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19 Exciting February Crafts For kids

Nothing can be better than the healthy growth of your child. Parents, nowadays, are looking for some February Crafts activities that can engage their kids and boost their development. However, the purpose of engaging the kids is not only to distract them but to help them in their physical, mental, intellectual, and cognitive growth. Kids should learn at a very early age. The arts and crafts activities act as a catalyst to help them grow at a very fast pace. These activities allow the kids to depict what they are thinking or how they perceive things. No need to worry as these activities would make them use their brains to undergo tasks. 

So, you might be thinking about some of the activities that might include your participation with the kid. Believe me, there are numerous activities that you can perform with your kids. Being a parent, it is important to see your kids grow into fine human beings. That requires the active participation of schooling, teachers, family members, and the activities they are indulged in. The February craft activities would give your kid an opportunity to reflect on his true colors and up to what extent your kid takes interest in arts and crafts.

Watching your kid idle is the least thing that you would ever want. Every parent wants their kid to be a part of some healthy activity that can contribute to their development. Your kids are never going to ask for such activities, rather, you have to make sure they are a part of it. Have you ever thought about why your kid is happy after getting a star from a teacher over a good grade? Appreciation senses that they love and getting it from parents takes their confidence to a whole new level. 

Importance of February Arts and Crafts for Preschoolers

For preschoolers, the February crafts can play a critical role. You ask why? The reason is that there are tons of activities that can be performed in February. First of all, there are a series of events like Valentine’s Day that can be enjoyed with kids. Moreover, the weather outside is improving with every coming day. So there are a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that can help preschoolers to grow. The best way is to make a calendar of each day to make sure that it is completely followed.

You can start by highlighting the important events that are going to take place in February. It can be Valentine’s Day or world cancer day. You can organize a plan of a series of activities that you are going to perform with your kids. Like on Valentine’s Day making balloons and decorating the house. Similarly, you can ask your kids to make paper hearts and color them. Similarly, at other events, you can take part in activities as well. 

Moreover, you can make a proper schedule of the other craft activities. For example, if one day you are going to make a snowman outside then the next day it can be drawing day or painting day. If an activity requires multiple items then you can specify a day and make multiple objects like paper boats or bottle galaxies. These items would allow you to contribute your share with your ids. In return, you would feel that the kids would be doing these activities with more enthusiasm than ever. 

You can also print a calendar of your own to make it feel more credible. This way your kid is probably going to make you remember the activity that you need to perform. There are a series of February arts and crafts activities that can be either indoor or outdoor. Just plan a schedule and go with it. You can get multiple new ideas over the internet to make the activities more attractive. Although these activities will boost the physical and mental growth of your kids you would find yourself refreshing. 

How February DIY Crafts for Kids Help Express Their Inner Colors

We agree that modern life is hard and you are probably working to make your kid’s life better. However, only fulfilling their needs is never enough. Ever thought about what your kids would love the most? That is your participation in their activities and February projects are going to provide you with that opportunity. 

The DIY crafts are going to make February for your kids somewhat colorful. You can start with making multiple items like polar bears or Chinese lanterns. You can use the eggs to make them colorful or ask your kid to paint them as they like. DIY crafts is another way rather than celebrating events. These crafts are best suited for your little ones as each one inculcates some sort of learning for them. You are further going to find a list of craft activities that you can use. 

Bowl of Flower Petal 

Kids enjoy getting their hands dirty, and making this delightful flower-shaped dish out of oven-baked clay will allow them to do so. Help your kids make a huge flower petal out of Sculpey or you might use any oven-baked clay. Make a smaller petal and press it into the larger petal’s center. Place plastic beads in the bowl’s bottom. Bake as directed on the package to melt the plastic and solidify the clay. Let your child express their inner colors.

Bouquet of Pom-Poms

Making pom-poms is a huge amount of fun and extremely fulfilling! To make an evergreen bouquet, turn the soft squishy puffs into flowers. To make it, start by aligning a green pipe cleaner with the tines of a fork and extending it 3 inches above the tines. Wrap yarn around all of the times perpendicularly. Wrap the two sections of pipe cleaner together after folding the 3-inch section of the pipe cleaner down over the yarn and sliding everything off the fork. Trim any scraggly ends and carefully cut the bundled yarn. Repeat as necessary and then using a length of ribbon, tie the stems together.

