Easter Crafts For Kids

Easter Crafts For Kids: Fun Ideas Your Children Will Love


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    Easter is a fun time for kids. They get to hunt for Easter eggs and eat chocolate. But what about Easter crafts? Check out these fun Easter crafts for kids that they will love.

    Easter Crafts For Kids

    Spring has sprung, which means there are bunnies, chickens, and eggs all over the place! The Easter Bunny is intended to be at least five feet tall, and the footprints were too small to believe.

    As a child, did you imagine the Easter Bunny as a human-sized character? Do you see it? Keep reading this article because you’ll have to explore fantastic Easter Craft ideas for kids!

    Fantastic Easter Craft Ideas For Kids

    Easter is a time for fellowship, enjoyment, and crafts. If you’re seeking some Easter craft ideas for kids, check out these ideas.

    Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream

    With shaving cream, create a dozen marbleized Easter eggs for your family! Because it is colorful, exciting, and interactive, this immersive Easter craft idea for toddlers is great for them. Would you like the eggs to be fine to consume? Shaving cream can be substituted with pre-whipped cream from a jar.

    Easy Easter Craft Basket with a Unicorn

    This Handcrafted unicorn Easter basket is nothing short of spectacular! Utilize felt, thread, and stickers to fashion your very own unicorn Easter basket. Decorate the top of your final basket with brightly colored pom-poms that you manufactured yourself.

    Bunny Garland with Pom-Poms

    This easy DIY Easter Crafts For Kids project makes an Easter garland out of old manila envelopes and scrapbooking scraps. Large pom-poms are transformed into bunny faces mounted on a variety of bright colors and designs.

    Washi Tape Eggs are a fun way to decorate eggs.

    It’s fashionable to use washi tape these days, and it completely transforms these gorgeous no-dye Easter eggs. If you or your children don’t yet have washi tape all-around home, it is readily available at most craft stores and online retailers. Fold it all around hard-boiled eggs. Wrap the white with floral or glittering washi tape to make it more interesting.

    Easter Eggs with a Marbled Design

    This year, don’t rely on a retail location kit: All of the materials for these stunning Craft marbled Easter eggs may be found in your cupboard or refrigerator. Discard the water & vinegar combination and add food coloring to hard-boiled eggs to make them a solid color. Then, re-dip the eggs in another mixture of water, food coloring, and vegetable oil to make them reliable. In this way, you can create a beautiful marble impression by the abrasion of the water and oil, and it is really simple to create.

    Bunnies Made of Paper Cups

    A swarm of bunnies will be jumping all over the Easter brunch table this year. Arrange Rabbit faces made of colored cardboard around simple paper party cups as the foundation for the bunny faces. With the addition of little pink noses, you can end up in this paper cup bunny.

    Dyed Easter Eggs

    Prepare for a diverse wide age range at your Easter dinner by ensuring something to please everyone in attendance. Children of all ages can participate in Easter Crafts For Kids such as coloring eggs and constructing bunny masks. Still, preschoolers and other little children might have had more fun using our free Easter coloring pages and exercise sheets. Assemble a craft station using our free printables, and don’t forget to stock it with colored pencils and crayons.

    Easter Eggs in the Shape of Cactus

    You can transform normal porcelain eggs into imitation cactuses with just a few coats of green paint and a few hot pink tissue paper blooms. To finish the appearance, use black or white paint markers/pens to add embellishments to the eggs before placing them on a bed of light raffia in tiny terra-cotta pots.

    Eggs made using baking soda and vinegar.

    In this project, you won’t find the usual experiments. Did you know you can dye Easter eggs baking soda using the same method to create a volcanic eruption of baking soda and vinegar? To achieve a vibrant tie-dye pattern on the eggs, all you need to do is coat them with baking soda and gel food coloring, then slowly pour vinegar over the top.

    Felt Eggs with a Surprise Inside

    A tasty treat awaits inside these felt Easter eggs. You can construct Eggs filled with chocolate, jelly beans, or confetti using felt and parchment paper. Prepare one surprise-inside egg for each place setting if you’re hosting an Easter brunch.

