Fall Designs

85 Simple Fall Designs That Are Easy To Make

There’s something about the arrival of autumn that inspires us to be more creative. Maybe it’s because we’ve spent the entire summer outside and are dying to go back to the craft table, or maybe it’s because the shorter evenings have us craving a super-soft quilt, a hot beverage, and some extremely chic mood lighting! In any case, the goal of this blog article is to get you ready for a crafty autumn ahead! We’ve compiled a list of simple Fall Designs for you to check out and try your hand at!

Autumn Wreath

You’re going to adore this stunning autumn wreath creation. Why? Not only can you make your own lovely Fall Designs deco mesh wreath… However, you can easily alter it up as the seasons change! The key is to attach your embellishments with wire rather than glue. When it’s time to transform your autumn craft for adults wreath into a Christmas wreath, simply unwrap it and change the colors of the ribbons and embellishments to match the season. Crafting has never been easier (or more enjoyable!)

Autumn Quilt

We can’t stop thinking about how we can spend more time curled up indoors under our favorite autumn craft for adults quilts now that the cold breezes and early evenings of autumn are starting to make an appearance as the summer months draw to a close. There’s no better way to enjoy Fall Designs Create & Craft exhibition than snuggled up under a nice and snuggly quilt with a hot beverage in hand and chocolates on hand! So what better time than now to get that autumn quilt project started? Create a lovely quilt to cozy up beneath by following the step-by-step instructions below! You could even make several and give them as Christmas gifts…

Fall Designs will keep you busy until the sun shines again in the spring!

Glass Jar with Light

This stunning glass jar ornament is perfect for brightening up a dark nook or bringing extra illumination to an early fall evening. It’s fun to make and a simple Fall Designs project, as well as absolutely gorgeous to put on display all year! Make several and use them to brighten up yard parties, place them on tables at large occasions like weddings, or simply lend a nice vibe to bedrooms and living spaces for cozy evenings in and rainy days.

Crochet Coasters in a Variety of Colors:

We think it’s only appropriate that as soon as Autumn arrives, we call your crafty attention to all things soft and warm – but soft and snug doesn’t have to be limited to fashion and blankets! You’ll adore these stunning crochet coasters whether you’re adept with a crochet hook (or even if you’re a complete beginner!). And what about the good news? They’re not only a beautiful way to bring a little comfort and colour to your home decor this autumn, but they’re also rather simple to build!

Girly Rustic DIY Fox Wall Art

At this time of year, have you considered adorning your walls with some autumnal decor? Check out this super cute wall art project from Kreative K that both kids and adults will enjoy! A book page, scrapbook and tissue paper, and a few other materials were used to create “Ms. Foxette.”

Fall Designs Facial at Home

I’ve always wanted to make my own cosmetic products, so this Hello Glow blog post about making homemade Fall Designs facial products piqued my interest. 

Cabled Chunky Cowl

In the United Kingdom, the weather has clearly changed. Why not make this lovely knitted cowl if you’re in need of something warm to wear? It appears to be a fun project, and Leelee Knits, the designer of the free pattern, claims that it will be easy to knit up!

Chrysanthemum Birthday Gift Wrapping in the Fall

It’s all in the details when it comes to a neatly wrapped gift. If you’re searching for a unique way to wrap your next gift, go no further than White House Crafts‘ autumn-inspired gift wrap. It’ll be a hit with your receiver!

Thanksgiving Wreath Fall Designs

I can’t express how much I’d love to have this lovely wreath on my front door — assuming I had a door worthy of such a wreath, that is. This wreath is created with a variety of silk flowers and a grapevine basic wreath. 

Autumn Oak Baby Booties

Consider these extremely gorgeous autumn-inspired baby booties from Hopeful Honey if you’re looking for a crochet project that’s suitable for a new little girl in your life. Olivia, the designer of the booties, has offered a free pattern.

Make Your Own Miyuki Bead Loom Cuff Bracelet

As you may know, I adore beads, and my favorite brand is Miyuki. I’d never made a bead loom bracelet before, so this technique from Petit Bout de Chou piqued my interest. For this project, Estelle has picked some gorgeous, warm colors that I think are ideal for Fall Designs.

Flower Pumpkin, Pressed

This charming craft can endure all season long if you use a synthetic pumpkin. To make, apply a small amount of Modge Podge to the pumpkin’s surface and delicately arrange a pressed leaf or flower on top with tweezers. Smooth out the petals of the flower/leaf with a paintbrush and a little Modge Podge. After the flowers and foliage have dried, apply another layer or two of Modge Podge to seal them. Allow for many hours of drying time for a complete cure.

Wreath of Painted Pine Cones

Once you’ve gathered enough pinecones from your yard, make a shimmering statement with Mod Podge and glitter.