Paper Cards with Stitches

These hand-stitched cards, which may be given as a gift or hung on a bulletin board, will be a hit with the kids. Plus, you’re likely to have most of the materials for this project on hand.

To make, start by cutting a shape out of medium to thick craft paper (try a flower or an animal shape). Using a small hole punch, make holes along the border. Embroidery floss, thin twine, or yarn can be used to stitch. Use a pipe cleaner stem and a gorgeous vintage button to add some extra flair.

Valentines Crafts

An event is the best way to engage kids. A special day like Valentine’s is full of romanticism. You can start by decorating the house. You can ask your kids to draw hearts of multiple sizes and then color them. You can take balloons and decorate the entire house to celebrate the event. You would never realize and the whole day would have passed by the time you complete the celebrations. This activity is unique and full of joy so make sure to utilize it to increase the family inclusiveness. 

Dream Catchers Made of Paper Plates

Dream catchers are very cute decorative pieces. Kids love to add colorful feathers to the plates and turn simple paper plates into a beautiful creation. Inspire your children to create a way to catch their dreams each night.

Rainbow of Cute Paper

This charming rainbow cloud can help young ones improve their cutting abilities while learning about the rainbow’s colors. Cutting paper into the shape of a rainbow will enhance their creative thinking and they will be motivated to do activities.

Some Useful Activities for February Winter Crafts

The winter crafts are based on the season and its activities are limited to the season as well. These activities help your kid to utilize the potential of the season. They can also perform activities in other seasons once they know how to utilize a season in arts and crafts. Let’s check out some of how multiple activities can be performed. 

Snowball Alphabets

Making snowballs is quite a common activity and playing with them outdoors is another one. Why not try to teach your kids through snowballs? Simply make some snowballs and ask your kids to make the snowballs colorful. Afterward, write alphabets on those snowballs and make your kid learn it.

Winter Cards

Kids love to do such activities that they can relate to their surroundings, right? So why not make a memorable winter book this February? Simply take a book and buy stickers from the market related to the winter season, for example, snowman and snow trees. Make a book with your kid and help them in the organization of the book. 

Ice Lanterns

The ice lanterns are a cute and attractive activity. Ask your kiddo to fill a bucket of water and place in itself another small cup. Let it freeze over the night and the next day your kids would make it colorful. They can do any kind of color they like and afterward place the candle inside the cup. You can hang such lanterns inside your home all around. 

Paper Twirler 

Another wonderful craft activity for winter is making paper twirlers. You just need to get a chart and paint. Your kids are going to make some effort with this one as it requires cutting of paper in proper shape. Afterward, they can paint it with no limits. You would feel that your kids are loving it. 

February Specials

The best possible way to perform some of the memorable projects in February is to organize the projects on the important days of the month. There are several important dates on which you can engage your kids in a series of tasks. You would never even realize and the whole month would pass in the preparation of events. Further, you can study some of the important February projects that you can perform.  

World Cancer Day

In February this day is celebrated around the world for people with cancer. You can ask your kids to draw some of the charts and participate along with yourself in the demonstrations. It depicts over uniformity with the people indulged in this disease. 

Friendship Month

Another name for February is friendship month. Although friendship day is celebrated at another time of the year this whole month is considered one. Your kids can make cards of friendship in which they can draw pictures or even make the card of their own. They can use colorful paints to make those cards even cuter. You can help them in making such cards and they will remember it for their whole life. 

Bake Month

Yet another attractive activity for your entire family. Just schedule the day on which all of you are free so that you can bake multiple items together. Your kids are probably going to love this day as they are going to be a part of it. It is nothing special for you as it includes your daily routine task. However, for your kids, it is a day worth remembering their whole lives. 

Library Day

Nothing is better than keeping your kids surrounded by good books. Good books can prove to be an excellent friend. So why not indulge them in such a sort of activity? Just mark the day over your schedule and take your kid to multiple libraries to increase their interest in books. You can also study with them as it makes them happier. So it would improve their intellectual capability and you being there would increase their interest. 

February Outdoor Projects

When we talk about February arts and crafts projects, then we cannot ignore the series of outdoor activities that can be performed. No activity is kind of complete unless it is both indoor and outdoor. Besides, you might also observe that the kids are feeling bored only performing indoor activities. So let’s have a look at some of the outdoor activities that you can do. 

