Crafts for Winter

15 Most Epic Crafts for Winter!

Crafts for Winter

Winter. It is simply so beautiful: it covers everything like the fluffy white sheets, creating a picturesque view. It is even better because unlike rain you will not get wet by being in the snow, and you can do a lot of creative things, such as, for example, skiing or snowball fights, art and craft. So to make your and your kids winter more fun and enjoyable, I am here with some cool winter crafts for kids ideas:

Winter Crafts for Kids

Easy Winter Crafts: Sock Snowman

It is a beautiful and nice craft during the winter season for kids. Kids will love to make it and they will be enjoying the procedure. You will need a white sock and a baby sock to make this gorgeous sock snowman – but this craft is so gorgeous I don’t think you will be able to stop at one!


Cut a small circle of scrap card and pop it in the toe of the ankle sock. 

Stuff the sock to the heel.

Tie a knot in the sock and trim off the excess.

The sock should now stand up on the card base. 

Slip the baby sock onto the head to form the hat. Tie a piece of wool around the end and cut off the “toe” end of the baby sock. 

Glue on twig arms, a carrot nose, eyes and a row of buttons down his front 

Plastic Bag Snowman

Most of the kids aren’t aware about the 3R – Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. This craft is one of the best examples of 3R. Kids can learn from it. Isn’t a snowman gorgeous? Kids will love creating their own “snowman” from recycling plastic bags!


Scrunch the sheets of newspaper into balls and fill the bag with them. When the bag is full, tape it closed. Tie a piece of string around the bag to give it a head and a body.

Stand your snowman up – you may need to squash the newspaper a little to achieve this!

Cut out eyes, nose, hat, scarf, buttons and arms out of the scraps of paper and tape them on to your snowman. 

Cotton Bud Snowflakes Craft

Kids can have a go at this fun cotton bud snowflakes craft during the winter or for Christmas. Glittering the ends of the cotton buds is fun to do, and the sticky tack makes them satisfyingly quick to turn out, so make as many as you have gems and tack them to the wall. 


Dip each end of the cotton buds in glue and then into glitter, and let dry.

Use sticky tack to join the middle of your cotton buds together so the ends spread out in 6 points.

Cover one side of the sticky tack with a large gem, and use the other to stick the snowflake to the wall or window.

Salt Snowflakes

Here’s a quick and fun snowflake activity – and you almost certainly have everything you need at home! The finished snowflakes are really lovely so the kids will feel they have made something special. After making them, kids can paste them on the walls of their room or also they can give them to their friends. It is one of the best ways to do something productive in free time for kids.


Use the glue to ‘draw‘ snowflakes on the card.

Sprinkle salt over the top for a crystal-like finish.

Penguin Mask Craft

Kids love to do mischievous things and love to enjoy a lot, what if they learn something with mischievous things! Here’s a quick and easy paper plate penguin mask craft for little kids. Have fun with it or get dressed up for Christmas with a red bow tie or ribbon!


Paint the back of one of the paper plates and leave to dry.

Meanwhile, draw a smaller circle inside the second paper plate and cut it away, then cut a rounded notch in one side of the plate, like the top of a heart, using our photo as a guide.

Glue the two paper plates together, and stick on a triangle cut out of yellow paper or card for the nose.

Carefully use the point of the scissors to punch through two holes for eyes, and trim them out into oval shapes.

If you want to wear your mask, use the point of the scissors or a skewer to make a small hole on either side of the black plate, and thread elastic through to fit your head.

Bird Cake

Kids love to feed the birds. To develop the qualities like humanity and kindness in kids, this craft work is really nice and suitable for it. Make sure that the birds stay fed and happy this winter by making them this bird cake, and attract some interesting wildlife into your garden.


Make a small hole in the base of the drinks cup and thread through the string, leaving a few inches either side of the cup.

Melt the fat gently and mix with the birdseed. Leave to cool slightly, then pack it into the cup, making sure the string comes out of the middle of the cup. Leave to cool.

Remove the cup and tie the string around the cake to secure it. Tie the cake in your garden for the birds to enjoy.

