Cinco De Mayo Crafts

Cinco De Mayo Crafts: Celebrating Mexican Culture with Arts

Cinco de Mayo is a day for celebration, food, and crafts! Whether you’re hosting a festive fiesta or just looking to make some decorations for your home, these DIY Cinco De Mayo crafts are perfect for the occasion.

What is Cinco De Mayo?

A holiday to celebrate the victory of the Mexican army over France at the Battle of Puebla. The day is also known as Battle of Puebla Day, and it happens on Wednesday, May 5 in 2021. While Cinco de Mayo is a minor event in Mexico, it has evolved into a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage in the United States, particularly in areas with considerable Mexican-American populations.

Even non-Mexican Americans in the United States commemorate the day. Many individuals believe that Cinco de Mayo commemorates Mexico’s independence. This is untrue. On September 16th, Mexicans commemorate their country’s independence. In North America, Cinco de Mayo is a far bigger holiday than it is in Mexico. Since 1863, it has been observed throughout California.

Cinco De Mayo Crafts

Mexican culture is celebrated through festivals!

Mexican culture is celebrated through Cinco De Mayo Crafts, festivals and events held across the country. Concerts, folk ballet, and Mexican dancing are among them. Mexican food and beverages are consumed in large numbers. Many schools participate in awareness events to teach pupils about this day, particularly those with large Mexican populations.

May 5th is Cinco De Mayo

Every year on May 5th, it is customary in Mexico to hold a large-scale celebration with attractions. Cinco de Mayo crafts are crafts and artworks that tell the tale of the fifth May.

These Cinco De Mayo Crafts Crafts highlight the Mexican traditional art history, providing a greater understanding of this beautiful country and its culture.

Why is Cinco De Mayo important?

Although Cinco De Mayo commemorates a victory, it also acknowledges the Mexican army’s struggle and losses in the Battle of Puebla. This holiday represents Mexico as a country that can come together to defend itself, and it has become an integral part of Mexican culture and tradition. Cinco De Mayo celebrations honor those who fought for what they believed in and can be traced back to ancient traditions like The Day Of The Dead (Los Dias de Los Muertos).

Although this celebration originated as a religious tradition, it has transformed into a cultural tradition that celebrates life with family, food, drink, music, flowers, and art. These aspects are not only seen during or around Cinco De Mayo, but they can be seen as a representation of Mexican culture and tradition throughout the year.

Brief History of Cinco De Mayo

Celebrations of Cinco De Mayo have grown immensely popular throughout Mexico and the United States over the past few decades. Artists such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera were prominent figures that helped to establish what we know as Mexican style art today. They pioneered this by exploring how indigenous people lived during pre-Hispanic times and celebrating historic traditions.

Since then, many artists have expanded on these ideas to create artworks with unique styles that are inspired ancient Mexican traditions, along with the Mexican culture and landscape. Cinco De Mayo is a great opportunity to share your artistic talents with your community since it is celebrated in both Mexico and the United States.

Although these traditions originated in Mexico, they are now practiced throughout the world by people of different nationalities that embrace this holiday’s colorful history.

How to celebrate Cinco De Mayo Crafts

Cinco De Mayo is a great time to get creative and celebrate Mexican culture with arts and crafts. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Make a Cinco De Mayo card or picture frame
  • Make paper flowers
  • Paint a watercolor of a Mexican landscape or cityscape
  • Make a Frida Kahlo portrait out of a paper plate
  • Cut out and decorate simple Cinco De Mayo themed masks
  • Design cards to give out to friends and family members

There are plenty of Cinco De Mayo Crafts that you can create. So get your arts and crafts supplies ready, and show off your Mexican pride with these fun Cinco De Mayo activities!

Cinco De Mayo Crafts For Adults

Cinco de Mayo is a day to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage. Why not commemorate the day by making some fun crafts? This roundup of Cinco de Mayo crafts for adults has something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced crafter, you’ll find a project that’s perfect for you. So get inspired and get crafting!

Pin the Tail on the Lama Game:

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  • a lama poster
  • glue
  • foam core board and a masking tape
  • colored cardboards
  • scissors and pencils.

Pin the Tail on the Lama Game is a great Cinco De Mayo Crafts to do for fun. You can print the llama poster at your local print shop. Option one is to simply slap that baby up on your wall in its current state. 

 Use spray adhesive to put your poster on foam core board. Before smoothing down, make sure all of the edges are aligned.

Make a tail for yourself. Cut out three sizes of cardstock in three different colors: small, medium, and large. Because, well, llamas are unique, we freehanded our llama tails. 

Cut some fringe on the rounded side. Then, to curl the fringed ends, wrap each strip around a pencil.

Layer the pieces on top of one another and secure with pieces of double-sided tape. If you mount your llama poster on a board, construct a hanger for it

Braid some yarn, tied knots on both ends, and masking tape the knots to the back of the board.

For all of you overachievers out there! Braid some yarn and drape it here to be festive.

Add some double stick tape to the backside of each llama tail.