Candles with a Dip Dye Finish

Dip regular taper candles in a bespoke blend of orange crayon shavings and melted candle wax for a unique Halloween light. Just wait for them to dry before lighting them.

Pumpkins with Pom Poms

Because carving pumpkins can be more bother than it’s worth, make your own colorful yarn replicas that will endure more than a season. 

Vase with a Pumpkin

Use this floral-meets-fall centerpiece if you have any dinner gatherings coming up. Fill with water and a colorful bouquet of blooms.

Stress Balls Made of Pumpkin

To make stress-relieving pumpkins, fill orange balloons with rice and sketch faces on them using a black Sharpie. A squeeze or two will assist both children and parents.

Soap made with Pumpkin Pie

If you want a sweet treat, stick to the edible variety, even though this creative craft looks delicious enough to eat.

Wreath of Faux Apples

It’ll add a final splash of color on your front entrance before the dark and orange of Halloween creep in.

Pumpkin with Polka Dots

Glue gold sequins to a plastic white pumpkin instead of a genuine one to ensure that you may enjoy this dazzling beauty all season.

Plants that are Dark in Color

Paint artificial plants and their pots a dark black color to match the season’s spookiness.

Mason Jars with Pumpkins

These pumpkin jars are both adorable and useful. It’s actually a win-win situation.

Jar of Candy

When you need a pick-me-up, reach for your favorite candy (clearly candy corn) in this hand-painted jar.

Fearful Pot

Isn’t this little guy adorable?! It also helps that he’s simple to create and will keep unwanted pests out of your home.

Acorn Crafts

Choose acorns from your own backyard to make your wall art or shelf display even more distinctive.

Cup for Apple Pencil

Paint has the capacity to transform an everyday object into something extraordinary, such as this apple pencil holder that your children (or their teacher) will adore.

Cake Topper made of Paper Leaves

Decorate your spice cake with DIY flora in the colors of your choice for a simple update.

Gourds with Beads

Blank gourds offer a lot of promise as a starting material. Add rhinestones to yours — genuine or faux — for a glitzy Fall Designs look.

Pumpkins with Glitter

Instead of going to the recycling bin, an empty toilet paper roll can be transformed into a sparkling, plump pumpkin.

Garland of Leaves

Hang fabric scraps in autumnal tones that have been neatly cut into the shape of leaves for a quick mantel makeover.

Acorns of Various Colors

Paint wayward acorns in bright colors and then coat them with glitter for a show-stopping finish. 

Pumpkin with Wine Corks

Make a pumpkin out of leftover wine corks by gluing them together in a pumpkin shape and painting the ends orange acrylic paint.

Leaves with Marbled Patterns

To make this kid-friendly activity, print leaf patterns onto cardstock and dip them into a marbleized shaving cream mixture.

Pumpkins with Patterns

Make pumpkins in a variety of colors and patterns, from chevron to gingham, to give the rustic look a modern twist.

Wreath of Leaves

This wreath’s artificial flora, snipped from patterned plaids and fluffy felt, will appear new year after year.

A centerpiece that was rescued

Say cheese, graters, graters, graters, graters, graters, graters, grat With the illumination of votive candles flashing through, salvaged shredders make a stunning table arrangement.

Wreath with Faux Foliage

Construct leaf-like shapes out of aluminum cans to make this seasonal wreath if you forget to save any falling leaves.

Wheat-wrapped Centerpiece

Stick a bundle of embroidery floss-wrapped wheat stalks in a clear glass vase for a vibrant centerpiece.

A Glistening Pumpkin Display

These sparkly pumpkins are exquisite when displayed on a sleek, white plate, proving that a mason jar lid can be just as artistic.

Mobile Foliage

This mobile is designed to look like flying foliage, yet it doesn’t require any raking.

Chalkboard with pumpkins

This pumpkin blackboard would look just as charming on your fridge as it would in your teenager’s locker. So you’ll have to make two?

Garland of Paper Leaves

Use crepe paper and floral wire to make a colorful garland. Then drape it over your mantle, windows, or doorway to complete the look.

Napkin Rings with Buckles

Napkin rings made from inexpensive buckles, ribbon, and fabric adhesive pay homage to the Pilgrims for Thanksgiving.

Pumpkins with a Country Flair

Make a bunch of bandana pumpkins with a few simple sewing skills if you’re feeling a little rustic this fall designs.

Bookmark with a Leaf

This simple activity is fantastic for kids, but it’s even better for parents because it encourages them to read.

Pumpkins made of Wood

When you paint orange wooden plaques from a craft store (cut to look like they came from a tree trunk), they become plump pumpkins.

Luminary of the Leaf

With a mason jar-turned-luminary, you can recreate the season’s radiance (starring a maple leaf cutout, of course).

