Cute Heart Bee Card

Cute Heart Bee Card (Teacher’s Day Crafts For Kids)


Cute Heart Bee Card

Teachers day is a fun day celebrated annually on 5th October. It is a day we can thank our teachers for all the hard work they have put into making us knowledgeable students. A good teacher is a blessing as you know you are in good hands and that the teacher will help you spread your wings. Show your appreciation for Teacher’s Day with an Easy Step By Step Crafting Tutorial- Cute Heart Bee Card

Let us thank our teachers by making them a small heart card, grab all the things you need with reference from below, and let’s join hands in thanking our teachers.


  • Yellow colored sheet
  • Blue colored sheet (light or sky blue will look cooler rather than dark)
  • Black colored sheet
  • Black marker
  • Glue (tube or stick is your choice)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
C:\Users\hp\Desktop\holiday 2\bee-F\Untitled design (14).png

Teacher’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers- Bee Cards for Teachers:

Step 1:

Firstly, grab your black-colored sheet and cut out two hearts of the same size. An easy way to do this is that first you can simply cut a heart and trace out the shape to make them alike. Also, fetch a yellow-colored sheet and cut one heart out of it of the same size as the black one.

Next cut a long rectangle from yellow and fold it in the middle. Now place the heart on the folded side and place it so that one edge of the heart touches the edge of the fold. Do not cut the side where the heart’s edge touches the folded side so that when you open the heart you can see it is like a card. In easier words, cut a butterfly with heart wings and fold it in the middle.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\holiday 2\bee-F\Untitled design (16).png

Step 2:

The next step is to now apply glue on the single heart on the back as we will be doing some gluing stuff later.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\holiday 2\bee-F\Untitled design (17).png

Step 3:

Now stick the glued heart halfway on the black heart that you have to put under. In the same way, now glue the other black heart on the yellow one you just pasted. Now paste the double heart on the black in the same way. This will complete the bee’s body.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\Untitled design (20).png

Step 4:

The next step is to grab a small piece of blue-colored sheet and draw two hearts of the same size as the black and yellow hearts. You can look at the illustration below and know exactly what to do.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\holiday 2\bee-F\Untitled design (15).png

Step 5:

This step is longer so pay attention here. Firstly, cut the blue hearts and let me tell you all that these will be the wings of the bee.

Now paste these wings on the back of the bee. In addition, cut two small circles out of white and draw the pupil using the black marker. Paste these eyes on the top double heart.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\holiday 2\bee-F\Untitled design (20).png

Step 6:

Now take a piece of black paper and cut two thin strips and small two hearts of the same size out of yellow and paste these two hearts on top of the black strips and this will make two cute antennae. Now paste them from the back on the top of the bee. Also, make a cute smile on the top double heart.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\holiday 2\bee-F\Untitled design (21).png

Step 7:

Now open the top heart and write a message inside. We decided to mention the word BEE. For example, you can write ‘Thanks for BEEing my teacher’ or ‘I love BEEing your student’.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\holiday 2\bee-F\Untitled design (34).png

Congratulations! You have learned this Teacher’s Day craft for toddlers which was super easy and is for all of you out there.

You can make more and place them all in a beautiful cup or holder and decorate your house.

If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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C:\Users\hp\Desktop\holiday 2\bee-F\Untitled design (35).png

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