Fun Facts About Cats

Fun Facts About Cats

Fun Facts About Cats! If you have a pet in your house, either a cat, dog, or parrot etc. you need to know not only about their food and caring. But you should be aware of some facts about these animals too in order to have a better understanding. If you have a domestic cat at your house then you must learn a number of things about them apart from how to look after them. Cats and humans have been sharing a close bond for nearly 1000 years.

Fun Facts About Cats

Their mysterious nature along with adorable personalities, they have been ruling the hearts of the humans as a popular pet. If you take a look around your street or even neighbors, you’ll find a number of cats and you must think that you know each and everything about them, right? No, you are absolutely wrong. There are a number of fun​ facts about​ cats that you mustn’t be knowing. Today I will discuss a list of weird,​ cool and ​random​ facts about these cats with you.​


You must have observed how small a domestic cat is. A breed of these dainty creatures is so small that even you can put it in your purse. But do you know that there is a cat named Stewie that was a Maine Coon and it measured at 48.5​inches? It has won the title ofWorld’s​ longest cat.​On​ the other hand, the title of World’s tallest cat goes to the cat from Arcturus for being 19.5​inches​ tall. Well those are some big cats!!


You must be laughing right now after seeing this heading but trust me it isn’t a joke at all. An orange domestic cat named Stubbs was Mayor of a small town Talkeetna in Alaska. It ruled the town with no legislative power for 20​years.​ There were several uncontested elections held but she won them because she was loved not only by the locals but tourists too. Isn’t it a weird cat fact.​


You must be aware of this thing that a cat spends most of the time of its life sleeping. But, let me share this cool​ fact about cats with you that they spend 70% of their life while sleeping. Cats love to sleep but sleeping almost more than half of your life is a weird thing. According to a report from a Veterinary Hub, cats sleep for more than 13-16​hours a day.​



As you know that cats have ruled the hearts of humans for 1000 of years. But did you know that Egyptians were the first people who used to keep cats and lions etc. as domestic animals. A 9,500​ years​ old cat grave was found in Cyprus by French Archaeologists. This cool​ fact about cats makes it the oldest domestic pet known in the history of Egypt as the coffin is embellished with Egyptian art that dates back 4000 years.


Have you ever noticed your cat steps? Their walking sequence? If no, then let me share this interesting​ fact about cats that​ they walk like giraffes and camels. You don’t believe it right? Why don’t you look for it by yourself. Your cat moves half of its body forward first and then the other half. They walk with both right feet first and both left feet follow. Only camels and giraffes and no other animal walks in this pattern. Observe your cat and you will notice this by yourself too.



After reading about this cat, you’ll surely be jealous because this cat has more money than you have. The Guinness​ World Record holds the record of Blackie that received a fortune of 7 million pound after the death of her owner. When his owner died, he wasn’t able to recognize his family or anyone else in his will. So, he gave all his fortune to his cat Blackie. Isn’t it an interesting fact about cats.​


Do you know that cats share their 95% genetic​ makeup with a fierce animal, tiger. This weird​ cat fact must have blown your mind because it is hard to believe that our small, shy, loving cats share a lot of things with tigers. Their urine marking, scent, pouncing and prey stalking is just like that of a tiger.



The oldest cat had spent 38​years​ of its life on Earth. Creme Puff was 38 years old in 2005 when she died. Her owner had a cat before Creme who died when it was 34 years old. So, whatever the owner of these cats is doing, he is doing a marvellous job.


You’ll be astonished to learn that if you train your cat properly then it can perform up to 24 tricks per minute. A cat named Digda performed a series of tasks like jumping a bar, rolling over or sliding on a skateboard and much more in just one minute. If you want your cat to learn such tricks then you need to work a lot with them and give them time too. Learning such cool​ facts about​ cats is quite interesting.


Yes I know that your cat purrs a lot. Even my own cat named Misty purrs a lot. She purrs so loudly that her purr can be heard in the other rooms easily. But my cat and not even your cat can purr as loud as Merlin. Who has a record of loudest purr of 67.8db (A),​ loudest purr ever recorded. The normal cats mostly purr at 25db, but man this cat really has a loud purr.​


You love seeing your cat charging around the room at a fast pace. But you mustn’t be aware of this random​ cat fact that​ your cat hit the speeds of 30mph. Which means that your cat can beat Usain Bolt ​ in a ​ 200 meter dash.


You must have heard about dogs and monkeys that were being sent to space. But do you know that a cat named Felicette also famous as ‘Astrocat’ went to space on 18th October 1963.

You must have enjoyed these fun​ facts about the cats. Cats​ are no doubt the most lovable animals that humans have been keeping with them for thousands of years. If you don’t have a pet cat then you should get one for yourself!

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