Wreath Made of Felt

For a monochrome wreath with some great seasonal texture, choose yellow-orange felt.

Origami for the Seasons

The cutest form of origami we’ve ever seen is mini pumpkins in gorgeous fall hues.

Fabric Pumpkins with Patterns

What’s the key to these colorful, patterned pumpkins? Toilet paper with a variety of amusing designs (yes, really).

Pumpkins with Foliage

Turn your pumpkin into a canvas for nature’s warm and inviting colors to celebrate fall foliage.

Artwork of Candy Corn

Don’t bother with the sewing: To make this charming candy corn art, simply glue white, orange, and yellow buttons together.

Vases for Fall

Guests will be greeted with beautiful, hand-painted vases bearing the season’s name.

Votives with Punctures

Use these tin candle holders to spell out “thanks” for Thanksgiving, or other fall phrases like “autumn” or “boo” depending on when you wish to use them.

Pumpkins made of Wood

These wood trim corner blocks, which are commonly found around doorways, can simply be transformed into rustic pumpkins. Here’s some evidence.

Mason Jar Candles with Pumpkin Spice

With your own spice-infused fragrance oil, make your own pumpkin spice candles.

Pumpkins made with Yarn

With this inexpensive and simple craft, you can transform an ordinary ball of yarn into something more autumnal.

Candles made from Pumpkins

Use a genuine pumpkin as the vessel for your pumpkin-scented candles to take them to the next level.

Pumpkin Mason Jar Lid

Make a fake pumpkin by putting together a bunch of spray-painted canning lids and attaching a cinnamon stick “stem.” Bonus: It smells exactly like autumn craft for adults.

Candle Holder in a Mason Jar with Leaves

These mason jars-turned-candle holders, decoupaged with imitation leaves, will add fall flair to any mantel, bookshelf, or tablescape.

Straws made of Paper Pumpkins

These origami pumpkins are more environmentally friendly than plastic pumpkins and will spice up your fall beverages.

Leaf Crowns in the Fall

These charming animal crowns with ears created from leaves right from your backyard will be a hit with the kids to make (and wear!).

Napkins that have been dyed

Dye cloth napkins in colours of orange, yellow, and red to add a touch of fall to your table.

Bunting with Leaves

Use leftover book pages and crushed leaves in a variety of colors to make this festive bunting.

Napkins with a Leaf Stamp

Do you need a quick and personal hostess gift? Collect any fallen leaves and use them to create stamps on tea towels.

Streamer of Leaves

If you truly want to bring the outdoors in, use real fall foliage instead of the fake things in this lesson.

Favor Boxes with Chrysanthemums

On top of basic cardboard boxes, these paper mums add a sweet finishing touch.

Coasters in Plaid Flannel

Make a set of comfortable, fall-ready coasters out of an old flannel shirt or set of sheets.

Vases for Mini Pumpkins

This year, instead of carving your pumpkin, use it to make a natural vase for a floral arrangement.

Pumpkin Velvet

Velvet pumpkins are lovely, but they may be pricey. With some spare fabric and a styrofoam pumpkin, you can make your own.

Wreath of Fall Flowers

This harvest wreath may be made in five minutes with just eight huge dahlia blossoms.

Canning Rings are used to making metallic modern pumpkins.

These charming Fall Designs pumpkins are the perfect complement to your porch – they’re constructed from canning jar metal rings, so you can leave them outside without fear of rust. Leave them untreated or paint a few stripes to match the colors of your front door or siding. The perfect rustic finishing touch is a simple twist of twine.

Elegant Fall Pumpkin Wreath (DIY)

This DIY Fall Designs pumpkin wreath, which you can construct from inexpensive craft shop ingredients, can brighten up your front door. Paint the miniature pumpkins a couple coats of paint, tuck in your favorite artificial plants, and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind décor to use year after year. Underneath it all is a simple wooden embroidery hoop that’s light and pretty enough to be left unfinished.

Rustic Wood Harvest Sign is simple to build.

This harvest sign mixes rustic decor with a typographic design to create a versatile item that can be used both inside and out. The combination of wood grain and galvanized metal letters gives your fall decor just the right amount of country-chic flare. Choose a classy navy or a classic orange and red for your ribbon and pumpkin colors to match your seasonal theme.

Pumpkin Decor with Wood Beads in a Farmhouse Style

It’s all about texture and levels in this magnificent design, and this pumpkin delivers on both. It takes less than 30 minutes to put together and is made from dull strands of wooden beads strung on wire. The beads have a Scandinavian appeal when left unpainted, but they also look great with a coat of orange paint. For the perfect pop of color, add an artificial leaf.

