Fun Facts About Dogs

Fun Facts About Dogs

Fun Facts About Dogs!

Being a dog lover, you need to know everything about dogs. If you want to keep it as a pet, you need to know which breed will be the best one in this regard. Other than that, dogs are used in hunting, tracking, sporting, etc. there are around 150 breeds of dogs divided into eight classes, including hounds, working, sporting, toy, terrier, herding, non-sporting, miscellaneous. You should adopt a dog after eight weeks, and till then, they should stay with their littermates and mum. In the early stage, dogs are weak and cannot face either climate changes or canned milk. Now we will discuss some fun facts about dogs for kids​.​

The Tallest Dog

The Guinness World Record holds the data of the tallest dog named Zeus, who belongs to the Great Dane breed of dogs. He is measured to be 77inches tall​ and is the current record holder.

The Yodeling Breed

A breed of dogs known as Basenji doesn’t bark, but they yodle. If you have watched the Tarzan movie, then you must have heard Tarzan yodeling while swinging with the branches. Isn’t it an​ interesting fact about dogs that they sing, whine or scream instead of barking?


Dogs Sense of Smell Can Be Used as Evidence

An article was posted on PBS about these amazing facts about dogs,​ especially the Bloodhound breed; their sense of smell is too strong to be used as evidence in the court. Prepare to blow your mind with what I am going to share with you now. This breed of dog can walk on the trail for 130​miles​ while following even 300 hours old​ tracks.

A Song With a Frequency That Only a Dog Can Hear

A​ famous singer and songwriter Paul McCarthy told it in his interview that he has added a frequency in his Beatless song “a Day in the Life” that can be heard only by the dogs. So, if you want to see that either this is true or not, then play it and watch your dog moving with the beats!

The Lifeguard Breed

The webbed feet dogs that have water-resistant coats are famous as life-saving dogs. This breed is known as Newfoundland dogs that fishers used to keep with them to help them from drowning. If you want your loveable to enjoy safe swimming, then you should keep this dog as your pet because several people have reported that their dog tried to save them even while swimming. Isn’t it a fun fact about dogs for kids?​


Why Are Dogs Noses Wet?

Are you ready to witness an interesting​ fact about dogs?​ Many dog owners have asked this question from their veterans. A study has shown that to absorb the chemicals’ scent, dogs’ noses are wet all the time. A special mucus is secreted from dogs’ noses that help to absorb the chemicals. To know precisely about the smell, they lick their nose and sample the chemical.

Speed of Greyhounds

Prepare yourself to hear the weirdest​ fact about dogs​. You know that in a long race with a cheetah, a greyhound can beat it easily. Greyhounds​ are​ fast as well as good runners. For up to 7 miles,​ they can maintain a speed of 35mph. In​ comparison, a cheetah known for its fast speed can only maintain this speed for 200-300​yards.​ They might start with a good speed but will end up losing from a greyhound.


Dog Helpers

Dogs are not just good babysitters, but they tend to keep looking after old or blind people. In a Washington Post, an article was posted about a blind man named Bill Irwin with his guide dog who hiked the Appalachian Trail in 1990. This dog named Orien has proved that dogs are man’s best friends.


If you are a follower of Star Wars, you will love this remarkable​ fact about dogs that George Lucas modeled the Ewoks after his family dog.

Deaf Breed of Dog

You’ll be astonished to know that more than 5% of Dalmatians​are​ deaf in both ears out of the 5% deaf with one ear. This problem is because of the piebald gene because of which most of them have blue eyes and white coats. Not all Dalmatians are deaf; those with patches are not the deaf ones.

The Oldest Dog Breed

If you don’t know about the oldest dog breed, let me share it with you. The oldest dog breed mentioned in The Guinness World Record is Saluki.​These​ dogs were kept as Royal pets in Ancient Egypt in 329BC. ​Recently carvings of a similar dog have been found in Southern Iraq.

Dogs With Black Tongues

There are breeds of dogs that have black tongues, including Shar-Pei​and​Chow Chow. They​ have entirely black tongues, and the reason for this darkness is yet to be discovered. Isn’t it a weird fact about dogs​?​

Dogs With Three Lids

A number of you must haven’t heard about this astounding thing that your dog has three lids. This third lid is known as a “haw” or nictitating membrane that protects the eyes of your dog and keeps it lubricated.

Dogs Taste Buds

Dogs don’t have thousands of taste buds as we have. Humans have more than 17000 taste buds, while dogs have hardly 900 taste buds. Having fewer taste buds doesn’t mean that they can’t differentiate between the taste of different foods. They have more scent receptors on their nose, and if the food smells good, they love to eat it.

Do Dogs Sweat by Salivating

It is a total misconception that dogs sweat by salivating. Dogs do not sweat by salivating but sweat through the pads of their feet. Isn’t it an interesting fact about dogs​ ?​

It would be best if you had enjoyed reading these extraordinary facts about dogs. Their lifestyle, their specialties, and much more. Dogs are human-friendly, so get one for yourself and spend your lonely time with your pet.

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