    Coffee filtered Easter Eggs.

    With the help of this bright Easter activity for kids, you can completely transform your windows. Using coffee filters, you can hang these Easter eggs on glass doors and windows to add a festive flair to the holiday. Oval-shaped coffee filters can be made by ironing them flat and cutting them into ovals. Fold the papers in half and let the children color the edges with diluted watercolors. To get the hue you want, keep adding water. Kids of all ages will enjoy making this simple Easter activity.

    An Egg with a Chick Inside

    However, this Easter Crafts For Kids is sure to be a lot of fun! Two yellow pom-poms will do for a chick. You can use Felt and fabric paint to create the face. Fill a pre-inflated balloon halfway with the babe. Cooking sprays the balloon after its inflation. Wrap the inflated balloon in a colorful string that you’ve recently coated in the adhesive. Pop the balloon once the line has dried to remove it.

    An Egg-Bunny Art Project

    These bunnies are great for older kids to make! Tape Plastic eggs can shut with double-sided tape. Wrap the egg completely in white yarn, beginning at the very top and working your way down. Insert the tail end. Use a black marker to add dots on the egg’s eyes for the ears, feet, and eyes. You can add Whiskers to an egg by gluing a fishing line to the egg’s surface. Attach a little pink pom-pom-pom for the nose and tail with hot glue.

    Balloons in the shape of Easter Eggs

    Fill a closet or wardrobe the night before Easter with helium-filled balloons for a delightful Easter surprise for your children. Inflate several pastel latex balloons. Incorporate stripes and dots with various brilliantly colored paints before letting them dry.

    Craft for Bunny Ears

    Help your youngsters cut out ears from stiff white felt to make these adorable Easter rabbit ears. Use adhesive to adhere to the pink felt inner ears. Attach the ears to the headband with a thin line of hot glue and keep them in place while they dry.

    Basket of Carrots

    Normally, carrots aren’t loaded with candy, but we’ll make an exception for Easter. You can make these DIY carrot baskets in no time and use them as candy holders. Including chocolate Easter eggs and paper, the handle is a good idea!

    Easter Egg Art Using Paint Chips

    With a few free paint-chip samples from your local home improvement store, you can create this beautiful Easter artwork. Children may select colors and then cut them out in the desired shape using our free egg and bunny templates. Adhesive foam dots can adhere the paint-chip eggs to a 12 by 12-inch scrapbook paper. To make a DIY Easter decoration, frame the paper.

    Fluff for Easter that you make yourself

    It’s time to unleash your inner chef for this fun Easter craft for kids! Make an Easter dish by mixing pudding, marshmallows, and fruit and serving it up. Make marshmallow Easter fluff bowls with the kids’ help, and then decorate them with a sweet bunny.

    Nest of paper strips

    It’s time to repurpose! Use Shredded paper to make beautiful nests instead of just throwing them away. Scrapbooking paper in bright colors or patterns might liven up your shredded paper if the majority of it is plain and monotonous white. Make a little ball out of them. In the center, place a monogrammed sticker-decorated egg.

    Painted Eggs for Easter

    To achieve a stunning outcome, you don’t need to paint everything exactly as it should be. Allow your children to choose paint colors to mix and apply to eggs after laying down a drop cloth or vinyl tablecloth. Make a statement with your ombré-effect eggs.

    Bunch of Pipe Cleaners

    Pom-pom tails rapidly transform hard-boiled eggs into adorable bunnies. To make a bunny tail, attach a bright pom-pom with hot glue. Make ears out of pipe cleaner by twisting the ends together and wrapping the egg in the pipe cleaner. The face should be drawn with a fine permanent marker.

    Easter Eggs with a Graphic Pattern

    These lovely Easter eggs are easy to make. Colored dot stickers and washi tape can be used to create designs. It’s so easy that even tiny kids can get the hang of it! Cute Easter eggs that don’t require any dyeing.