Hand-Painted Wooden Post Pumpkins in a Variety of Colors

These wooden post pumpkins are perfect for those who adore pumpkins for fall but want something a little more modern. Because they’re created from a simple square post, you may adjust the height to your liking. With a few containers of weather-resistant paint on hand, you can create a fun afternoon craft project for yourself or your kids. An organic touch is added with a rough wooden “stem.”

Fall Felt Leaf Wreath with Bright Colors

Fall is all about color, and you can bring the hues of the changing leaves to your front door with this joyful wreath. This no-sew project requires cutting and gluing with whichever felt colors you have on hand. The natural hues of the vines make the leaves pop, and the textured wreath underneath provides a thrilling feeling of movement.

Autumn Wood Plank Pumpkins in a Rustic Style

Is there anything more evocative of a farmhouse than wooden planks? This adorable pumpkin project is a great way to use up any scrap boards you may have stashed in the garage. To finish the project, you’ll need a jigsaw, but the end result will last for years. You may either distress the pumpkin yourself or leave it outside to weather naturally.

Autumn Charm with a Bandana Wreath

This bandana wreath is hard to top when it comes to quick and easy tasks. The classic paisley motif adds an unexpected twist to your country-chic decor. What’s the best part? The color options are unlimited, allowing you to perfectly personalize this beauty. Use your hot glue gun to adhere to some artificial flowers or leaves for more fall flair.

Genuine Garland Dried Leaves are used to make this product.

With this adorably cute leaf garland, you can spruce up your porch without spending a dime. Simply thread the leaves and use them to highlight a railing on your front steps if you have some yarn and a yard full of fallen leaves. These garlands are also a great alternative to summer hanging plants. For a finished look, tie a ribbon bow around them.

DIY Yarn Pumpkin Craft for Kids

These DIY yarn pumpkins will get your kids in the mood for fall. Your children can participate if they can tie knots. Tuck your charming small pumpkins into a planter for a festive porch decoration, or hang them on a length of fishing line to make a colorful and inviting garland.

Mason Jar Candle Holders with a Leaf Stencil

You’ll admire these Mason jar holders if you enjoy the glow of a candle inside a pumpkin. To emphasize the flickering flame, they utilize a clever reverse-stencil process to create a leaf-shaped window. Milk paint gives the craft a wonderful softness, but you can use any colour that appeals to you. You don’t want to light a candle? For more texture and color, fill these jars with pebbles or candy.

Candy Corn Button Art is done by hand.

This enticing work of art is a fantastic way to use up any spare buttons in your sewing kit. The candy corn form is wonderful for Halloween, and the burlap back adds a classic fall feel. What’s the best part? There’s no need to sew the buttons on because they can be glued on.

Fall Decorations in Painted Mason Jars

Another great hobby to do with kids is to make these colorful Mason jars, which may be thought of as the fall counterpart of Easter eggs. Take a couple jars and some paint, and let your imagination run wild. Stripes and polka dots are a classic combo, but color blocking, lettering, and cheerful fall motifs like pumpkins and foliage are also enjoyable to play with.

A Flower-filled Pumpkin Basket

Transform the typical porch pumpkin into a basket for a fun, unexpected touch. The natural hue and organic shape of the twisted vines contrast beautifully with the orange of the pumpkin in this variation. Artificial flowers or dried leaves can be inserted into the hollowed-out basket, or the basket can be lined with plastic and filled with candy to be distributed to trick-or-treaters.

Pumpkin Wall Hanging Made of Wood Planks

To construct this lovely fall wall hanging (made by Jami Ray Vintage), all you need are a few pre-cut boards or scraps on hand. It is possible to construct a stenciled pumpkin even if you do not have artistic abilities because the whitewash-style paint brings out the beautiful wood grain. Your pals won’t believe it when you tell them you made the sign yourself!

DIY Clay Pumpkin Toppers for Pumpkin Jars

Allow your inner sculptor to shine with this pumpkin jar craft, which makes magnificent, one-of-a-kind creations using a unique foil and clay construction approach. Don’t stress about making a perfect artwork; half of the appeal is in the flaws.

Fall Plaster of Paris Shapes

Do you have any old fall decorations stashed away? Using plaster of Paris, repurpose them into a sleek, contemporary collection. Use imitation leaves and gourds, or go to the shop and get the genuine thing. With youngsters, the procedure is quick, simple, and enjoyable. These fall forms are quite clever if you leave the final result in its unpolished white state.

Gather and Feast Decorative Wooden Sign

As this rustic sign demonstrates, the mix of calligraphy and wood never goes out of style. Make it out of any scrap wood — you could even use driftwood or a huge branch for a more organic look. The phrase “Gather and Feast” is ideal for your dining area, but any combination of stimulating fall-related words will suffice.

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