How to Draw a Corn Stalk Drawings Step by Step with Free Corn Printable

How to Draw a Corn Stalk Drawings Step by Step with Free Corn Printable

Think you can’t draw? Think again! This easy tutorial will show you How to Draw a Corn Stalk Drawings in just a few simple steps.

Kids and adults alike will love learning how to draw a corn cob farm art project. So, get out your pencils and paper, and let’s get started on how to draw a corn stalk!

Supplies Needed for the Corn Stalk Printable

1. Free Printable Corn Stalk Template

Corn Stalk Drawings

Easy Corn Stalk Drawing Tutorial Video

Watch the How to Draw a Corn Stalk Drawing video below!

Learn how to draw a Corn Stalk Drawings Step by Step

I’m excited to share this tutorial with you on how to draw a corn stalk. This is a great activity to do with your kids or students. It’s simple and fun, and the results are really cute! Let’s get started.

Draw the main Stalk

Draw two lines 2.5 inches apart, vertical and parallel. Make the parallel lines look like C shapes by adding fine details. Create four C shapes. One on each side of the upper line, and two on either side of the lower line. 

Create a Leaf.

Create a leaf with a half bend on the bottom, as shown in the illustration. Ensure the pointed tip faces downwards. 

Create another Leaf.

Create the structure like a leaf on the right. In addition to being pointed, its tip is a bit thinner than the previous one. 

Outline the Husk.

Outline the leafy husk in more detail. Place a long, curved line alongside the original line to enclose a teardrop-shaped area. Using a series of curved lines, draw a bend on the opposite husk. Pay attention to the leaf’s downward angle.

Add Two Leaflets.

The leafy husk has now been made into two leaflets. Attach two more on the upward side. 

Draw the Outline of the Corn.

Draw the outline of the corn on the cob. In the leafy husk, begin to, shape semi-circles shaped like grapes. 

Add More Corn.

Continue adding circles to the upper side, creating a thick pile. 

Draw Smaller Corn.

Now, add more semi-circles with smaller widths to give them a sharper edge. The circles should extend above the side leaves of the husk until the length reaches a bit higher. 

Finish the Corn Kernels.

Lastly, add the corn kernels to the corn cob. Cover the whole cob and husk with the corn kernels. A single kernel forms the nose of the corn husk.

Color it

Color the corn cob. Yellow, white, or combinations of those colors are the most common colors for corn, but red, brown, blue, and green colors can also be found in Indian corn. Use light and dark shades of green to paint the corn stalks. 

Congratulations! You have successfully learned Corn Stalk Drawings Step by Step. We hope this was a fun-filled experience for you all.

Free Printable Corn Cob Drawing Tutorial Template

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Corn Stalk Drawings

What is a Corn Stalk?

Corn stalk is a common term used to describe the leafy stalk of a corn plant. The corn plant is a tall, annual grass that grows to about six feet in height.

How to Draw a Corn Stalk Conclusion 

Corn stalk drawings can be fun and easy with a few simple steps. We hope you enjoyed this guide, and please feel free to leave any questions or comments in the section below.

If you liked this article, be sure to check out our other how-to guides on everything from basic sketching tips to creating perspective drawings. Happy drawing!

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