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66 Fun DIYs For Teens (DIY Crafts for Teens)


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    We all know how hard it is to find time for ourselves and our hobbies. Sometimes we need a little break, but don’t want to go away from home. That’s why I wrote this post on 66 DIYs For Teens that are perfect for TEENS! There are so many craft ideas here you’re sure to find something you love. 

    These projects take just minutes and can be made with things you already have around the house, so there’s no excuse not to try them out! So check out these awesome crafts below and get your creativity flowing today! Crafting is a fascinating pastime. Not only is it enjoyable, but you also get a pretty nice feeling from knowing that you created something cool out of nothing!

    DIYs For Teens

    Do you have a teen that needs some craft time? There are so many great crafts for teens to do.  Some of the best DIY projects for teenagers include: making slime, baking cupcakes and biscuits, and painting on canvas. If your teen is more into crafting they can try knitting or crocheting with wool yarns, sewing pillows with embroidery thread, and making felt flowers. These types of crafts will help them develop their skills while having fun doing DIYs For Teens!

    Rather than spending a fortune on activities to keep you occupied throughout the day, a crafting session is one of the finest methods to demonstrate to everyone how creative you truly are. Not to mention how therapeutic a good crafting session can be.

    Are you looking for some inspiration for your next crafting session? Here are 25 easy do-it-yourself crafts for teen girls!

    Bracelet with Chain Mail

    This is a great craft DIY project for teens for the bling-obsessed girl. Put aside your desire to spend a fortune on high-end items when you can create your bespoke jewelry with a little do-it-yourself.

    Apart from saving a few dollars, telling folks you manufacture your jewelry is exciting.

    Once you’ve mastered the technique, you can even create a batch of bracelets for pals or stack them on your wrist!

    Make Your Bath Bombs

    Who isn’t a sucker for a gorgeous bath bomb? Rather than purchasing them at the store, you can create your personalized bath bombs with a little do-it-yourself.

    Beanie with Ribs

    Keep warm and stylish during fall and winter with your DIY ribbed beanie. Making your beanie is much easier than you might believe!

    The best thing is that you can truly personalize your beanie by selecting your favorite color and even adding a pompom to the top. Here is a link to a set of gorgeous faux fur pom poms.

    Pouch with Zipper

    Do you require a new cosmetics case? Is that a pencil case? A case for what??

    What’s fantastic about this easy do-it-yourself project is that you can completely customize the appearance of your pouch by selecting your preferred fabric patterns or colors!

    Personalized Ceramic Mugs

    Anyone else suffering from a severe mug addiction? If you answered yes, you are aware of the challenge.

    The battle of restraining yourself from purchasing another mug since there is always some charming statement or design that you HAVE to add to your collection.

    Braided Bracelet Made at Home

    Do you require additional accessories for your collection? Rather than spending money on jewelry, create your own using a few items you already have lying about the house.

    All you need to create your braided bracelet is suede lace and crystal rondelle beads. The crystal beads available here are ideal for creating personalized jewelry.

    Earrings with Pom Poms

    If you’ve been following the newest trends, you’re already aware that statement earrings are the ideal accessory to complete your summer appearance.

    Make Your Storage Box

    Each of us could benefit from a bit more storage space in our homes! If you’re seeking a simple approach to optimizing storage space in any interior space, you may create your elegant storage box via a do-it-yourself project.

    All that is need is some lovely wrapping paper. I adore this wrapping paper’s lovely floral pattern!

    Necklace with Ombre Tassels

    This summer, accessories are a major trend. However, before you head to the store searching for your go-to statement piece, you must attempt this DIY.

    If you wish to avoid the dyeing process, you may get a set of colored threads here.

    Luggage Labels

    Expensive luggage tags can make a significant impact on your wallet. Rather than spending a fortune on pricey baggage tags, create your own out of MDF wood!

    Fun DIY Crafts for Teens

    Mason Jar with Fishnet

    You cannot truly call yourself a craft aficionado without incorporating a few mason jars into your home décor.

    The nicest part is that you can design a mason jar in an infinite number of imaginative ways. Completely transform your mason jar by weaving twine in a fishnet design around the jar.

    To amp up the boho atmosphere, you can even incorporate some sand or seashells. If you’re leaning toward a more practical use for your jar, you can adorn the exterior.

    Utilize your adorable jar as a receptacle for whatever small DIY stuff for teens you have lying around the house!

