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12 Cute Crafts To Try at Home

Knowing how to use basic tools and home supplies can be a big help in making creative projects. For example, you can create stained glass art using ordinary glasses and aluminum foil, or even make your own glitter candles. But if you’re looking for something more elaborate, these cool cute crafts ideas are a great place to start. These cool easy crafts use items that are already available from your local supermarket or hardware store — just grab some pre-made materials and get started! 

Create a Mural from Frozen Drinks

This cute crafts project really just depends on what kind of drinks you want to use. You could try using cocktails, or perhaps even smoothies or candies. Make sure everything is frozen first though.


What you will need:

A large canvas

Freezer paper


Frozen drinks of your choice

Aluminum foil, white or clear (optional)


-Make your own stencil by cutting a piece of freezer paper into the shape you want and then placing it on top of your frozen drink. 

-Check that it fits properly and then place aluminum foil over the stencil if you want to protect the paint. 

-Using a paintbrush (and more paint if necessary), carefully paint over the top surface of your drink that’s in contact with the freezer paper. If you used aluminum foil on top, just leave everything to freeze for two hours. 

-After two hours, take off the freezer paper and then paint over the other side. You can even add your own details like fruit slices or chocolate shavings for a more interesting final product. 

-Assemble your frozen mural on a large canvas, making sure to leave space between each section. Let it freeze overnight and then you’ll be ready to hang it up the next day!

Make Your Own Candles

This cute crafts to do at home requires that you know how to use a sewing machine — but don’t worry! You won’t need all kinds of fancy equipment to complete it. The supplies required for this project can be found at your local arts and crafts supply store.


What you will need:

Candles of your choice

Sewing machine 

Buttons, beads, or any other light decorative items that you like for decoration


-To make this craft as easy as possible, start by printing out a pattern — especially if you intend to use buttons or other small decorations. Otherwise it’ll be hard to determine where to put your stitching! 

-Cut a piece of felt into a rectangle that’s slightly larger than the candle itself, and then add whatever decorative elements you’d like (buttons are recommended). Sew these decorations onto the felt. 

-Now you can cut out the bottom of your candle. You’ll then just have to sew the cord and light bulb into place — or you can use a small connection box depending on your preference.

Diy Soda Can Chalkboard Wall Art

Create your own chalkboard wall art with plain cans that you may have lying around the house. You can make this project as simple or as complicated as you would like it to be.

Wall Art:

What you will need:

Plain cans (larger cans are recommended, but it still works with smaller ones as well)

Decorative paper of your choice (optional)

Chalkboard paint 


Spray paint and stencils (optional) 


-Remove the labels from the can using sandpaper or needle-nose pliers.  

-If you would like to decorate the outside of your can, spray paint it and then place a stencil on top to create an interesting design. 

-Let dry fully and then remove decals.  

-Paint the inside of your can with chalkboard paint. Let the paint dry and then use chalkboard markers to write a message.  

-If you wish to hang your can, you can create a hanger by drilling a small hole in the bottom of it. Use spray paint and stencils or decorative paper for the purpose as well.

Wall Décor

Making your own wall art doesn’t have to be hard! It can take a lot of time, but the easy DIY craft is certainly worth the effort. You can also use simple items from around the house to complete this cute craft idea.


What you will need:

Empty cans and lids (you can use similar items in different colors), and lids that aren’t flat (i.e., bottles, or jars) 

Paintbrushes, paint, and stencils (optional) 

Plain foil (optional)

Chalkboard paint (optional) 


-Place plain foil on your lid or bottle.  

-Paint the interior of the can (the part that houses the item that you’re using) with a painted color. 

-If you wish, paint it with chalkboard paint or use stencils to decorate your cans.

Make a Paper Flower Garden

Create a beautiful flower garden by using simple paper flowers as a cool craft to do at home – it will be the focal point of your flower garden project. You won’t need any special tools or materials to complete this cool art and craft— other than time! It’s also an easy craft for kids to do.

Paper Flower Garden:

What you will need:

Designs for your paper flowers (optional) 

Scissors or craft knife 

Plastic non-stick pans (use one for each shape you want to make) 

Dish detergent to remove excess water 

Paper towel or paper plates to line the pans with (using these also keeps the art from sticking to them) 

Plastic wrap or waxed paper (optional) 


-Cut out all of your flower shapes. Remember that some designs require several cuts in order to create the desired look. If you’re using plastic, cut out all of the pieces beforehand and then tape them together so they dry out gradually. 

-If you’re using waxed paper, place a sheet of it onto your plastic pan beforehand. This way, if the flower art dries out before you can use it all, it will just peel off. 

-Let the flowers dry fully and then gently remove them from the plastic or waxed paper. 

