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Different Types Of Slime

There are so many different types of slime out there – and they’re all so much fun to play with! If you’re looking for a new slime-related activity to try out, why not experiment with some different types of slime? In this blog post, we’ll explore different types of slime and show you how to make them. So get ready to have some slimy fun!

Let’s start with the first slime activity which is a holiday slime craft:

Holiday Slime Crafts

Be it Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween or Easter. There are different crafts and art ideas for every holiday. So I am here with some Different Types Of Slime ideas to double the fun.

  • Easter Slime
  • Santa Slime
  • Christmas Slime
  • Snowman Slime
  • Halloween Slime
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Easter Slime

slime crafts

If you are looking for a fun Easter activity – these bunny slime jars are so much fun to make! Bunny jars are also very popular as a great way to keep your slime. They can also be made and given as Easter gifts or placed in an Easter basket. If you do not want to put a slime inside these crystal jars you can paint the outside of them instead. 

Check Out This Easter Slime Here

Be sure to use a spray primer to make the painting easier. Adults should use a primer and children can help paint the jars. If you want to add Different Types of Slime inside you can buy or make your own slime. 

Fluffy Santa Slime

slime crafts

Now I will show you how to make this beautiful Santa slime for Christmas. This Santa jar can make a great slime gift. Or simply use it to save slime when you’re done playing with it! If you are looking for some Christmas activities to do with your kids this year. 

Making Slime

Then making slime can be such a fun activity! You can even make an art day where you make slime and make the jars for it. We love the easy way to make this jar. Then turn this jar into the idea for a wonderful gift.

Keeping your Slime in a strong air tight container will help keep it longer.

Christmas Tree Slime

slime crafts

Christmas is a great time to beat the holiday-inspired slime! Get others to give or get kids involved by making them add Christmas glitter additives to create the best slime experience! This Christmas Tree Slime recipe was never this easy and now you can easily add to Christmas glitter or sequins to make it a perfect sensory activity for Christmas!

Check Out This Christmas Slime Here

Kids will love to stretch and make their own “Christmas tree” with this simple way to make slime. Add any kids friendly elements such as small ornaments, jewelry and confetti in this slime.

You can even make a piece of children’s paper to wrap the slime around and build a 3D slime tree! It’s a great slime Christmas recipe if you want something that doesn’t waste too much time and money.

Check Out This Snowman, Grinch, & Rudolph Slime Here


Fluffy Snowman Slime

slime crafts

This snowman slime is a perfect Science activity for winter and kids! I will also show you how to turn your snowball into a snowman. Kids will surely love playing with this beautiful slime. This will also prepare you for the winter nerve function. 

Winter Activities to Do with Your Kids

If you are looking for some winter activities to do with your kids, this is it. Kids can have the fun of making their flexible snowman slime into a regular or melted snowman! They can stretch the slime and form a melted surface of ice. When you mix  snowman buttons and googly eyes will also blend. 

Remove the Buttons

But you can remove the buttons and build a face again once you’ve got all the pieces! As we love the easy way to make slime fluffy! Our recipe is designed to make you a little more relaxed than other slime recipes you can try. We put it in the water to help with this. 

If you want to stretch a little, you can skip the water.

Halloween Slime

slime crafts

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. In any case, kids will love making these lovely Halloween slime jars.  If you want, you can also make the pumpkin slime jar. It’s steps are very simple and similar to this craft. 

Check Out This Halloween Slime Here


Such a great idea to fill the color of a sinister pot with slime! And if you are not feeling very good, you can always stick to making a ghost jack. It’s all your wish.

Fun Slime Crafts

Slime is all about fun so here I have 5 best ways in which you can use slime for playing. Each one of the following ways is very unique and I am sure you will definitely have fun.

Foam Slime

slime crafts

One of the great things about home-made slime is that there are so many different ways you can do it! You can make it powdery, stretchable, clay-like or you can make it crawl. I will show you how to make this cool foam slime.

Homemade Foam

You only need 4 ingredients to make this work and it is very easy to make and will last for weeks. You probably remember playing with foam as a child. It is one of our favorite functions of the senses. Buying a store-bought foam can be quite difficult. That’s why we like to make homemade foam. 

This recipe is easy to make. It is much better than the type bought in the store because it is a little lighter. You can try with different sizes of foam beads but we prefer to add more to be more similar to what you can buy in the store.

Glow in the Dark Slime

slime crafts

We love to use different glues to make slime and when we saw this new glow in the dark glue I had to give it a try! You can make your own glow in the dark slime using regular glue and add glow in the dark paint to it. We prefer using the glow in the dark glue since it’s less messy and needs only a few ingredients.

