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Cricut Accessories: The Best Way to up Your Crafting Game


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When you buy a new Cricut machine, you’re going to get many things! With so many creative Cricut Accessories, such as pens, blades, and mats,  it’s hard to know where to begin when it comes to making your designs. For someone just starting up, I’ve noticed that most of the available Cricut accessories are overpriced and excessive for someone who enjoys a nice Cricut device!

Even though I haven’t utilized all of the Cricut accessories available, there are tools & supplies I frequently utilize for the works I am going to post on this blog. To better use your Cricut device, you would like to invest in the following accessories. Have a look!

Best Cricut Accessories For any Cricut Machine

If you’re using a Cricut such as Cricut 3 or Cricut Maker, Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore Air 2, or 3, there are some things you can do to speed up the process of designing and putting together your creations. I always have a few things on hand, no matter what I’m working on or what machine I’m using!

Paper Trimmers

When cutting things to fit on sticky mats, you’ll be shocked at how much time you’ll waste. Paper trimmers can be used on a wide range of materials. They are portable, specific and are one of the several accessories I use almost every day.

XL scraper

For the Cricut Joy, Instead of using the small scraper, upgrade the Cricut machine to the XL version. Because of its versatility, you can use it for various vinyl projects, from large-scale canvases to small-scale drawer or shelf liners.

Transfer Tape

If you’re working with vinyl, make sure you have plenty of Transfer Tape on hand. After trying various brands, I’ve settled on Cricut’s bulk roll.

Assorted Adhesive Vinyl

Such a perfect bulk collection of vinyl (my favorite brand in various colors) is what I bought with my first Cricut Explore when I needed a fast heat transfer vinyl project.

Is it possible that you still have your original vinyl set? Yes, of course, there have been times when I need many such rolls of one color for larger projects. While possessing an assorted variety of colors on hand permits me to start making almost something without moving to the shop or making a purchase each time.

Weeding tools

The lovely Cricut tools, spatulas, and other weeding implements are always a wonderful addition to a craft room. You can often use the Weeding Tools set’s single-tipped weeder and forceps.

Assorted Cardstock

Preparing tasks in advance by stocking up on various cardstock colors works similarly. Such Michaels Recollections color sets are all incredible, hands down.

StandardGrip Mats

Several different sticky mats are required for specific materials (– for example, Strong Grip or light Grip). Meanwhile, most of your tasks will use the green Standard Grip mat, and all these mats must be useful and sticky for your tasks to succeed.


You’ll need adhesives on hand whether you’re planning to be doing any paper crafting. To ensure they never run out, I purchase both of these products in bulk:

  • Roller Adhesive & Refills
  • Tombow Adhesive

Please scroll down if you’d like to see which exact accessories I suggest most for your machine.

Cricut Maker Accessories

whatever you use, either Cricut maker or Cricut maker 3, you must have the following accessories in your hand:

Cricut pens

Pens are the only way to add hand-drawn details to your projects using the Cricut machine (i.e., words). A variety pack of pens will provide you with a wider selection than the one with your machine.

  • Fine Point circuit Pen This set of 0.4 weight fine point Cricut pens is one of the amazing Cricut pens because it includes every color.
  • Black circuit Pens Variety packWhen you need the most flexibility, having several different weights of black pens is essential.

Replacement Premium Fine – deep point Blade

After a while, your starter blade with your machine can become dull, and you’ll need a new one. Replacement blades are always a good idea. When they’re on sale, you can buy five of these at a time.

Quick Swap Housing

With ten alternative blades & tips (e.g., embossing and debossing) presently available for Cricut Maker machines that fit onto the Quick Swap Housing mechanism, it’s easy to customize your machine’s functionality. In other words, you only need to purchase one housing and afterward buy the (lower-priced) tips as you will need them.

24′′ Cricut Mats

Even if you make cards and scrapbook layouts, you will probably need to cut something quite large. By using the Off-the-Mat technique, any artwork can fit onto a 12′′ mat, but possessing a few nice 24′′ mats makes large projects immensely easier.

Scoring wheel

As a general rule, if you’re going to buy just one housing mechanism with a specialized tip, the Scoring Wheel should be it. I prefer the Single Housing and the Double-Scoring Wheel tip for thicker paper.

