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Fun Cute Borders to Draw for your Bullet Journal


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Looking for Cute Borders to Draw? Adding doodle borders to new bullet journal pages is one of the favorite ways to make them look more beautiful and precise. They enhance the aesthetics of your layouts while also ensuring that the written material is well-organized.

Some people don’t know how to design Cute Borders to Draw easily. Therefore, in this blog post, I illustrated how simple it is to design a range of your doodle borders. I will also illustrate how I have used them to establish my bullet journal spreads and provide basic border ideas to spark your creativity. Then let’s begin!

Why We Love Cute Borders to Draw Easy?

You can draw beautiful bullet journal spreads with these cute borders! These cute borders are so easy to draw, you can finish them quickly! Start your bullet journal the right way by decorating your bullet journal with cool borders to draw easy.

How to Create Your Own Doodle Border Designs

In this area, I will share some basic strategies that you may use to make diverse border layouts of your own. It’s all straightforward for anybody to create borders in your bullet journal.


The most basic form of a border or separator is a line. Many lines can be employed as separators and borders, including straight lines, wavy lines, loops, and zigzags.

Line Borders

These lines are perfect for minimalistic bujo layouts and also last-minute lineups. Get them in your writings as well.


A motif is a repeating pattern of small ornamental figures. You can make them as plain or ornate as you wish.

Motif borders

By using these themes, borders can be created in various ways.

  • Draw a single line of repetition of a single motif.
  • Combine at least two motifs.
  • Incorporate the themes with a variety of line and dot patterns.
  • To experiment with thicker boundaries, draw a double line.
  • Use curved lines for your borders.
  • I have depicted all of the points mentioned above using flower and star themes.

Doodle Borders

To create your doodle borders, choose motifs of your preference and mix them. There are so many options for Cute Borders to Draw!

Bullet journal Page Dividers with doodles.

Floral themes like spring and springtime are great for the small floral designs I used to build these separators. Make doodle pages for future reference, and you’ll be glad!

The use of Both lines and motifs

However, this method is less time-consuming than the preceding one. It’s best to use this method to create both simple and doodles borders.

Text spacers

These simple dividers take no time at all to draw. A few motifs can be added to the borders or somewhere between one of the lines. When you start working on a quick spread, you will like to utilize these separators to add fun.

Geometric Designs

Bullet diaries’ dot grids are extremely handy when drawing straight lines, curves, other geometric shapes, etc. Make your own designs using geometric shapes and draw the attention of the reader.

Geometric shapes

Create geometric elements including lines, angles, rectangles, or triangles by connecting the dots in a line and afterward repeating the pattern. You can easily build hundreds of border patterns by joining the dots in your bullet notebook.

Geometric patterns with patterned borders look great and are easy to produce. These are also a lot of fun to draw. Use these to spruce up your minimalist designs with a dash of color. While not the only ones available, all of these approaches are the simplest for a rookie doodler to start with when creating Cute Borders to Draw in their bullet journal.

Cute Borders for your Bullet Journal: How to Use Them?

Large bullet journal spreads also have some cute design elements. You can also use doodle borders to decorate and organize the pages in your journals. Let me show you a few of the doodle border layouts.

The most popular application of bullet journal page borders involves decorating the edges of spreads or using them to break up the content of your page.

Doodle pattern

The Bullet journal border can be decorated with a doodled pattern.


A space-themed border and dot-line weekday separators were used to create the week’s calendar spread for a planner.

Sketching borders

Try sketching borders with motifs that go with your topic to create an equivalent arrangement in your diary.

Dividers to divide sections

Dividers are used to divide sections and made from doodles for a weekly calendar. You can use six dividers, three on each page, to separate the weekly layout into eight equal sections. The parts can be labelled, and bright yellow can be added for a dash of colour. In 5 minutes, you can have this spread ready.

Rows and columns

Adding rows and columns to your bullet journal layouts is as simple as drawing borders around each row and column. Using the borders, you can create as many separate sections as possible. They add a nice touch to the table without taking up a lot of room.

Monthly Themes

Doodle border design can be used to create dividers, frameworks, and wreaths that match each other. If you like to keep a bullet journal with monthly themes, it might be helpful for you.


Wreaths and doodled frames: A doodle wreath for April can be used. This month’s doodle border was drawn by April. Thanks to this easy idea, you will be surprised by how my April monthly spread turned out. You can create a little floral wreath with a corresponding border for the header.

Geometric Layout

Intricate geometric patterns on the border. I enjoy utilizing geometric borders as a gentle style element in my bullet journal spreads occasionally. Here’s a monthly theme suggestion if you’re into this kind of design! Here are a couple of such instances of beautiful borders.

Some cute doodle border ideas to draw

If you’re looking for clean and realistic Cute Borders to Draw ideas then the list I am going to jot down, is perfect for you to draw borders. Even if you only use one of them, your designs will still look fantastic as they’re both simple and stylish. Here are some simple and easy ideas to draw own borders:

Simple Doodles To Draw

Such borders are even simpler to design than the previous ones, and if you enjoy drawing leaves and hearts, you will enjoy them. The greatest place to use these borders will be under a title or to divide a tiny part because they aren’t overpowering and won’t draw attention away from the rest of the page.

Simple and Easy borders

Such borders feature a variety of shapes and lines, but most favorite and loved by mostly people is the floral element because they use it frequently.

A rectangular-shaped border

One feature that sets it apart from the others is that, in this one, she offers a preview of three possible layouts for the page’s borders. I suggest this border style be used at least once in your bullet journal because of its elegance and precision in the dots and leaf patterns.

Border Doodles with Stars 

In my opinion, doodling stars might be a bit of a challenge, but that’s part of its joy. These imaginative star borders are ideal for pages including habit diaries or a goal tracker, but they’d also look amazing in various ways.

Look at the image, and you’ll see that the shapes of hearts, circles, and triangles are all identical! You’ll be spoiled for options in a positive way.

Ideas for Corner Borders

Next, we’ve got some great ideas for Cute Borders to Draw, which are great if you’re looking for a simple way to add a little flair to your page. The next doodles are sure to enthuse those pleased with the initial concepts.

Corner Borders with Floral Edging

Such leaf doodles are beautiful, but you may have to put in a little more effort because some require fine details. Using a fine liner instead of a ballpoint pen can help you get the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BuJo short for bullet journal?

Bullet journals (also known as BuJos, for short) are notebooks that have sections for logging daily to-dos, keeping a weekly or monthly calendar, jotting down notes, tracking mental and physiological health, and logging both short and the long objectives, among other things.

How do you structure a bullet journal?

It will then be up to me to determine if you want to create a Monthly Task State or go with the flow of what each day or week necessitates. You can put down the month names, list the days and dates, check my Future Log and add events happening and meetings.

How to organize a bullet journal?

You can do this by dividing the total number of dotted lines or lines on each page by third. Once you’ve determined the size of each area, use your ruler and pen to split them so that you can identify the beginning and end of every month.

Cute Borders to Draw Summary

The cool borders of medieval manuscripts are one of the most intriguing parts of the art decoration form. Stylized and rustic foliate designs, including leaves, flowers, buds, ivy, geometric patterns, and pen sprays, can all be included in the design.

As a beginning point for making your own designs or conducting a study into archives to recreate “genuine” styles, this post has provided a few fundamental structures and used several common components found in manuscripts to build simple and super easy borders with additional layers of intricacy.

Here is some Cute Borders to DrawSimple symmetrical borders, a recurring spiral border, and a borderline with ivy are all featured in this article. I hope you will enjoy this blog post to try multiple border and bullet journal ideas on your own.

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