Kids Love That It Glows

This may be the most fun you’ve had making and playing with slime! Even adults will love playing with this slime! Kids love that it glows and it makes it even more fun to stretch and squish when you’re in the dark.

Ice Cream Slime

slime crafts

Before starting this activity, be sure to remind the children that they cannot eat the slime. Today, I am going to tell you how to get kids to make their own ice cream using different colored slimes.

Give each of your little ones a lump or a bowl of ice cream. Let them play with various toys such as colored stones, plastic toys, and decorations. It is a very easy craft and I am sure your kids will do most of the work all by themselves.

Rainbow Slime

slime crafts

Enrich any child’s emotions with this colorful slime craft. This artwork easily integrates with your children’s imaginations. To prepare this, all you need are slimes with different colors of the rainbow, a dark black board, and a thought. Let the kids make their own rainbow using different colored slimes by making slime logs and placing them on the board. 

With this craft, you can teach the kids VIBGYOR ( the color pattern of the rainbow).

Slime Sun Catchers

slime crafts

Slimes are a wonder craft for summer camps. Slime sun catchers are perfect for kids summer camp activity. This idea was mistakenly discovered when someone dropped a certain slime. Inadvertently left it dry to lead to a sturdy, slime that gave them the idea. 

It Will Take 2 to 3 Days to Dry the Colored Slimes

This project is best done on the first day of camp because it will take 2 to 3 days to dry the colored slimes. All you have to do is apply your pre-cut slimes, put the mixed colors in a container, and leave to dry. Once hardened, children can show their sun catchers in their homes. Stick in the windows to capture the beautiful rays of sunlight.

Cool Slime Crafts

Do you want to learn to make slime of your own at home? Then here are 5 best ways you can make slime using home ingredients:​

Minion Slime Jar​

slime crafts

Kids and adults will love this DIY Minion Slime Craft! I will be the first to say that I am a big fan of minions. As a parent or teacher, you may have noticed the recent difficulties in making your slime. So we put them both together and got this DIY Minion Slime.

The bright yellow color and blue glitter will give kids time to play. And I find that playing slime can be relaxing. And I’m not saying it’s just for kids! You can also add beautiful googly eyes in all different sizes. But if you have really little ones, leave your eyes out so they don’t eat by accident.

Fluffy Sand Slime

slime crafts

The COOLEST part about this slime recipe is that you don’t need coloring! That means less dirt for everyone. Instead, this slime is made of various colors of artistic sand. You can mix colors up or make one cool color.

It’s just amazing and it’s more amazing to play with it. Hopefully, this sand slime will keep kids busy for hours! This, hands down, the coolest slime I ever made.  Clear glue allows sand colors to be more vibrant! 

When kids see Elmer’s Glue anywhere, they always ask if we can make this sand move along with it. For teachers, Elmer’s Glue and Glue Sticks are the foundation of the classroom. If you don’t have clear glue on hand, regular white glue will work as well.

Jello Unicorn Slime

slime crafts

I have a very simple and fun children’s art idea that you can make for a unicorn slime. Unicorn Slime always wins with girls. It’s quick and easy to make. And there are so many fun and constructive variations that give you something unique. 

I was looking for something bright and fun and playful for Spring and decided to make a glittery, rainbow, unicorn slime and it was great for kids.

DIY Fluffy Slime

slime crafts

Have you tried making fluffy slime yet? This is a must try! The texture is so much fun to play with. Kids will love to stretch and add this cool slime.

And I have to say, I think this is the easiest slime recipe you will try. Fluffy slime is actually a regular slime made with extra shaving cream. The amount of shaving cream you apply will change the texture and consistency of the slime. When you add more, it will be “fluffier”.

Check Out Fluffy Slime Here

If you just want it to be a little more comfortable, then this recipe will guide you through how much shaving cream you can use.​

Clear Slime​

slime crafts

Have you ever wondered how to get crystal clear slime? Usually when making slime from clear glue the glue becomes quite cloudy with the contact solution. But making a clear slime is possible with a contact solution and I’ll show you how! Crystal clear slime is fun to do! 

It takes a few more steps and some wait is involved. But if you follow our procedure you should have a clear slide after 1 to 3 days.

Conclusion on Different Types of Slime

Slime is one of the most popular trends on the internet right now for a good reason- it’s mesmerizing. People can’t seem to get enough of watching slime being made or played with. In this blog post, we’ve explored some of the different types of slime that are out there and why people love them so much. If you’re curious about slime and want to learn more, please leave us a comment below. We would be happy to provide you with more information about this fascinating trend!

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