-Choose a central location for your flower garden and group your flowers together accordingly, making sure to put some of each type in every section.

Make Your Own Watercolor Canvas

This DIY arts and crafts to do at home is a little bit different than the others because it requires that you buy paints, canvas, and other materials. However, by the end of this at-home craft you’ll have an original art piece that you can hang on your wall. 


What you will need:

Plastic film (i.e., plastic wrap or plastic bags) 

Acrylic paint or watercolors and paintbrushes (it’s best to use oil paints for this project) 

Canvas or other material to paint on (can be found at craft stores) 


-First, create small piles of plastic film in various shapes — squares and circles work well. You can also use a variety of colors. 

-Paint or color one side of your canvas or paper with acrylic paint or watercolors. 

-Place the paintbrush on top of your canvas so that the bristles are completely inside (but not touching) the craft materials. -Cut out shapes from the plastic film by blocking it from underneath with a knife, scissors, or other utensils. Also, cut pieces to match the sizes of your canvas. 

-When you’re done painting or coloring the canvas, place it on a flat surface and let it dry for several hours until the paint is completely dry. 

-Now that your canvas is completely dry, remove all of the pieces you cut out from the plastic film.

-Hang it up in an area where it will be visible (i.e., on an empty wall) so that everyone can see your work!

7. Create a Paper Chain Wall Rack

Create a paper chain wall rack by using old magazines, construction paper, and other paper products to create a fun project for kids to do while also relaxing. You can create a chain of any colors you like using different thicknesses as well.

Wall Rack:

What you will need:

Old magazines (i.e., old Sports Illustrated, or other men’s magazine standing up)

Permanent markers and/or colored chalk (these work both on the paper and on glass) Construction paper, stickers, or other decoration of your choice

1-2 coffee stirrers or toothpicks (if needed)

Scissors or craft knife 


-Use a permanent marker to draw the dimensions for your wall rack onto your magazine. Your rack should be about 6 inches by 12 inches tall and 12 inches wide. 

-Cut out the shapes that you’ve created using a large pair of scissors.

-Decorate the construction paper with stickers or other decorations if you would like. 

-Use a permanent marker to draw the shapes for the coffee stirrers and toothpicks onto your wall rack.

8. Outdoor Coloring Paper Art

Paper Art:

This is an interesting and easy craft idea that’s a little bit different from what most people will do when they’re in need of something fun to create on a warm summer day. 

What you will need:

A pair of scissors, and some kind of paper (i.e., leftover construction paper, wrapping paper, unprinted magazines)

Pencils and colored markers or crayons

Paint brush (optional)


-Cut out shapes from the appropriate papers and place them on a flat surface. You can draw figures or designs that match ones that you see in other art books. -Using pencils or crayons, color your shapes with whatever paints you would like to use. It’s best to use the papers for a more realistic look. 

-Use a paintbrush to paint your finished art on the outside of a cardboard. You can color it the same color as your paper shapes or you can use other colors if you would like. 

-When you’re done, cut the artwork out and display it!

9. Make Your Own DIY Wall Display

This is another cool arts and crafts project that’s different from what most people will do at home in order to get their hands dirty. This project requires that you only need a few simple items from the home store like wood, glue, and some poster boards to make your own wall display that will separate your room or desk from others. 

Wall Display:

What you will need:

Wood (i.e. particle board)

Glue (i.e., wood glue or hot glue)

Poster boards or thin plywood

Scissors or other cutting tool


-Use a pencil and ruler to draw 6 rectangles of the same size onto the particle board. These rectangles should be about 2 inches deep so that they sit flush with the wall when you’re done with your project. Make them 4 inches tall if you’re using thinner pieces of wood or poster board. 

-Cut out all of these rectangles using a good pair of scissors. You can cut closer to the edges if you wish but it’s best to use the entire chalk line width. This way, the rectangles will look perfect. 

-Trim the edges using a straightedge and a small saw so that they are perfectly straight. 

-Place the rectangles on pieces of poster board and use a pencil to draw your design onto the poster board. Use whatever colors you want for this step. 

-When you’re done drawing, cut out your design and glue it onto a piece of particle board using hot glue or wood glue. Again, you can use other methods, but this one works best to ensure that your wall art stays in place for years to come.

-Attach all 6 pieces together using glue as well. You might need to use some toothpicks to keep them in place if you’re using cardboard. 

-Hang your finished product up in an area where it will be visible so that you can show it off!

10. DIY Mobile Art Display

This is one more fun craft to do at home  that’s different and unusual from what most parents will do for their kids. It uses recycled materials to create an interesting art display that will fit in perfectly with your kid’s bedroom decor! 

