Does Play-Doh Still Exist

Does Play-Doh Still Exist?

Does Play-Doh Still Exist? Yes, Play-Doh is still being made. It was first manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1933. The non-toxic modeling clay was originally marketed to schools as a way to teach children about art and color. It’s now made by Hasbro and is available in more than 50 colors.

Play-doh is one of the most engaging and beneficial toy for children’s art and craft activities. It helps children in fine motor development and enhances their sensational experience.

To sum up Does Play-Doh Still Exist?

Play-Doh is still around and more popular than ever. It’s been revamped as a learning tool for children, but it still has the same appeal as when we were kids. We hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past and if you did, please let us know in the comments if you like this article about Does Play-Doh Still Exist? We have plenty of other articles like this one that we think you’ll enjoy.

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