    Do you adore mason jars? Consider some of these do-it-yourself mason jar projects.

    Stunning Candle Holder

    Want to improve the aesthetics of your current home décor situation? The best method is to use candles.

    However, you can easily amp up the glam factor by adorning your candle holders with silver nail paint glitter or any other color that complements your theme!

    Wall Décor with Woven Fabric

    Are you attempting to fill an empty area on your wall?

    Forget with the conventional painting or picture frame; this is an excellent opportunity to express yourself creatively.

    Create a retro vibe in your home with a macramé or woven wall hanging made at home. Create your wall hangings using yarn and dowel rods!

    Do It Yourself, Wall Art

    Are you looking for an adorable method to dress up your room?

    Demonstrate to everyone that you’re a real do-it-yourselfer by creating your colorful wall art to fill up some empty wall space.

    Make Your Lip Balm

    What do we all have in common? Everyone is a fan of lip balm.

    Rather than purchasing lip balm at the shop, it’s quite simple to make your own. Apart from saving a few dollars, it’s also wonderful to know what’s truly in the things you use regularly.

    Blue Swirls on Homemade Soap

    If you’ve never attempted creating your soap… What are you waiting for, then?

    From incorporating your favorite perfume to creating stunning swirls!

    Another perk? Made-at-home soap bars make excellent gifts.

    Drawer Organizer for Cereal Boxes

    Don’t you despise it when your drawers devolve into a massive messy mess! But what can you do… when you’ve accumulated a slew of items you’re unwilling to part with?

    Rather than spending a fortune on containers or drawer dividers, there is a far simpler (and less expensive) way to accomplish this.

    Diy Projects For Teenage Girl

    Make Your Headband

    Each of us may benefit from adding a pretty new headband to our accessory cabinet. 

    Frame in Rustic Wood

    Want to take your home décor to the next level? Make your rustic wood frame to show a brief yet sweet message to add a personal touch to your home!

    Unicorn Dreamcatcher

    Are you looking for an easy method to infuse your area with personality? There is nothing more adorable than adorning an empty wall with a handcrafted dreamcatcher.

    That is, a unicorn dream catcher.

    Polaroid Display with Fairy Lights

    Do you wish to build the ideal fairytale bedroom? Create a fantastic atmosphere in your bedroom with a do-it-yourself fairy light polaroid show.

    This is a charming method to exhibit your favorite images and improve your home’s overall lighting situation.

    Chandelier Made of Yarn

    Is your ceiling looking a little bare?

    This easy do-it-yourself project is a great method to upgrade your home décor situation! The best part is that you can truly tailor the outcome by selecting a color that complements your desired look.

    Ombre Scarf

    By wearing a homemade scarf, you can demonstrate to everyone that you have some real knitting talents.

    However, this is not your average scarf; this is an ombre scarf!

    Custom Pillow Cases 

    What is the one thing that can completely alter the feel of any interior space? Pillows with decorative designs.

    The good news is that creating your personalized pillowcases to match your motif is rather simple.

    Make Your Tote Bag

    We can all appreciate the utility of a large tote bag. 

    Diy Crafts For Tweens

    Create a Rainbow Wall Hanging with Yarn

    While some teenagers may find rainbows silly, this rainbow wall hanging by Lia Griffith is sophisticated enough to be both whimsical and mature. This do-it-yourself project would look lovely in a child’s bedroom or a college dorm room and can be personalized with various colors. More information is available in the tutorial.

    Create a Board of Inspiration for Photographs

    If your teenagers (or your entire family, for that matter) have been hooked to their phones recently, this project will divert their attention away from Instagram for a while. Rather than seeing these images in a feed, they can display their favorite photos on their wall. They may discover that keeping an inspiration board in their bedroom motivates them to pursue other craft projects.

    Discover Tie Dye Techniques

    Since the 1960s, tie-dye has remained popular among younger generations. While some shibori dyeing techniques are fashionable, traditional tie-dye processes are much more vibrant and can be more forgiving when completed. It’s a simple craft for developing new skills in this comprehensive instruction.

    Create a Few Temporary Tattoos

    Temporary tattoos are popular with a large number of teenagers, whether they are 13 or 18. Suppose they enjoy experimenting with different forms of self-expression and are opposed to the concept of permanence (or are unable to obtain a tattoo legally). In that case, they can follow this instruction from Persia Lou and create some temporary tattoos at home.

