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Why Family Fun Time Is Important (Kid Activities)

We all are busy completing daily urgent tasks related to jobs, running the household, or fulfilling other appointments and commitments. We should acknowledge that we do not spend quality family time activities at home with our kids and family. 

Some families solve this issue by taking a family holiday which allows them to get away from daily distractions and allow them to interact with each other properly and have a family fun time.

However, a slight change in daily routine can make a better difference to your family relationships. Specifically, your interaction with your kids can make your family time more cherishable.

Why Family Fun Time Is Important?

A happy family is the most precious asset and spending fun family time together creates a sense of belonging. We should make efforts in finding ways to spend time together as a family and create fun memories.

Family time is fun time that helps to build confidence, improves communication and emotional bond between family members, and reduces behavioral issues. These family activities provide opportunities to make memories built on fun, laughter, and togetherness.  

Family fun time is an important part of developing a strong family identity. When families have fun and spend family time activities, it helps to build a bond that can last a lifetime. Spending time with family helps busy parents to reconnect with their kids and creates happy memories both for kids and parents.

How Family Time Is Fun?

We make so much effort to provide a comfortable lifestyle to our family. It is also important to give proper time to our kids rather than providing them with the latest gadgets. Spending family time together and planning family time activities has serious benefits and it serves as an escape from deadlines and helps in building strong relationships. 

It brings the family together while maintaining fun just as you explore your family members’ interests. Family time removes you from the world of stress and automatically shifts you into a joy land while creating quality time with your family!

What Are The Best Fun Family Time Activities?

We have put together some fun family time ideas that you can do together as a family. Try a few of these ideas this week, you are going to be smiling, enjoying, and laughing making it a memorable activity. Families thrive at their best when spending regular family time together.

What Are Outdoor Family Time Activities?

Plan A Picnic

A chilling picnic on a sunny day is the best way for families to enjoy outdoor activities. First of all, it brings a smile to our faces and makes us active and engaged in activities all day like playing volleyball with our siblings and parents. A picnic is like a pinch of lunch and junk food in an open area like a small playland. The greenery that surrounds us relaxes us the most with the smell of our special treats and scrumptious sandwiches.

The foremost thing is to prepare a beautiful picnic basket, place all the snacks inside and have a great time at the park. Place in some yummy sandwiches, chips of your favorite flavors as kids adore them, and place a little health into your meal too! You can take fruits like apples and strawberries or oranges and watermelon which are quite juicy and will give more strength and nutrients to play with after the meal.

Grab a comfortable blanket that you can use to lay on the ground or make use of it as tablecloth for your picnic basket. Bring along some puzzles, sports goods, or coloring books to enjoy more like a family fun time. A giant board game can also be very enjoyable as all the family members get indulged in a strong and fun activity. Picnics can be a lot of fun!

Collect Leaves For Artwork

Leaves are a very natural and important part of all greenery sources and we enjoy playing with them! Go on a family walk to a park, enjoy nature, and on your way back, you can have a little leaf hunt, where whoever collects the most leaves wins and earns a treat (these leaves will be used), but do remember, you do not pluck out too many leaves! Now you will use these leaves for a family fun time activity!

Get a nice art canvas and grab your favorite colors of paints. Now, the entire family can begin painting on one side of the leaves and pasting them in a nice format on the canvas to form a great piece of artwork like a bouquet. Or you can also make creatures out of leaves with markers. Paint a leaf orange and with a marker, draw a fox. You can make crowns for each other with leaves! Enjoy such family time activities at home and explore more about arts!


As we all know, bowling is a lot of fun with the family! You can challenge one another and find out who is pro at it. These kinds of family time activities engage us in thinking and participating in challenges and also increase the fun with the family! Bowling is a very hard task, especially for kids as sometimes there are issues with handling speed and weight, however with the guideline of your parents, you can learn a lot. It is also very exciting to see who gets the highest score, as you are praying inside your heart for your victory!

Families who especially want to enjoy outdoor activities must prefer bowling! You can get ready for a night outing and move to a bowling club and enjoy yourself with family and reveal your hidden talents. Bowling can be a lot of fun with the family!