Art Display:

What you will need:

A discarded hanger (i.e., a hanger that you no longer have a use for) 

Other recycled materials (i.e., thin pieces of cardboard, heavy paper, wrapping paper, etc.) Strong glue that can hold up the cardboard (i.e. wood glue, hot glue, or other strong glue)

Poster board

Scissors or an X-Acto knife 


  • Take a large piece of cardboard and cut out shapes in half with a pair of scissors. These shapes should be 2 inches deep so that they fit flush with the rest of your cardboard. You could also use other types of paper and you could cut them into rectangles or circles instead to create designs similar to those used for magazines.
  • Glue your cardboard pieces together using strong glue from head to toe (i.e., on one side only). Be careful not to clamp them together too much though, as this might cause your finished product to lose its shape.
  • Cut out any patterns that you would like onto the poster board. You can draw one yourself or use stickers or other art materials that you have at home if that’s what you would prefer.
  • When you’re done drawing, trace over the shapes and cut them out with scissors or an X-Acto knife so that they are perfectly square.
  • Attach the poster board to the cardboard by gluing it onto either side of the cardboard pieces where they meet up with each other (i.e., on top where they meet up with each other from 2 different directions).
  • Using a strong piece of string (i.e., from an old pair of ripped jeans), tie the mobile together in the back. Be sure to leave some extra string hanging on either side of the art to help you hang it up once you’re done with the project. 

-Hang your mobile art piece up in a high place where it can catch all of the sunlight so that it can burn and give off different hues depending on which colors are used and how much sunlight hits it.

11. Make Your Own DIY Wall Hook

DIY Wall Hook:

This is another cool art project that’s different from what most people will do at home in order to get their hands dirty. This project requires that you only need a few simple items from the home store like wood, glue, and some poster boards to make your own wall display that will separate your room or desk from others. 

What you will need

Wood (i.e. particle board)

Glue (i.e. wood glue or hot glue)

Poster boards or thin plywood


Use a pencil and ruler to draw one large, square shape on the wood using the chalk line method. This should be a 4-inch tall rectangle. You can make it whatever size you want but I usually get lazy and go with the standard 4-inch.  It should be about 3 inches wide.  This will be your frame for your wall hooks.

-Cut out this big shape using a good pair of scissors. You can cut closer to the edges to give it a chippy look, but it’s best to use the entire line width for maximum sharpness of your cutout shape. 

-Sand your shape to smooth out any rough spots.

-Trim the edges using a straightedge and a small saw so that they are perfectly straight.

-Hang the chalk line shape on the wall using glue or hot glue and attach all of your hooks together using screws from the hardware store. Make sure to use long screws that can reach through all 4 sides of your frame for maximum support. This way, they won’t wobble when you fix them in place. 

-Wait for it to dry, then hang up your craft project! 

12. DIY Toothbrush Holder

This is a pretty simple project that almost anyone can do at home. You need only a few inexpensive items from the local hardware store to make this toothbrush holder for your child’s room or bathroom. 

Toothbrush Holder:

What you will need

Wooden dowels (i.e., wooden chopsticks, wooden pencils, and other thin pieces of wood)

A small container of some sort (i.e. jar, cup, etc.)

A small piece of wood to use as a toothbrush holder (i.e., a block of wood)

Nail (i.e., nail polish or something else that you can stick a nail into) 


-Determine the lengths you want for each row of toothbrush holders. The first one should be 2 inches long and the last one should be 1 inch long whereas the middle rows should be 4 inches long. Each row will hold about 20 toothbrushes. 

-Sand your pieces of wood to remove any splinters. 

-Drill a hole at the top of your wooden piece that will be used for the toothbrush holder so that it can hold the toothbrush in place when it’s filled up with water. Make sure to make the hole wide enough so that you can fit a lot of toothbrushes in there if you want to.

-Measure the dimensions of your container and cut your wooden dowels (i.e., pencils, chopsticks, etc.) to the sizes you need. You’ll need something between 1 and 2 inches in length for each dowel, depending on how large or small your container is. 

-Drill a hole into the ends of your wooden dowels using an X-Acto knife or a drill bit (if you want to use a drill).

-Take your dowels and attach them to one another by screwing them together with nails for maximum strength. You can make the dowels stand up straight by attaching them in a triangle shape or you can stand them up on their ends.

-Fill up your wooden toothbrush holder with water and put it on display! If you want, you can place some plastic flowers around it as well or attach sticky stuff to the back so that you can stick it onto the wall.

In conclusion, making these DIY ideas at home will not only improve your decor but also help you save some money in the long run. Now that you have this list of ways to create cool things at home, try experimenting with your imagination!

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