    Make a Statement with One-of-a-Kind Wall Art

    This young do-it-yourself craft is akin to tie-dye in that each output is unique and vibrant. Please be aware that this instruction may not be suitable for young teenagers without adult supervision due to the usage of a lighter.

    Convert a Candle into Makeup Brushes ‘

    As teenagers mature, they accumulate an increasing amount of material possessions. Consider reusing an old candle jar for much-needed adolescent storage instead of purchasing another item.

    Make jewelry using Pom Poms.

    The end product is a lovely and quirky necklace that could easily pass for an expensive designer piece.

    Paint an Existing Accessory

    Really simple do-it-yourself projects for DIYs for teens involve giving current goods a facelift to better match your style. In this scenario, a plain neutral purse gets boosted with gold foil paint and some creative thinking. Visit Delineate Your Dwelling to be inspired and to assist them in creating their own.

    Adult Coloring Books

    While adult coloring books are geared at adults as a stress reliever, they can be enjoyable for teenagers. Rather than coloring, which may get tedious for a teen, this blog post demonstrates ten unique methods to recycle adult coloring book pages. The coaster idea is a unique way to dress up any coffee table.

    Convert a Picture Frame into an Earring Holder

    To add a splash of color to an embossed frame, add a bright, unexpected hue. To learn more, see House of Hawthornes’ lesson.

    Assemble a Calm Dream Catcher

    While dream catchers may not appeal to all teenagers, they remain popular. This dream catcher technique from A Crafty Mix is simple to follow and allows for plenty of artistic expression and color variation. Enjoy your time with it!

    Create Something Deserving of a Gift

    Making a bath scrub with a teen is one thing; creating a bath scrub that resembles a fantasy unicorn is quite another. Any teen could easily join on board and create these adorable scrubs as gifts for all their buddies.

    Develop Weaving Skills Creating a Throw Rug

    Simple weaving kits are sold to children and tweens so they can create small items such as jewelry. If your child enjoyed loom kits as a child, they are likely to enjoy this more challenging craft as a teenager. 

    Simple Frames with Vibrant Patterns

    If you’re looking for fun and functional adolescent DIY DIY projects for teens, pick up some inexpensive frames and paint them to your heart’s delight. Visit Elise Engh Studios’ guide to learn how she transformed these frames into something more joyful.

    Diy Projects For 12 Year Olds

    A Pompom-Adorned Keychain

    For this pompom keychain, you might want to invest in a pair of pliers. It will be their responsibility to cut the chain and close the jump ring.

    Insta-Worthy Coasters

    Begin with applying Mod Podge to your ceramic tiles and then attaching your printed Instagram photo on top. Apply a tiny layer of Mod Podge to the images to help seal them in and protect the surface. After the coasters have dried, please treat them with a sealer and add felt pads to the bottoms.

    Marbled Clay Ring Dish

    To begin, roll little bits of oven-bake clay into one huge piece. Roll the clay flat and carve out a circle using a round object as a pattern after combining all colors. Set it in a bowl after that, allowing the center to sink into the deepest portion of the dish.

    Bake the clay in the oven for 15 minutes once you’re happy with the shape. Allow the bowl to cool completely before applying a gleaming gold tint to the rim.

    A Duct-Tape-Made Purse

    The key to constructing this duct tape purse properly is cutting equal lengths of duct tape strips before starting the DIY projects for teens. You’ll have all of your resources on hand and won’t have to keep cutting strips every time.

    Convertible Necklace-to-Headband

    My obsession with dual-purpose things is well-known among my friends, which is why this necklace headband is a true gem, in my opinion. To begin, use needle tip pliers to bend the jump ring.

    Insert your hair tie once it’s open, and then close it carefully to keep it from slipping. Finally, open the lobster clasp on the opposite end of the necklace and insert the hair tie-in.

    Faux Leather Bow Keychains

    Don’t forget to use strong glue to secure these leather bow keychains. It will be utilized to bind the bow as well as to attach the centerpiece to it.

    Knotted Pillow

    Seeing this knot cushion as a pretzel is a key to mastering it. To rapidly finish this DIY, take note of the weaving and knots on a pretzel.

    Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher 

    Keep in mind that this crescent moon dreamcatcher will require a long piece of string. After all, snipping the excess thread is significantly easier than unwinding and reworking the dreamcatcher’s shape.