Water Slides to Turn Your Yard Into a Summer Oasis

For all kids, I understand, water playgrounds are loads of fun! But what about water slides in your yard and playing with families? Yes, that is more of joy! You can create your yard into a water joy land where you can play with your siblings and parents!

You can get plastic or rubber slides from stores at a reasonable price. Now fill the slides with water and you can add baby shampoo to make the slides more challenging. If you would like you can add water into a jumping castle and play in it with your family to enjoy more!

This activity is a lot of fun with water as you get a refresh with the fresh auras and relax. It becomes more family fun time with your siblings and parents!

Car Wash

Having a car wash day with your family is very cherishable indeed! This activity involves the entire family in cleaning and learning a life skill while making it a fun family time bonding experience and also getting your car cleaned!

Grab all the waste cloth materials from your house which are lying just useless and old. They can be your old ragged socks but you must clean them before use or just get some sponges and go-ahead to start the work. All the family members may bring out one basket of water, but make sure this water is not wasted a lot. Pour out soap on the car randomly and begin sweeping and scratching. You can play as well as all the soapy and foamy water will drain down on the floor, getting your feet cleansed also!

You can try soap hacks during this activity like blowing bubbles from towels and soap! Splash water on your siblings and play along and enjoy this car wash day!

Play In The Rain

Dancing in the rain is always a lot of fun; you can sing in the rain, play with water puddles and do a lot more! As the raindrops reach the ground they bring freshness to your mood and pleasant weather returns. You can enjoy yourself a lot with your family when it is raining. 

Firstly, you can do a challenging activity to see who can withstand raindrops the furthest. Stand still in a position and almost freeze while one of your siblings/ parents can check how much time you can remain still and another will try to make you laugh. After that, you can make cool videos dancing like a peacock in the rain and enjoy it a lot! You can make challenges like whoever completes tasks the earliest, will win a snack: take help from your parents to make plastic boats with useless plastic bags.

Race boats flowing in the rain puddles and whoever makes the boat reaches the finish line with a straw to blow inside the earliest moves to the second task. It can be to make a mud pie. Making the pie will promote the child to the final task which can be to make a painting with muddy water with a reference to an illustration. Winning this will give you your favorite snack. This can make family time more cherishable!

What Are Family Time Activities At Home?

Family Pizza Night

Pizzas are all of our favorite dinner meals; we love having it at late night feasts or even normal days with family. You can enjoy dinner time with a family pizza; just switch on an air conditioner to have a relaxing peaceful and temperate atmosphere, switch on the TV and put on your favorite TV show, and fetch cold drinks to fully enjoy.

Get all the materials prepared for your delicious pizzas and pre-cut all the toppings. Prepare olives, tomatoes, and the ingredients you like. All the family members can work together and do their topping according to their choice. Get the amount of cheese you want on your pizza and place it in the oven or your pizza machine and wait for your results. In no time, the yummy scent of the sumptuous meal will begin drifting in the air and make your tummy groan!

Enjoy your pizza night with your family!

Inside Camping

Camping is a lot of fun for most of us who love having adventures in life. But how about inside camping with the family? Yes, it is a great activity to enjoy a family fun time! You can grab a tent if you have or take 5 sticks and a huge shawl. Choose a good location indoors like your lawn!

Now insert four sticks into the ground and lay the shawl over and tie each corner to the sticks. But this way it is all flat so you can place a big stick in the middle to lift it and give support or just tie a rope on the outside of the shawl and tie the other end somewhere above so it stands up.

You can take some snacks of your choice and place them in one of the corners of the tent. Next, fetch some pillows and a sheet to place it on the ground in your lawn and a blanket in case it’s cold. This way the family will come closer and play games inside like, solving puzzles or monopoly! This is a very fun-filled activity and the entire family will adore it!

Tie & Dye

Tie and dye is an artist’s favorite activity to do with the family. It is a mixture of colors and like an illusion that looks very beautiful. It is believed that tie-dye shirts look simply attractive and more fabulous than plain shirts!

You can tie and dye with a couple of materials; grab any old white shoes even if they are old school pairs that still fit you! Cover the edges and areas of the joggers that you don’t want to be painted with tape and begin. You can get color markers and make a design of different colors or even paints. In both ways, it will look beautiful. Do this with your family and have a nice talk along to enjoy every moment of it.