    Figures of Lambs in Light Bulb

    Create adorable lambs out of discarded light bulbs. Let a white lightbulb dry once you’ve painted it. Incorporate a pink face, then add black and white paint to other characteristics. The white yarn is wrapped around a metal screw top to make a sheep’s hat, and you can decorate the feet with black pom-poms. Let your children adorn their lambs with glitter or paint if they choose.

    Napkin Rings Made with Paper Easter Eggs

    Paper “grass” fringe is a fascinating way to play with fringe. Easter egg napkin rings and cutout Easter eggs are both enjoyable and easy projects for youngsters to do at this time of year.

    Sprouting Containers Wrapped with Fabric

    Wrap the fabric around the metal pail, allow extra material on all edges, and then trim it to determine how much you’ll need. Make holes for the handles. To achieve a clean finish, fold under all of the edges. In a pail, spread Mod Podge on top of decoupage medium, then add a piece of trimmed cloth on top. Top up the fabric with a second layer of decoupage medium. Let it dry out completely.

    Decor for Easter

    Draw facial characteristics on one half of a plastic egg using dimensional paint; let dry. Decorate the eggs with felt bunny ears, bird wings, and beaks. You can adorn the tails of the bunnies with white pom-poms. Bend the ends of a piece of wire into small loops to form feet for the plastic eggs by inserting them through the bottom holes. Cut the thread or yarn to the required length for the garland. A needle and thread are needed to attach the pom-poms, buttons, and birds or bunnies that you’ve made.

    Parade of Easter Eggs

    Become a mode of travel! Make an automobile, a boat, or a hot air balloon out of blown-up eggs.

    Build a vehicle: Insert a pushpin to make a hole in the center of a blown-out egg. Cut out felt circles for the wheels and headlights, and felt strips for the carrot’s leaves; glue them together.

    Create a sailboat by piercing a blown-out egg with a pushpin. To complete the sail, attach a wooden skewer to the egg’s interior using hot glue. Cut out blue felt waves for the egg and place them around the rim.

    The balloon is ready: Hot-glue four wooden skewers to a paper egg carton for the ropes of the balloon basket. Hot glue the four skewers together, sandwiching an egg in the middle. To hide the spots where the skewers are attached to the egg, adhere to a thin strip of felt around the outside of it.

    Critters in Easter Eggs

    Have a wonderful Easter with an ocean full of sea critters! Dye felt pieces and a marker is all that’s needed to create these charming Easter eggs. If you’re making this Easter craft for preschoolers, cut the supplies ahead of time.

    Intricately embroidered egg garlands

    This simple Easter Crafts For Kids embroidery-floss Easter egg garland is a great way to get the whole family involved in the holiday spirit. Coil the embroidery floss into a dish of stiffener mixture (we used 1 cup of liquid starch combined with 1/2 cup of flour). If you want to use more than one color of floss, inflate a water balloon to the size of your egg and wrap the floss around it. After a few hours of drying time, pop the balloon to reveal your prized egg. Tie another strand of floss to the top of each egg and use it to hang the eggs.

    Do-It-Yourself Easter Eggs

    All you need for a personalized Easter basket is one sheet of scrapbooking paper. Fold the paper in half from the short to the long sides. Cut small slits along the folds on each side of the folds after unfolding the sheet. Glue the basket’s sides together to hold them in place. It’s time to do it all over again! Use a brad fastener to attach a narrow strip of paper to either side to make a handle.

    People in Easter Eggs

    Bring the whole family together to put on a festive Easter display! Cut out details such as a hair bow, a tie, collars, and buttons from decorative craft paper. Decorate blown-out eggs with them—paper strips wrapped around a pencil work well for curly hair. Cement Egg cup bottoms together to resemble shoes, and add googly eyes for the final touch.

    Easter Eggs with Critters

    For a creative twist on the traditional one-color Easter egg design, paint your kids’ favorite animals on the eggs. Stick to simple shapes and contours, but don’t add vibrant colors to make the project more enjoyable. During the annual Easter egg hunt, the little ones will blast looking for these deep eggs.

    Garlands of Marbled Eggs

    you can cut Eggs out of the poster board. Please choose a color and use a paintbrush to splatter it on the paper. A toothpick can create a marble look by swirling the paint around the surface.

