to the outside of the holder, close together, with a glue gun. Wrap a jute thread around the holder to make it more interesting. Turn on the tealight candle inside. It emits a beautiful cinnamon aroma and creates a cozy ambiance after a while.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Crystal Candle

Small crystals or chips, a tall candle, and a glass jar are required.

Layer the crystals by color and place a candle in the glass jar for a more appealing appearance. When crystals are combined with the earth element’s energy and the fire element’s energy, the result is a powerful combination for healing our bodies and minds. It’s great for meditation and may also be used as a decorative piece.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Christmas Arts and Crafts

Cardstock paper is all required in various colors (red, green, etc.), finger paints, scissors, jute thread, and fevicol.

On little cardstock pages, use your fingers to paint Santa Claus, Christmas ornaments, and reindeer. Use your imagination and paint anything Christmas-related. Use this Christmas arts and crafts at homemade seasonal theme paper bunting to decorate your child’s room by attaching these papers to a jute thread.

Arts And Crafts Christmas Decoration Ideas

Sock-Wearing Snowman

A white sock, stuffing rice, a rubber band, and hat fabric in various colors, colorful buttons, a glue gun, an orange Pom, a black pen, and ribbon are all required.

Fill the sock halfway with rice and fasten it with a rubber band. That’s the lower half of the snowman. Fill the top half with rice and fasten with a rubber band once more. This is how the snowman’s head is made. Make a cone out of any colored cloth and use the glue gun to fix it to the snowman’s head. Place buttons on his stomach and a Pom pom on his nose. Make eyeballs with a black pen. Simply wrap a ribbon around his neck to complete your gorgeous snowman.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Wool Based Christmas tree

Newspaper, wool in various colors, fevicol, pompoms, cotton balls, and paints are needed.

Construct a cone using newspaper. Fill in the blanks. To hide the newspaper, wrap it in wool and adhere it to it. Add pompoms, cotton balls to resemble snow, and any other stickers you choose to your tree. You may also use fairy lights to decorate it on Christmas Day.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Wreath of Citrus Fruits

Mausami or any other citrus fruit that can be sliced, thread, needle, and bay leaf, as well as an oven to bake the Mausami.

Citrus fruit should be cut into small pieces. Bake the slices until they are completely dry. These dried slices and bay leaves can be used to make a garland. This is a great way to decorate your Christmas arts and crafts at home for the holidays. Its subtle citrus scent will fill your space with a pleasant scent.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Snowy Wreath

You’ll need cardboard, paints, cotton, fresh or dried leaves of any plant (I used Christmas tree leaves), and whatever stickers, pompoms, or feathers you choose to use as embellishments, as well as glue.

To make the wreath’s foundation, cut a ring out of cardboard. It should be painted in your preferred colors. The entire foundation should be covered in cotton. Leaves, feathers, pompoms, stickers, or whatever else strikes your fancy can be used to decorate it. Attach the wreath to your front door.

Cinnamon and star anise Christmas tree decoration

Cinnamon sticks, star anise, jute thread, and glue are all used.

Tie three cinnamon sticks together with a jute thread to make a bow. Tie the knot with a bit of star anise. With a jute thread, hang it from the Christmas tree. This ornament is perfect for adding a festive touch to your Christmas tree.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

The Best Christmas Arts and Crafts for Children Christmas Activities for Children List

Games, crafts, and other activities never tire youngsters out and can keep them amused for hours. Children gain a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence when they participate in craft projects and activities. Here are some tips to assist your child in making the most of their Christmas vacation:

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Christmas Stockings

One of the most popular Christmas arts and crafts children‘s pastimes is to design a personalized stocking for Santa Claus to fill with goodies. Your children can choose the color and embellishments.

What You’ll Require

  • Two equal-sized felt pieces.
  • Staple gun or craft adhesive
  • String or paper in vibrant colors
  • Buttons, glitter, or self-adhesive stickers
  • Scissors
  • Pen

How to Proceed

Keep the two pieces of felt stacked, one on top of the other, and use a pen to make a stocking form.

Cut off the sock and secure the sides using staples or glue, leaving the top exposed.

Then, around the sides, glue the colorful thread or paper.

Make a small loop from the remaining felt and attach it to the top corner to allow you to hang it when finished.

Complete the look by adding embellishments such as buttons, glitter, or stickers. Additionally, you can have your child scribble their initials on the stocking to add a personalized touch.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

A Christmas Themed Memory Game

Memory games are usually fascinating and enjoyable. They take minimal preparation and may be tailored to fit a variety of occasions and themes.

What You’ll Require

  • Each child should have one sheet of paper.
  • Each youngster will receive a pen.
  • Approximately 15 to 20 distinct Christmas arts and crafts for children-themed things
  • A box large enough to contain all of these items

How to Proceed

Distribute paper and pens to each youngster.

Position all of the goods in the box and place them in a location where all of the children can see them.

Give them a time restriction in which to observe and memorize what they see.

Then, create another time limit to jot down as many objects from the box as they can recall. The child who correctly answers the most questions wins.

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Snowman in the Tissue Box 

Indoor bowling can be a great way to keep the youngsters engaged during the cold and gloomy Christmas arts and crafts for children holidays.

What You’ll Require

Containers for empty tissue boxes

  • Several sheets of white paper or white paint
  • Felt or chart paper in black
  • A scrap of orange cardstock
  • Glue
  • Several twigs

How to Proceed

Paint the tissue boxes completely white or completely cover them with sheets of white paper.

Stack them and then use the orange card paper to create a triangular nose. Adhere this to the initial tissue box to give it the appearance of a nose.

Then, using the black felt or chart paper from the first box, create a snowman’s hat and eyes.

Toss a ball over the snowman and re-stack the boxes for infinite play!

Art and Craft Christmas for Kids

Gift Bags Made from Recycled Materials

There is no better time of year to give gifts to all your loved ones than Christmas arts and crafts for children, and you can add recycling old paper bags to your list of good acts. Utilize those shopping bags from the mall.

What You’ll Require

  1. Shopping bags made of paper
  2. Cellophane
  3. Paper made of tissue
  4. Ribbons in vibrant hues

Do you have any questions about arts and crafts? If so, we encourage you to leave a comment below.

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