Fall Crafts For Toddlers With Leaves

Leaf Art Ideas: the Best Fall Crafts For Toddlers With Leaves

Fall crafts for toddlers with leaves 

Behind the window, autumn has come and everyone around is starting to hide with beautiful multi-colored fallen leaves. And while the rain doesn’t change this beauty in wet mush – it’s time to get creative like fall crafts for toddlers with leaves! Especially if your baby is at the park or home with the task of making a stand on a fall theme.

The changes of the season always allow us to take them to make new plans, new activities and set new goals. But in addition to inspiring us to start something new or different, they also give us different elements and colors. In the case of autumn, which is one of my favorite times of the year, the leaves of the trees change colors and that air of change from the pre-winter season begins to be felt, surrounding us with the warmest and most welcoming tones such as yellow. , orange, ocher, and coffee.

The variety of fall colors and the abundance of free natural materials leaves and twigs are the best reasons to make crafts and souvenirs. Toddlers will love the idea of ​​going to the forest with you or taking a walk around the park. Bring a basket or large bag to collect natural materials with you. 

This would make a beautiful leaf craft for school or kindergarten. Shared creativity will bring you closer to your children, and fall crafts for toddlers with leaves will add a little more warmth to your home.

Benefits of crafts in toddlers

They are those that are directly related to brain activity without us being aware that we are using our abilities. We can highlight benefits:

  • Helps concentration.

Practicing crafts in children favors concentration without them noticing. When they “get down to business”, the little ones put their full attention on the craft they are developing.

  • Improve planning.

Performing fall crafts for toddlers with leaves step by step we accustom the little ones to divide into stages and plan the craft that they are going to make. This will help them finish and carry it out in an orderly manner.

  • Contributes to problem-solving.

While practicing fall crafts for toddlers with leaves will surely come across some kind of problem. You will see how inadvertently they find solutions too many of them, gaining confidence in themselves.

  • Boost creativity.

It can be said that creativity is like a plant, if you take care of it regularly and water it, the plant will grow and bear fruit. Creativity is worked and if it is from a very young age better than better. Doing crafts, solving problems that arise, thinking about what to create, or how to decorate your craft helps children to stimulate their creativity.

  • Improves confidence.

One of the benefits of the crafts that we like the most. Confidence is also empowered and works. As you make a craft and you see that it takes shape, the little ones gain confidence and are encouraged to investigate or practice other crafts.

  • Encourages affection.

Toddlers’ crafts are a good excuse to spend time with the family. Help your girl or boy in his project; think together what craft to do, create a gift to give. All this helps to establish and strengthen emotional ties with your children. On the other hand, creating their toys, cards… will help them feel better about themselves.

What can kids do with autumn leaves?

Before making a fall crafts for toddlers with leaves, you need to prepare as many bright and colorful leaves as possible. You can use other plant parts, such as flower petals, buds, flowers, and even whole plants. The child will be interested if you are looking for materials for future DIY crafts together. 

Collect enough brightly colored leaves and dry them under pressure at room temperature. With an iron, you can use a proven method and iron the leaves. Most often, the herbarium for a kindergarten or school is placed in an ordinary sketchbook or on a separate sheet of thick white paper. 

 How to dry leaves for crafts:

  • Iron drying.

Leaves and many small flowers can be iron-dried. To do this, make natural materials on cardboard. Cover the top with a thin sheet of paper and iron with a non-hot iron until all the moisture has evaporated.

  • Natural drying.

Great for drying fall colors. In a dry place with good air circulation, fasten the rope. The collected flowers are folded in bunches and hung on a descending inflorescence cord.

  • Drying in the oven.

A great way to dry large single leaves to create fall crafts for toddlers with leaves. The temperature in the oven should not be too high – about 50-60 ° C. Follow the process carefully so that the flowers do not brown during drying and do not lose their shape.

What tools and materials can be useful for making leaves crafts?

  • Scissors.

Small scissors with a blunt tip for children and long sharp – for adults.

  • Office knife and pile.

With the help of a clerical knife, it will be easier to cut the multi-layered parts of the craft. A plastic stack is a great tool for the child with which he or she can cut individual leaves for application.

  • Awl.

For convenience, choose a tool with a wide wooden handle and a not too thick part of the piercing.

  • Long tweezers and tweezers.

Tweezers are convenient for moving small parts of the craft. Tweezers with a flat and twisted front end can be borrowed from the manicure set. With such a clamp it is very easy to twist product parts and wires.

  • Fine wire.

Often used to form the framework of crafts and toys from natural materials. For fastening individual parts, it is desirable to use flexible and durable copper wire with a diameter of 0.35 mm.

  • Roll and roll paper.

For decoration of leaves crafts, for applications and collages.

  • Needle and sewing thread.

For the connection of individual pieces of crafts, for the formation of bouquets of leaves and dried flowers.

  • Paper.

The more types of paper (different in color, density, thickness), the better. For the manufacture of crafts, applications, garlands, panels, and wall compositions from natural materials, you can use corrugated paper, wallpaper, velvet, parchment, landscape, wrapping, copy, and other types of paper.

  • Plastic (polymer clay).

For fastening, as well as for sculpting individual parts, complimentary products from leaves, dried flowers. Working with clay and polymer clay can help your child.

  • Clay.

At work, most different brands of glue can be useful. The safest option for use in child labor is glue. For gluing each craft piece, a brush with a hard pile will be useful;

  • Paints and brushes.

For making applications and collages – watercolor and gouache paint. For coloring bulk crafts from autumn leaves and dried flowers – acrylic paints. It is easiest to paint with soft tufts of squirrels.

What can we make of leaves?

As food or as food wrappers leaves may have been widely used. But did you know that leaves can also be used as a medium to train children’s creativity? From the leaves that are in the environment around you. You can create cute and unique works of art for children’s learning media. 

Make fall crafts for toddlers with leaves from natural materials you can from anything. These may be appliques or interesting figures. Introducing a unique step-by-step master class – how to make leaves crafts with your own hands with a photo. To get fully into autumn and enjoy the beautiful and soft range of colors that it offers us. We propose beautiful and easy leaves crafts to do with toddlers. Well, here are handicrafts made from leaves. 

  • Make bird and their chicks
  • Become an insect
  •  Autumn crown

In the activity of fall crafts for toddlers with leaves collected some leaves from the garden, we are also able to make a beautiful autumn crown to hang both on the doorstep and indoors n. This video explains how simple it is: you just need a sheet, cardboard, and a little tail. And for the toddlers, it’s great fun! Young children will also enjoy the satisfaction of seeing how something for them decorates the home.

  • Autumn tree with leaves

We can create a beautiful autumn foliage tree with pictures of leaves and shades that will delight children. All you have to do is buy a tree structure (for the most ingenious you are advised to do it yourself) and stick the sheets in the color and shape you want.

  • Leaf and flower decoration.

Use your imagination with your child, as well as paper and glue, to make leaf and flower appliques. Take a walk together and look for leaves and flowers that will remind you of something in form. Missing details can be drawn with colored pencils or felt-tip pens.

  • Composition of dried leaves and flowers

Everyone knows about a simple way to dry the flowers and leaves of plants – put them under pressure, for example, under a thick pile of books. From dried flowers, you can make whole compositions; decorate them with homemade cards, bookmarks. 

Final words

You see that crafts for toddlers with leaves are a good way to contribute to our children’s physical and mental development. This can be done almost anywhere and at any time of the day and a good way to have them entertained creating and playing.

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