Easy Arctic Fox (Winter Crafts For Adults)


Today we are sharing Winter Crafts For Adults: Easy Arctic Fox & Sparkly Icicle. It is definitely fun to play in the snow, but there are days when you are stuck indoors, and what better way to have fun than with a crafty session.

We have plenty of winter crafts for children to do, from simple ideas perfect for toddlers and preschool-aged children to more complex crafts for older children.

Many of these crafts, double as cute winter decor for your home, letting you bring a bit of personality to your home – and on a budget!

Paper Plate Easy Arctic Fox

We recently watched a show about Arctic animals and my children found the Arctic fox adorable. We decided it would be fun to turn it into a craft so we set up this Paper Plate Arctic Fox Craft. If your kids love arctic animals.

What you need

  • paper plate
  • scissors
  • white tissue paper
  • white cardstock paper
  • 2 wiggly eyes
  • black pom
  • glue

Instructions (step by step)

First, cut your piece of paper in half. Fold the corners of one of the paper plate halves inward towards the center of the plate to create a triangular shape. Staple the pieces up on the back.

Put your stapler inside the triangular shape and staple it onto your other paper plate.

Add some glue to your paper plates and cover them with tissue paper. Cut all stick ends.

Stick your large googly-eyes and dark pom on your fox face.

Cut 2 triangular ears, 4 legs, and a white cardboard paper tail. Glue them on your paper plate Arctic Fox craft.

He’s become a real cutie! You could also turn that into a regular fox craft by adding orange tissue paper to the fox instead of white.

Stunning Sparkly Icicle

We are just starting to get our first winter frost, which is so exciting! Seeing puddles of ice water, frost on windows and hanging ice is always fascinating for children.

This Sparkly Icicle Craft is a wonderful way to bring the beauty and magic of winter straight into the house or classroom!

What you need

  • Aluminum Foil
  • Silver Cord
  • White Glue
  • Blue Glitter

Instructions (step by step)

To make a sparkling ice cube, start by cutting or ripping a piece of aluminum foil a few inches longer than you want your ice cube to be. Then remove the bottom corners to give a blunt triangle.

With the shiny aluminum foil down bend on top a few centimeters from the flat edge.

Cut a section of the silver cord, tie it into a loop and glue it to one end of the bent aluminum sheet so it protrudes from the top. I use UHU glue for this little glue so it dries quickly. You can also use sticky tape if you prefer.

To make the shape of your sparkling icicles roll freely the aluminum foil up in width, starting at the end with the hanging thread attached.

When you have a roll of aluminum foil gently squeeze along its length to make the shape of your icicle craft.

Once you are satisfied with the shape of your homemade icicles, you can start applying a shimmery glossy layer.

When your icicles have their glue, you can then sprinkle over the color of the glitter of your choice. I do this on a paper plate because it saves the glitter from going everywhere!

Once the glue has dried finish your sparkling icicle craft by shaking loose glitter and hanging them on display. You make them look fabulous!

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