Blow Skiing

Kids love to play new kinds of games. Even games are one of the best ways to make them learn something new. Here’s a fun home-made game you can play in the winter. It’s also an excellent game for asthmatic children, encouraging them to blow out steadily.


To make the flags, fold a strip of paper about 4cm (11/2 inches) wide in half.

Cut triangles along the length of paper so that they have a straight edge on the fold and will open into diamonds.

Glue the two layers of each triangle together with a cocktail stick in the fold.

Bubble Wrap Snowy Picture

This technique is a fun way for younger children to add some textural snowflakes to their winter pictures! Kids will learn something creative and will enjoy this craft. It’s an awesome way to explore new things.


Paint a wintery picture and leave it to dry.

Lay a piece of bubble wrap on the table, bubbles up, and paint it white.

Press the picture down on top. 

When you lift up it should be covered in bubble wrap print that looks like falling snow!

Decorated Slippers

Kids always want new things to try such as clothes and other things. Fashionable and special ornaments are most liked by them. This is an easy gift idea for kids to make, and they can really make this craft all by themselves.


Use the fabric glue to stick flowers onto the slippers to create your own unique way to keep someone’s feet warm this winter. 

The slippers make a great Christmas gift. 

Make A Mug Warmer

Here is another useful gift which kids can make! Personalize it for a special teacher, parent or grandparent, or perhaps make holiday versions to brighten up everyone’s morning! Kids can also give it to their friends.


Measure your felt around your favourite mug. 

Cut out a rectangle shorter than the mug and long enough to fit around the mug with an inch overlap.

Shape the ends of the rectangle so it will fit through the handle. 

Decorate the felt with fabric paint and any other embellishments. 

When the glue and paint is dry, wrap around the mug and ask a friend to secure it in place with the hook and eye fastener. 

Tissue Paper Snowflake

Make this tissue paper snowflake with the kids for a quick and easy Christmas or winter decoration. It’s a classic idea but it never loses its appeal. Using tissue paper rather than normal white paper makes it easier for kids to cut their designs.


Cut a circle of tissue paper. Fold in half. Then fold into 3 so you have a wedge shape. 

Carefully cut small bits out of the edges. Make sure that you don’t cut right the way through the folds! 

Unfold to reveal your snowflake!

Winter Collage

Kids love to do craft works which are related to nature more than other craft works. Here is a quick and simple idea for a winter collage for kids which will give the kids a real sense of achievement.


Make a lovely winter picture by gluing twigs to the paper to make a tree. 

Glue on some cotton wool as snow. 

Sprinkle some glitter over the top as a bit of frosty sparkle. 

Ski Collage

Here is an awesome idea for a ski collage picture for kids to make as a winter craft, or perhaps for the Winter Olympics or a sporting theme.


Cover the bottom left corner of the paper in glue and stick on the cotton wool to make a downward slope. 

Glue on two popsicle stick skis. Cut out scraps of fabric and feel to make your skier. When you are happy, glue them on. 

Cut the chenille stem in two to make poles. 

Icicle Bunting

Kids always want to make their room beautiful. Turn your room into a winter wonderland with the help of this shivery cold icicle craft.


Water down the paints so they are very runny.

Drop the paint on to a sheet of the kitchen towel and watch the colours run and mix. 

When you have painted as many sheets of kitchen roll as you like, leave them to dry.

Cut triangles out of the dry kitchen roll sheets.

Use a hole punch to punch a hole in each icicle.

Thread on to yarn or ribbon and hang. 

Ice Painting

This is a fun experiment, kids will love to do this. It might be a fun winter craft because of the ice. You will need to freeze the water earlier in preparation for the craft. 


Take the frozen food containers out of the freezer and sprinkle paint on the ice. Older children could try to make a picture or pattern. 

Place paper on top. The paper needs to sit flat, so cut it to size and weigh it down. 

As the ice melts, the paint will transfer to the paper. 

When you can see the paint soaking through the paper, take it off and leave it to dry.

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