DIY Shell Crafts

14 Amazing DIY Shell Crafts

This craft will make your home feel different. Shell crafts with various beautiful patterns and are widely known in various circles can be used as cool and unique decorations, you know. 

This DIY Shell Crafts is the right choice for an attractive decoration, especially for a plain house, without any other accessories or decorations. Crafts from shells can not only be used as decorations to beautify your home, but you can also make them as unique gifts for special people in your life.

One of the shell craft ideas that are easy to make even for beginners is a photo frame from shells. Making your photo frame with shells will more or less exercise your inner creativity.

Here’s how to make crafts from shells, unique and creative. 

What to make out of shells

Some beaches are full of beautiful shells. The good thing is that you can make crafts using these seashells. In this way, you will be giving them a new utility for your home.

As their appearance is already beautiful, you will not need to paint them if you do not want to. The interesting thing about these crafts is that the seashells are distinguished. They will also serve you shells and even sea snails.

Candles with shells

If the same old candles bore you, melt some wax with a wick inside each shell. Now you will have many more original and beautiful candles.

Photo Frames

With photo frames, you can do wonders. Notice how simply by filling a frame with shells and seashells, you get a unique craft. With a little glue, try sticking a few on the corner of the photo frame. Ideal for placing your vacation photo on the beach!

With photo frames, they look great, but they can also be used to make a picture. In this case, they have been painted blue and glued. A very, very simple DIY.

Painting with Beach Sand and Shells

If you want to recreate a beach within a frame, add white sand and some shells. Place as a photo one of your favorite beaches to have a perfect memory.

DIY shell crafts
DIY shell crafts


Surely at some point in your life, you have wanted to wear a shell pendant. Well, you need to make a small hole in them and put a chain on them. This example can also inspire you to give it a touch of color.

How to use shells for decoration

Many people have used this shell as a craft. Many foreign tourists also like handicrafts from shells produced by Indonesian craftsmen. In a broad sense, shellfish means all mollusks with a pair of shells, and in this sense, it is more correct to call them clams and is comparable to the meaning of shells used in America.

The word shell comes from the word shellfish, whose life is attached. This type of shellfish is also a type of animal that can be eaten. However, there are also inedible shellfish such as blood clams and green mussels. Usually, these corals lie in the sand or water areas.

Crafts from shells are unique crafts and are liked by many people. Shells are small and have a flattened shape that can be made for place coatings such as soap, decorating photo frames or mirrors, lamps, jewelry boxes, and much more.

Here are the results of crafts from shells and how to make them. For how to make them see the steps below, which I will explain in detail:

How to Choose Shells

  • Collect clam shells and then choose a good and strong shell.
  • Would you mind putting it in the basin?
  • Put water into the basin.
  • Pour just enough bleach for clothes. This goal is to clean the shells from dirt so that later they can look white and clean.
  • Soak overnight. The goal is that the dirt that sticks, such as moss and others, can die and peel off.
  • Then discard the soaking water and rinse with water until clean.
  • Clean the remaining dirt stuck in the crevices by using a small toothbrush.
  • Rinse all brushed shells using clean water.
  • Then dry the shells in the sun until they are completely dry. Furthermore, if the clamshells are dry and clean, the clamshells can make simple crafts.

Required tools

  • little wire
  • Tang
  • Paint
  • varnish
  • sandpaper
  • Knife
  • Small drill
  • Brush
  • Dry shell
  • Basin
  • Whitening agent 
  • Small toothbrush
  • And other materials if needed

The steps for making simple crafts from clamshells are as follows.

  • First, make a craft design that you will make with shells that have been cleaned previously.
  • Some examples of unique designs are the shape of birds, crabs, or other items such as jewelry boxes, tissue boxes, etc.
  • Choose clamshells with shapes and sizes that are following the planned design.
  • Assemble the shells one by one with hot glue.
  • Use type cables to strengthen and standardize construction, large and heavy.
  • Also, give varnish so that the handicrafts from shells look shiny and beautiful.
  • If necessary, use paint to get beautiful colors.
  • Dry and dry the varnish or paint.

DIY Shell Crafts Ideas

The shell is a material that is easy to find and environmentally friendly, and the price is relatively low. So making seashells is one of the right choices to be used as materials for unique and interesting crafts. Besides that, shell crafts are very easy to find and easy to find. To find them yourself, you have to go to the beach and look at the edges of the beach. 

That’s where you usually find various types of shells that are not used. So what are the benefits of shells? There may be many benefits of seashells. Apart from being a unique handicraft material, shells can also be used as a traditional scraping tool. A scraping tool is commonly used in traditional communities to treat colds or other minor ailments by scraping the body. Another benefit of DIY shell crafts ideas is that they can also be used as the main ingredient for making unique and interesting handicrafts.

Examples of handicrafts from shells, flower vase, pendant and much more.

Tissue box

A plain tissue box does look unattractive. If you want to decorate your tissue box, you can use this seashell. There are various patterns of colorful shells that you can choose and decorate according to your taste.


This craft is the simplest way to make, and you can make a frame from cardboard and then decorate the edges using seashells. This beautiful shell frame is ready to be used for displaying photos, unique and cool, right?

Flower vase

This flower vase, which is varied with seashells, will look attractive and beautify the guest table in your home. Want to try?


You know, not only flower vases that can be decorated with shells but even flowers can also be made of shells. You can find decorative shells at the souvenir shop as needed, then arrange them to form flowers by glued using Caltech glue to make them last longer. How about it, easy. You can put it in the corners of the room, which is sure to be the center of attention because of its beauty.


These ornamental shell lanterns have a high selling value, you know. No doubt its function is to make your home beautiful. The lights that light up in a series of seashells are the main attraction. So when do you want this shell craft collection?

Wall Decoration

If you want to decorate your plain wall, you can decorate it with various seashell patterns and variations. Guaranteed your walls are not empty anymore and more beautiful.


Flowers can be made from seashells, but various forms of these animals can also be made. For example, turtles, crabs, fish, and others. Your home will be more attractive with these various decorative shells.


You can attach this decorative seashell for those who want to decorate the edges of the empty mirror. You can buy decorative seashells at souvenir shops and then stack them as you wish. Guaranteed to make your mirror look even cooler.

Shell Curtain Craft

Clam curtains result from handicrafts from clam shells arranged with one another using knitting threads that have been measured in length. As seen in the picture, the arrangement of the shells is grouped. There are several cm with white piles then followed by the next black pile and so on according to the taste of the curtain maker.

Uniquely, these curtains are made from the same arrangement of shells but are deliberately separated into different shapes of shells. If you often go to beach tourism, many local traders will usually sell these shell curtains.

Hanging Decorative Lampshade

Tired of the usual lights at home? This craft can be the solution; this hanging lampshade from shells is interesting to put in front of the house.

Well, that was a craft from shells that can make your home cool and interesting. Good luck, yes.

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