Ice Glass 

If you look at the reaction of kids, they tend to love multi-colored things. A simple thing never tends to make them happy. So what you can do is to buy some plastic or glass-based small jars. Give them to your kids and ask them for our ice in that jar. Then comes the coloring part. Your kids would have to put multiple colors in different jars to make them attractive.

Pendulum Painting

February is a month of cozy weather that is loved by kids. So why not let them express their true colors? For a pendulum painting, you just need to arrange some wood to make a stand. Through this stand you can hang a bucket for paint and below that is the chart on which you have to paint. So from making sticks to painting on paper you are going to enjoy art with your kids. This would improve the kid’s ability to utilize things from nature. 

Ice Garland

The main purpose is to engage the kids in a developmental activity, right? Ice garlands require a person to be stable while using their hands. Garlands are difficult to make but the process is full of fun. Your kids are probably going to take some time to make multiple drawings, cut them and then attach them to strings. However, this activity is more joyful than any other. 

Bug Hotel

Utilizing the crafts of nature is an art in itself. The woods can help you make a bug hotel just with a little effort. It increases the creativity of the kid and helps him in intellectual growth. Moreover, bug hotels take time to form and it also makes your kid fall in love with nature. This activity helps them to increase their focus on doing tasks and achieving them within time.

Pinecone Insects

A pine cone is an item of nature that can be used to make multiple February crafts. The pinecone insects are an attractive and artistic piece of work. Just engage your kid in the painting of pinecone and the beautiful firefly would be made in no time. You can also paint it in colors that reflect at night. Your kid is probably going to love this activity as you are going to be a part of it.  

How February Preschool Arts Has A Unique Effect On Kids Growth

You cannot claim that the arts and crafts have no effects. In developing countries, the kids are not that much indulged in arts and crafts. However, in developed countries, the kids are more involved in such activities and we can see the difference. The arts and crafts of February affect the preschoolers the most. You cannot observe the difference here but after going to school you would observe it. Some of the areas which improve readily are further.

Problem Solving Skills

The preschool practice of arts and crafts helps in the development of the kid and increases their problem-solving capacity. When kids are engaged in arts and crafts they have to perform multiple activities that help them in problem-solving. In school, once they see multiple activities you would feel that they are getting better than their fellows.

The preschoolers when going to school, they have to perform multiple paintings and other activities. Once they have done it before they get probably better at it. There is no doubt that teachers help the kids the most. However, if parents are focused on their kid’s development then nothing can be better than that. The little artist would feel encouraged once they can achieve their task. This gives them a sense of pride and thrives for doing more. 

Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is a basic necessity that develops over a certain period. It is not the built-in genes of kids. Rather, this coordination improves over time. Motor skills are necessary for kids’ healthy development. These motor skills as a result improve the hand to eye coordination speedily. 

Your toddler would get a good grip over grasping things and handling them. They can use both of their hands and perform their tasks. The arts and crafts activities require the consumption of all energies which acts as a catalyst in the intellectual development of kids. 


An average kid learns multitasking after 3 to 5 years of schooling. However, a preschooler who has performed arts and crafts at home is better as they learn at quite an early age. This increases the understanding level of a kid at an early age and they reflect their capability when put to tasks. 

Increased Focus

Focus is the primary most important thing for a human being. To be good at anything, the focus is the pre-condition. Kids learning the ability to focus at an early age are more likely to be successful than any other kids of their age. The arts and crafts involve active use of the mind, intelligence, problem-solving skills, and much more. So it increases the focus of the kids and they do every task with all their might. 


The February arts and crafts can highly contribute to the physical and mental growth of your kids. Every activity, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, has its unique set of benefits. The arts and crafts activities improve the thinking capability of kids and change their perspective of nature. Moreover, the participation of the entire family makes it more joyful and worth remembering. Nonetheless, the winter February projects can increase family integration and your kid would be more confident than ever.

Arts and crafts are a part of life and making them part of kid’s activities are even better. Take the example of puzzle-solving. No kid would ever want to do that from the start but if you are playing with them and helping them then there, motivation is on a whole other level. Quality time with a family is more important than having all the luxuries in life as in the end, only the memories remain important. 

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