    Faux Crystals

    You might wish to make some of your imitation crystals because they’re so lovely! Start by looking for jagged rocks. The more mysterious the shape, the better.

    Emoji Pouches

    Do your kids ever give you texts in complete emoji form? Then I’m confident they’ll enjoy these do-it-yourself DIY projects for teens.

    While the focus of this post is on one emoji, you are free to create different emoji faces. This is a good time to enlist the help of your kids.

    Elbow Patches You Can Make Yourself

    One technique to obtain a preppy, trendy look is to use elbow patches! Your teenagers will have a gorgeous sweater to display in their Instagram OOTDs if you can trim the patches into a heart shape.

    Succulents on a Cork Board

    This is my little do-it-yourself DIY project for teens for all the wine corks I’ve collected over the years. Remove the cork and use a magnet to secure it.

    Finally, fill the hollowed-out cork with a pinch of dirt and a succulent. That’s all there is to it!

    Duct Tape Sheets

    One of the most successful techniques I’ve learned for making duct tape sheets is using large duct tape rolls. You’ll have a larger work surface and won’t have to overlap as much duct tape this way.

    – Ice Cream Painted Pots – Pots may be painted in a variety of imaginative ways, and your adolescents will enjoy not just painting them but also planting their flowers. Additionally, these make excellent teacher gifts!

    DIY Projects – Donut-Scented Soap

    Donut Scented Soap – Any scented soap would be enjoyable to make, but donuts are quite popular right now for some reason!

    Teenage Girl Diy Crafts For Teens

    Lavender Sugar Scrub Made At Home

    Lavender Sugar Scrub – Teens crave pampering but are on a budget. 

    Mouse Pad With Pom Poms

    Pom Mouse Pad – Create a colorful and distinctive DIY mouse pad for their desk space.

    Chunky Arm Knit Throw – Teens adore large blankets, which they can easily create with this simple DIY method.

    Wall Hanging Made Of Bohemian Yarn

    Boho Yarn Wall Hanging – Vintage is making a comeback, and teenagers are more in love with it than ever. They’re going to love these fantastic yarn wall hangings.

    Mirror Frame Made From An Egg Carton

    Egg Carton Flower Mirror Frame – This fun flower frame DIY project for teens can help your teen glam up their room.

    Make Your Bath Bombs – Another approach to make your teen feel pampered at home. Make your bath bombs!

    Earrings With Tassels 

    Earrings with Summer Tassels – Teens adore accessories, and this simple guide will teach them how to create their own.

    Wall Art With Folded Foil Letters

    Gold Foil Letter Art – A simple and inexpensive way to dress up their room. They can create their name, initials, or simply a humorous phrase.

    Headbands With Tie-dye

    Make Your Tie-Dyed Headbands – Tie-dye apparel is quite popular among teenagers and tweens. These headbands are an excellent addition to their wardrobe.

    Bracelet with a Chinese ladder

    Chinese Ladder Friendship Bracelet – Friendship bracelets have existed for a long period, but these modern variants are even better.

    Pineapple Candle Made At Home

    Do-It-Yourself Pineapple Candles – Making your candle is an excellent activity for days for teens, and they will adore the summer aroma of pineapple.

    Make Your Flower Lights

    Cupcake Flower Lights – Teens adore room décor. These enjoyable DIY projects for teens are an excellent method to do so.

    Pom Pom Wall Hanging – If they need further inspiration for decorating their room, this pom pom wall hanging is a perfect option.

    Mug With A Sharpie

    Simple Dotted Sharpie Mug – Encourage them to create their mug and one for a buddy as well.

    Faux Crystals Made At Home

    DIY Faux Crystals – These one-of-a-kind crystals are the perfect addition to any adolescent or tween’s room.

    Creating Your Tassel

    Tissue Paper Tassel Garland – Tissue paper tassel garland is a new trend that you will notice in many settings. Now your adolescent can create their own.


    One of the best things about crafts is that they offer a great way to express yourself and let your creativity flow. There are so many different types of crafts you can do, from sewing to painting, making jewelry or even just building something out of natural materials. Whether it’s a rainy day, the weekend, or just because, we know how important crafting is to our happiness and well-being! We hope this list has given you some ideas for new projects! Happy crafting! And if you’re looking for more craft inspiration, make sure to subscribe to our blog (via email) so that you never miss an article again. Thanks for reading – until next time!

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