Fun Facts About Horses

Fun Facts About Horses


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    Fun Facts About Horses

    The horse is one of those animals that are human-friendly. If you have a horse at your farm, you must know the fun facts about horses associated with it. Horses eat a particular food, they are used in games, but apart from all this, there are specific fun facts about horses you need to know. You must have come across the fact that there are almost 784 breeds of horses. However, this fact is just the beginning of some amazing facts that are listed below.

    Degree Vision of Horses

    One of the most amazing facts about horses is that they have a vision of 360 degrees. It implies that they can see at different angles at the same time. However, they have two blind spots that hinder them from looking straight in and behind them. Therefore, if you see a horse, never stand right behind him as being unable to know. Secondly, among all mammals, horses have enormous eyes.

    Better Senses Than Humans

    You are reading this weird yet fascinating fact right because horses can smell better than human beings. Not only this, but horses can hear much better than human beings.

    Their big ears can listen to different directions at the same time.

    Chinese Zodiac Calendar

    Another fascinating fact about horses is that it is among the Chinese calendar zodiac signs. The Chinese calendar has several animals as zodiac signs, and the person born in the particular year is said to possess the qualities of the specific animal. Hence, a person held in the zodiac sign of a horse is believed to be intelligent, independent living and free soul.

    Horses Help in Equine-Assisted Therapy

    Horses are used in this Equine-assisted therapy to treat people having mental and physical health complications. It is one of the most interesting fun facts about horses. The horses that are calm, good-tempered and above all well-trained are used in this therapy. Professionals use them by involving certain activities with the people suffering. it makes horses even more valuable and superior to other animals.

    Old Billy, the Longest Living Horse

    The average lifespan of a horse is almost 25-30 years. They usually die in between this age. However, the only horse that died at the age of 62 years was Old Billy. The skull of Old Billy has been preserved in the Manchester Museum. Isn’t it a fascinating fact that a horse lived twice the average age of his kind?

    Ability to Sleep in Different Positions

    Another fun fact about horses that will shock you is that horses can sleep while standing. As a human being, it is scarce to sleep while standing. It only happens when s person is too tired, but this is not the case with horses. They can sleep while they are lying down and also if they are standing. If you have a horse, keep an eye on him and observe him while sleeping in the standing-up position.

    Horses Can Run as Soon as They Are Born

    Can a person imagine a human baby running right after he is born? Human toddlers even start crawling after a few months of their birth, but horses can walk and run straight after entering the world. It is fascinating that seeing a horse baby running after his birth excites a person.

    Bones in Horses

    Another weird fact about horses is that they have 205 bones. If you compare it with a human body, you will know that humans are made up of 206 bones. If you look at a

    horse, you might think that he has 300 or even more bones in his body as his size and strength is even more than an average human being.

    Measurement of Horses in Hands

    If you have a horse or plan to buy one, you must be aware of this fun fact about horses. The standard scale for measuring a horse’s hands. They are not counted in inches or feet but hands.

    The Tallest Horse

    If you are a horse lover, then here is an interesting fact about horses. The tallest and the heaviest horse in the world was Sampson. He was 2.19m when he was only four years old. Average horses that you come across daily are so significant then imagine how big Sampson would have been.

    Horses Possess Sharp Memory

    Horses are intelligent animals. Another fun fact about horses is that they have a memory even better than an elephant. They are not only able to recognize their companions but also human beings. So the next time you meet a horse, be gentle to him as he may recognize you every time you meet him.

    Horses Are Obligate Nasal Breathers

    Obligate Nasal Breathers refers to those animals who can only breathe through their nose. The animals that fall into this category cannot breathe through their mouth. The most amazing fact about horses is that horses are Obligate Nasal Breathers meaning that they can only take in oxygen through their noses. So don’t ever think of blocking its nose, or else it would die.

    Horses Are Emotional Animals

    You might have heard or observed a dog when his owner dies. Dogs are seen crying or mourning over the death of their owners. The exciting fact about horses is that even horses grieve. When their companion dies, they weep and get emotional over it.

    Sunburn in Horses

    You have seen people getting sunburn if exposed to too much sunlight but have you ever heard of a horse getting a sunburn. The weird fact about horses is that not all horses get sunburns to bug than those with pink skin. Therefore, if you have a pink-skinned horse, save him from too much sunlight, or he would get a sunburn.

    Horses Prefer Sweet Flavor

    If you have a horse in your stable, then you must know a fun fact about horses. Horses like and prefer sweet food over sour food or even bitter food.

    Horse’s Age Is Measured Through Teeth

    Another random fun fact is that the age of a horse is usually estimated through his teeth. In addition to this, their teeth grow throughout their lives and never stop growing. It is the result of chewing, and it helps to determine their age by their teeth.

    Horses are playful animals, and the fun facts mentioned above disclose a fascinating image of horses. They had been domesticated a long time ago and are human-friendly. After reading the above exciting facts, you might be having thoughts of buying one for you as a pet.

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