Mini Piñatas:

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  • cardboard
  • glue
  • scissors
  • blade and tissue papers
  • spatula

First of all, cut out shapes on cardboard. Tape it then add string and candy. Use a scissor to cut the tissue paper and paste it on the cardboard with the help of glue.

Easy Cinco De Mayo Crafts

It’s that time of year again where we celebrate Mexican culture and heritage with Cinco De Mayo festivities! Here are some easy crafts that you can do at home with your family to get in the spirit.

Taco Banner:

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  • Fomic sheet in different colors
  • glue and tissue papers in green color
  • string and scissors.

The Taco Banner is a fun and easy Cinco De Mayo Crafts. Cut huge 5 inches wide circles out of the yellow foam. Cut as many as you need to get the banner length you want (my garland has 7 tacos).

Make three “tomatoes” per taco by cutting little half-circle shapes out of red foam.

To make the “meat,” cut a big half-circle shape out of the foam that spans the majority of the length of the folded over yellow foam. One taco is required.

Make a lot of “cheese” by cutting thin strips of orange foam into 4-5 pieces for each taco.

Make one piece of green tissue paper for each taco by cutting rectangles out of it.

To make the taco banner, crumple up the tissue paper to make it look like lettuce. Glue it to the top of a yellow circular so that when the yellow foam is folded over, it sticks out over the “shell.”

Glue the brown piece on top of the tissue paper, then the red and orange pieces on top of that. If you fold over the yellow circle, you should be able to see all of the toppings.

Piñata Inspired Napkin Rings:

  • tissue rolls 
  • different colored tissue papers
  • glue
  • scissors

Cut strips of tissue paper. fold the stack of tissue papers in half. Cut into long edges leaving about 1 inch in the middle. Separate the tissue paper from your stack by unfolding it.

If both sides of your tissue paper are the same color, you can simply fold it in half. If the tissue paper has distinct colors on each side, lay it out and cut it along the middle lengthwise. Then, with both bright sides facing up, flip one side over and place it on top of the other.

Cut each toilet paper roll in half and glue the bottom edge with school glue. Then carefully wrap one piece of tissue paper fringe around the bottom edge so that it hangs completely over the edge. You’ll want to trim the tissue paper strip so that it goes around once with a small overlap at the seam.

Apply glue to the top edge of the strip you just attached as well as the toilet paper roll, and then add your second piece of tissue paper. Continue in this manner until you reach the top color. The top edge of the strip should extend about 1/2 inch beyond the edge of the toilet paper roll for the top piece.

Cinco De Mayo Crafts for Kids:

Cinco De Mayo is a great opportunity for families to have some fun together. There are lots of activities that kids can enjoy, and it’s a great way to learn about Mexican culture. Here are some ideas for having fun on Cinco De Mayo.


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Percussion musical instrument used by classical or folkloric dancers in traditional Mexican music.

For creating this clapper instrument, you will need 

  • A thick cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Hole punch or pencil
  • Buttons, coins, or metal washers
  • Elastic band or ribbon

How to Make

  1. Cut the cardboard to the size that your hands easily hold.
  2. Fold the cardboard in half.
  3. Draw your favorite cartoon character.
  4. Cut the cardboard by tracing the outline of the shape.
  5. Punch holes.
  6. With the help of markers, paints outline the details.
  7. Color the castanets with makers and water paints
  8. Then attach the elastic straps
  9. Adjust the straps
  10. Make a knot in the ends of the paper plate from the opposite side, ensuring the knot is larger than the hole.
  11. With the help of a glue gun attach coins.
  12. Your castanet is ready, it’s time to cherry noise.

Pinch pot:

A creative craft to store food, Jewelry, beads, and other households. to create this fun artistic pot gather 

  • Clay or air hardening clay
  • Pointed knife
  • Slurry or water
  • Flat wooden stick 
  • Apron

How to Make

  1. Make two clay balls of the same size.
  2. Rotate the ball in your hand pinching it between your thumb and fingers as you move up the wall.
  3. If your clay is particularly flexible or damp, dry it with an air dryer.
  4. Stack the pinch pots on top of each other.
  5. Once the pot is connected, lightly beat it all around with a stick to compress and strengthen the bond.
  6. Make the shape you desire 
  7. Pinch the top to make a lip, or use a knife to cut the top open and finish neatly.
  8. Now decorate your pinch pot according to your taste.


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Let’s celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style with a festive sombrero.

The Pom Pom Sombrero is an ideal, easy, and fun to do the craft for the Cinco De Mayo celebration. Sombrero keeps Mexicans cool in the scorching heat of the desert.

How to make

Outline the plastic cup in the middle of the plate.

Trace the hole to keep the hat from sliding off your head.

Glue the plastic cup upside down, over the hole.

Make two small holes on either side of the rim with a hole punch.

Tie elastic cording around the hat to keep it in place.

 You can alter the length of the elastic cording according to the requirement. 

Glue the pom-poms on the hat’s top. Other than pom-poms you can add buttons, glitters for a more jolly appearance.


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Let’s make maracas for the family and parade around our yard this Cinco de mayo.

