Fun Facts About Cows


Fun Facts About Cows

Here goes some Fun Facts About Cows! The second mammals after human beings are cows. They give milk and meat. However, there is much more that you need to know. If you have a question such as what some interesting facts about cows are, then the interesting, fun facts about cows are as follows.

Cows Are Not Male

An interesting fun fact about cows is that they are females. Bulls are the male. Cows give milk once they give birth to a calf. They, like human beings, produce or give milk after giving birth.

Cow Teeth

An interesting fun fact about cows for kids is that they have 32 teeth. Their teeth help cows to chew food. Their teeth are not tiny like humans but have big teeth.

Chewing Food

A usual fact about cows is that they move their mouth almost 60,000 times per day. It is because, within a minute, they chew up to 50 times. In addition to this, another fact About cows is that they spend almost eight hours chewing per day.

Cow’s Stomach

Most people never imagine how big the stomach’s size, also known as a cow’s rumen. An interesting fun fact about cows is that their stomach can hold almost fifty gallons of food. Cows are not only big but also have a large belly. Another point about cows is that they don’t have four stomachs considered by some people but have one stomach with four compartments.

Water Consumed in One Day

An interesting fun fact about cows is that they can overeat food and drink up to 50 gallons of water in a day. Another fun fact about cows is after drinking this much water, and they can produce about thirty gallons of urine in a day.

Cow’s Sleeping Habit

Another interesting fact about cows is that they can sleep while standing or lying down, just like horses. In a day, a cow will stand up and lay down 14 times during the whole day.

Cow’s Have Great Senses

If you think that cows are dumb animals, then you are wrong. A fantastic fun fact about cows is that their senses are great. From a distance of sixty miles, cows can smell and also see different colours.

Cows Are Social Animals

A usual unknown fact about cows is that they are social animals. They are said to have cow friends, and if you separate them from their friends, they will feel sad. So if you see some cows together, do not separate them. Similarly, a cow during birth or when it is sick goes alone, and all the other time, it enjoys socializing with other cows. In addition to this, another interesting fact about cows is that they hold grudges against the people they don’t like. The individuals they love, they enjoy spending time with them.

How Cows Produce More Milk

Another vital fun fact about cows behavior that everyone must know is that by treating a cow as an individual, your cow will produce more milk. An interesting fun fact about dairy cows is that you should give them names for treating them as individuals. Such treatments would make a cow happy, and she will produce more milk.

Greenhouse Gas

An unusual fact about cows is that they produce 250 – 500 litres of methane in a day. Methane is a more hazardous greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

Cows Are Sacred Animals

Another interesting fact about cows is that they are considered sacred animals in Hindu societies. There are laws in India to protect cows from slaughter. On the other hand, Muslims slaughter them on certain occasions, such as at the eid festival.

Cows Are Vegetarian

An interesting fun fact about cows is that they never eat meat as they are vegetarian.

First Cow in Us

A fact about cows is that the first cow arrived in 1611 in the US. In the US, there are almost ninety-eight million cows.

Cows Identification

A fun fact about cows is that farmers use tags to identify different cows. These tags are mostly put on their ears.

Temperature of Cows

An essential fact about cows is that the temperature of their body is 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

World’s Milk Supply

A cool fact about cows is that most of the milk in the world is supplied by cows. Almost 90% of milk is produced by cows and distributed around the world.

Pregnancy of Cows

Do you know that cows resemble human beings in the aspect of maternity? An interesting fact about cows is that they, just like human beings, give birth after nine months.

Cows Method of Communication

A fact about cows is that they communicate using different techniques such as you must have observed cows mooing and making certain noises. Those are not noises but, in fact, a method of communication.

Cows Do Not Bite

A fantastic fun fact about cows is that they curl their tongue and pick grass by rolling their tongue around it. They don’t bite the grass.

Knees of Cows Do Not Bend

A fact about cows is that their knees do not bend. Therefore you can take a cow upstairs, but coming downstairs would not be easy for the cow. It is challenging to come down through stairs by cows.

Cow’s Saliva in One Day

A weird fun fact about cows is that the cow can produce 125 pounds of saliva in one day.

Sleeping Arrangement of Cows

A fun fact about cows is that they arrange in a particular arrangement and that their social hierarchy determines sleeping arrangements.

Devotional Mothers

Another most interesting fun fact about cows is that they care too much for their calves. They can search for miles for their calves.

After going through the above-mentioned fun facts about cows, you will start paying more attention to their behavior. They are not simply cattle but also social animals. They have mood fluctuations and have some interesting unknown facts about them. All of the exciting points have been mentioned above.

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