You can try it with shirts by scrunching them and tying them with rubber bands and dropping paint colors randomly; a white plain shirt would work better! You can try it with head scarfs and scrunches that will look fabulous on your hair and wrists!

You can try it with beach towels and tape your name on it. For example, if your name is Justine, you can make these alphabets on the towel with the use of tape and throw paints on it later and remove the tape to see the final results. Your name will be uncolored only and it will look super fancy. This is a very fun activity to do with family and you explore more about your parent’s art!

Movie Night At Home

Movie nights are the best family evening activities! You can grab snacks like popcorn, chips, and cold drinks and enjoy the night chilling upon movies! Sit together on a comfy couch with a blanket wrapped around everyone and watch a horror or fantasy film, any of your choice.

You can get to know each other’s interests and learn more about your taste! Prepare a sweet dish with your family where everyone participates and make a cute mini brownie cake to enjoy along with the film. Get some snacks and set up the volume loud to understand the movie clearly. After the movie is over, ask each other questions about the movie to see how much each person understands and remembers. You can also express your emotions about the movie night and enjoy it to the fullest!

Rock Painting

I remember that in the lower school classes, the first thing everyone learned in arts was painting pebbles and rocks. This activity is a lot of fun. It is not important that all the family members are great at arts; one may be lower than the other and lacking at some point but it is always fun laughing at others paintings that somewhat and sometimes turn out strange!

 You can go on a nature walk with your parents to a park, visualize the trees and greenery! Pick up some rocks on your way; pebbles are preferred more as they have smooth surfaces that can be painted easily. When you reach home, collect all your paints and make the family sit together on a table and cover it with plastic waste bags to avoid paint stains on the surface. Now you can choose anything to draw like a ladybug or Spiderman’s face. This is so much fun with family as you have a little chat along!

Baking or Cooking Together

Baking is a very important indoor activity that makes family fun time splendid! Make sure you have all the ingredients of the thing you want to bake/cook already but I prefer you baking as eating after you have made your sweet dish makes it a pleasure as your hard work pays off. 

Also, baking is a lot of fun while dealing with chocolate and other flavors and sweet candies. If you would like, you can add toppings on the top with our kid’s snacks such as skittles or wafers or more chocolates! It turns out great and you learn cooking. The task can be divided between everyone so it is done better; or what you can do is divide the ingredients amongst your kids and you just give them the instruction leaflet and help them with mixing and later, parents can judge who made the best, the winner will receive chocolate.

Solve A Puzzle

Puzzles are a lot of fun, especially for kids who love tackling complicated problems and like challenging others! Puzzles are very attentive sources of activities that can light family time! You can bring up a large puzzle game and solve it with your parents. Something else that would be more exciting is solving puzzles separately to see which family member can solve them the fastest.

Some puzzles are often big that take more time, but if the aim is to bring the family close, you can choose a larger size of the puzzle board game so everyone can put in their thoughts and solve them together. This can be a lot of fun! You will enjoy it a lot!

Play Simon Says

Simon says it is a very tricky and mind-turning activity that we all have played all our childhood and playing it with our family can be a lot of fun. It is one of the best family time activities at home, just think about it! You can cut pieces of paper according to the number of members and each will write his/her name on the paper and place it in a bowl. One of you will draw a chit and read out the name. The lucky one will be the guide Simon says and the entire family members will have to follow the instructions of that person. 

For example, if you are selected out of your family, you will give Simon said instructions and you will point out the losers. The number of times a person loses, his/her name will go in the voting pile out of which one will be taken; that person will have to do a daring challenge or will be given a sweet punishment. This is a lot of fun and you should try it with your family!


A family is one of the biggest assets one could have and it is important to spend some quality family fun time with your loved ones especially with your kids. No matter what the circumstances are and how busy you are, your family always needs you.

Children always need proper attention from parents. As a responsible parent, you must be there especially in times when they feel low or need your attention. Spending time with your children will develop a bond to understand each other and make them realize that they matter to you.

Do you have any questions about arts and crafts? If so, we encourage you to leave a comment below.

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