    Decorated Egg Carton Birds

    Egg cartons and plastic eggs can be turned into peeping birds to decorate flower pots. Put a fresh coat of paint on egg carton cups and wooden dowels and allow them to dry before using. Each dowel should be glued to the back of the egg cup, and a plastic egg should be glued inside each one. Each bird’s back should be adorned with a matching feather, and a golden or yellow egg cup corner can serve as the bird’s beak.

    Chick Place Cards for Hatched Chick

    Make these adorable Easter chick place cards with only a little bit of cutting and folding. Cut a 4-inch by 12-inch strip half lengthwise using sturdy scrapbook paper or cardstock. To the front of the strip, attach a tiny piece of paper with tape. Tape the chick and eggshell motifs to the place cards after cutting them out in complementing colors. Write each guest’s name down below the chick using a pen or marker.

    Door Décor with Jelly Beans

    Determine which colors of jelly beans are safe to eat before beginning the activity. Get to work on your project and enjoy your munchies! Make a letter out of wood or paper-mache that matches the color of most of your jelly beans. The letter can now be finished by simply gluing on the jelly beans and allowing them to dry. Create a hanging loop by hot-gluing a ribbon to the back and hanging it on your front door. Before turning, spray the ornament with a clear-coat finish and allow it to cure completely.

    The Floral Fliers.

    Crafting in the great outdoors is a terrific way to celebrate spring. With the help of your kids, you’ll be able to find the ideal leaves and flower petals to make lovely natural butterflies. The best part is that you won’t need to buy anything!

    Napkin Rings with Bottle Cap Chicks

    Napkin rings like these are a surefire way to get kids excited about helping set the Easter table. To produce, use yellow acrylic paint and allow it to dry completely. Add eyes with a black paint marker and an orange triangle for the beak with a piece of paper. Glue the chick to a 4 1/2-inch wide ribbon and attach it with a yellow feather on the back of the bottle cap. Attach a second tiny ribbon to the back to secure the napkin ring.

    Easter Hard-boiled Egg

    With the help of some Easter Eggs, you may have some fun with letters. It’s time to make this year’s Easter egg search a word-jumble. Dot the hard-boiled eggs with alphabet stickers or decals and then color them. Once you’ve removed the stickers, the personalized Easter eggs will be revealed. You can use Eggs to spell out how many words.

    Cupcakes with a Flower Power Punch

    Make these bright and cheery candy cups for kids out of store-bought cups and scrapbook paper. This Easter activity may easily be turned into place markers with the addition of leaf-shaped nametags.

    Masks of the Easter Bunny

    Easter bunny may be found just about everywhere! These charming Craft bunny masks may be produced in any hue, allowing each child to have their personal preference. Make use of these as picture props for your Easter shots this year.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best way to make a handprint rabbit?

    Begin by painting the entire hand of the youngster with white color, except the thumb. While pressing down to form bunny ears, instruct them to bring their pinky and ring fingers together, as well as their pointer and finger around each other. Make the bunny’s ears and nose pink by painting them pink paint. After it has dried, use the black sharpie to sketch a rabbit’s face on it.

    How do you manufacture a wreath for Easter?

    Making an Easter wreath is as follows: Slice a piece of colorful tissue paper into 1/4 & 3/8 thick strips. Smaller Styrofoam eggs require thinner strips, whereas larger eggs require thicker strands of glue stick. Tissue paper should be wrapped around the egg in a long, horizontally ribbon and then adhered to the top. Once the egg is covered, keep going until it’s done.

    How can you create a three-dimensional paper egg?

    Using scissors, cut every egg out, and flip it in half vertically with the reverse side facing out. Make a three-dimensional look by adhering the backs of two eggs together with tape or adhesive. To save time, we utilized double-sided adhesive tape.

    Wrapping up Easter Crafts For Kids

    We aim to enrich your life full of happiness and enjoyment, especially on events like Easter. Therefore, we have made a list for you that contains many Easy Easter craft ideas for your kids. Try any of these fun ideas and have a lot of fun at home!

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