  • Rice
  • Plastic spoons
  • Painter’s tape 
  • Easter eggs

How to make

  1. Fill an empty plastic egg with rice and seal it.
  2. Wrap tape around the egg’s seam.
  3. Wrap tape around the egg and between the heads of two plastic spoons to keep the spoons in place.
  4. To keep the two spoons together, tape their handles 
  5. Now shake your created maracas and enjoy the parade.

You can try different ingredients to produce different sounds. Don’t forget to make your maracas.

Mexican Tissue Paper Flowers:

Make pom-pom flowers to add color to your life. Make these flowers to make your festival gleeful. All you need is 

  • Tissue paper
  • Colored string
  • Stapler

How to make

Fold the tissue paper in half in accordion style.

To make the Mexican tissue paper flowers, pull each sheet of tissue paper towards the center.

Begin by pulling every single sheet up from one half (it doesn’t matter which side you start with), then move on to the other half.

Frida Kahlo Craft:

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Artistic craft its designs can be easy or complicated depending upon the person.

It is celebrated in honor of one of the famous women in history. It is celebrated in honor of one of the famous women in history. Mexican artist who merged classical and folk art to produce vibrant and powerful works of art that addressed issues such as identity, post-colonialism, gender, class, and race in Mexican culture.

  • Print of Frida Kahlo Craft
  • Crayons, markers, watercolors to add colors.
  • Scissors and glue
  • Paper plate  
  • Decorative materials, e.g ribbons, scrap paper

How to Make

For the brows, eyes, and hair, use black paper; red for the lips. You can choose any color for skin. Trace the patterns on the chosen papers using the provided template. Using scissors, carefully cut out the traced designs.

Take a look at the hair and head cutouts. Attach the hair to the top side of the head cutout with craft glue, making sure that the top portion of the head cutout is centered on the back die of the hair pattern. Bring the top of the ears in front of the hair as well. Arrange the hair cutout in a pleasing manner and secure it with glue.

You can make her jewelry or other items.

Luchador Mask:

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  • Colored paper 
  • Elastic strap
  • Markers, watercolors
  • Cutter

Draw your mask design. You can get inspiration from images of Lucha libre wrestlers. Color your masks with makers’ colors, watercolors, and spray paints.

Leave areas around the eyes, nose, and mouth cut holes around these areas. 

Punch holes at the sides of the mask. Attach an elastic strap. Your disguise mask is ready to wear.

Frida Kahlo Museum Mexican Culture Paintings

The paintings in the Frida Kahlo Museum depict many aspects of Mexican culture and celebrations. One of the most popular themes this year is Cinco De Mayo, as seen in Diego Rivera’s “Fiesta,” Tamara de Lempicka’s “The Mexican Woman,” and José Clemente Orozco’s “Five Days of May.” These paintings capture some of the most colorful events and traditions from this holiday.

Diego Rivera’s “Fiesta”

Diego Rivera’s “Fiesta” is a painting that captures the excitement and color of Cinco De Mayo celebrations. The painting shows people in traditional Mexican dress enjoying a party with music and dancing. The colors are vibrant and the scene is lively, giving a snapshot of the joy and fun that comes with this holiday.

This painting is a perfect example of how Cinco De Mayo art can capture the spirit of the holiday and its traditions. The bright colors and festive atmosphere make it a popular choice for Cinco De Mayo art displays. Whether you’re celebrating Cinco De Mayo or just looking for some colorful artwork, Diego Rivera’s “Fiesta” is a great choice!

Tamara de Lempicka’s “The Mexican Woman”

Tamara de Lempicka’s “The Mexican Woman” is a painting that captures the beauty and strength of Mexican women. The woman in the painting is wearing a traditional Mexican dress and standing in front of a colorful background. Her features are strong and proud, and she seems to be looking confidently into the future.

This painting celebrates the beauty and strength of Mexican women and their culture. The woman in the painting is proud and confident, which is a representation of the many Mexican women who have fought for their rights and achieved great things. If you’re looking for an inspiring Cinco De Mayo art piece, Tamara de Lempicka’s “The Mexican Woman” is a great choice!

José Clemente Orozco’s “Five Days of May”

José Clemente Orozco’s “Five Days of May” is a painting that celebrates the Mexican Revolution. The painting shows a group of people marching in a protest, with the Mexican flag flying overhead. The protesters are determined and unified, and the painting captures the spirit of the Mexican Revolution.

This painting is a great choice for Cinco De Mayo art because it celebrates Mexican history and patriotism. The powerful imagery in the painting is sure to inspire pride in Mexican heritage and commemorate the bravery of those who fought in the Mexican Revolution. If you’re looking for an art piece that celebrates Mexico’s history and culture, José Clemente Orozco’s “Five Days of May” is a great choice!

Arts and Crafts from 5 Different Cultures

Conclusion on Cinco De Mayo Crafts

We hope you enjoy this guide to making some of the most popular Cinco De Mayo crafts. The kids will love these fun projects, and they’ll be a great way for you to get creative together! Do your family have any other favorite Mexican holiday traditions?

If you like this article about Cinco De Mayo Crafts and would like to know more, please comment below

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