Cricut Joy Accessories

Below are must-have Cricut supplies that you should have to work with Cricut Joy:

Cricut Joy Pens

There is no substitute for using Cricut Joy Pens to add handmade elements to your designs (i.e., words). It is a good idea to get an additional variety pack of pens if your machine comes with one black pen. The following are my top picks:

  • Fine point pen set

In this new set, you’ll find all the colors in the 0.4 weight, which I’ve found to be the best for most projects.

  • Extra Fine Point Circuit Joy Pens

If you want crisp, precise lettering on your labels and envelopes, you should use the Extra-Fine Point Cricut Joy Pens.

Cricut Joy 12′′ Standard Grip Mat

Despite the Cricut Joy’s capacity to cut matless, there’ll be times when you require a mat to complete your project. Cricut Joy cutting Mat is the best one in the 12″ version!

Replacement Blades

It is a new, high-quality blade for your Cricut Joy. Once your starter blade (which comes with your machine) begins to wear out, you’ll get to have a replacement blade ready to go if you need it.

Card Mat

It is one of the best advantages of the Cricut Joy to use the Card Mat to create adorable and speedy cards. If you own a Cricut Joy, buy extra blades when they’re on sale since you’ll use them up quickly!

Insert Card Kits

The advantage of having pre-cut, perfect insert cards on hand cannot be overstated. Yes, You can reduce the size of your larger paper with scissors, but when these kits go on sale, get a bunch since they take the work out of producing beautiful cards!

Cricut Explore Machines Accessories

whether you have Cricut Explore Air 2 or Cricut explore, you should have the following Cricut accessories:

Cricut pens

To add drawn elements to your projects, you’ll need Cricut Pens. A diverse selection pack of pens will give you a wider selection than the one that came with your Cricut machine.

  • Fine Point Cricut PensIt’s a great Cricut accessory because it has all the colors in the 0.4-gram weight (which is the best for most projects).
  • Black Cricut PensIt’s important to choose weights of black pens at your disposal when it comes to your projects.

Replacement Premium Fine Point Blades

Having a variety of replacement Premium Fine-Point Blades on hand is a good idea, even if your starter blade (which comes with your machine) hasn’t yet blunted. Whenever these 5-packs go on sale, you can buy them all!

Deep Blade Housing

Using a deep-cutting blade and housing unit, such as the one found in the Cricut Explore Air 2, allows for the cutting of heavier materials such as fabric and poster board. A fast switch to this blade when my usual blade is struggling to cut through the material results in flawless results!

The 24′′ mats

For Cricut Maker, a 24″ Cricut mat is great when you need to cut a huge piece of material. Larger mats are essential to make larger handicrafts for your wall and other home furnishings tasks!

Scoring Stylus

For folding cards, boxes, and other 3D items, scoring is among the most typical “specialty” elements you’ll apply to your designs. With the Cricut Explore family of machines, the only method to add final scores to your product is to use this cheap tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a Cricut Joy?

Cricut Joy is functional for common tasks like arranging your house, adding a personal touch to any item, etc. You can rely on Joy’s cutting, writing, and drawing skills.

Is Cricut Joy good for beginners?

The Cricut Joy is a fantastic tool for crafters of all levels, from beginners to experts. Its small footprint makes it ideal for simple, everyday fun paper projects and travel!

What is the difference between Cricut maker and Cricut Joy?

The maximum material width of Cricut joy is 5.5 inches, and the maximum material width of Cricut Maker is 12 inches. And The maximum length of the material of Cricut oy is 20 feet while that of Cricut maker is 24 inches. Cricut Joy can function with small materials in operation, while Cricut Maker can work with only a card mat

Wrapping Up Cricut Accessories

The greatest Cricut accessories can help crafters get as much out of their machines and make a wide selection of patterns. We have included all necessary Cricut accessories from Cricut basic tool set to the advanced tools set.

Christmas gifts for anyone who appreciates crafting with a Cricut machine, such as the Cricut Maker, Explore Air 2, or Joy, may be made using the best resources available. Whether you’re looking for something for yourself or a gift for a crafty friend, you’ll find them all from here.


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Table of Contents

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