Fun Facts About Jack O Lanterns


Fun Facts About Jack O Lanterns

A carved pumpkin or any other root vegetable lantern is known as Jack O Lantern. This name has been given to because for specific reasons. An interesting fact about Jack o Lantern is that its name originated from the Irish myth discussed below. Similarly, another fun facts about Jack o Lanterns name is that it refers to a light that flickers over peat bogs. To know more about Jack O Lantern, you need to go through the following interesting, fun facts.


An interesting fact about scary Jack o Lantern is that it is made to scare away the wandering soul of Stingy Jack. This tradition is a part of several cultures since ancient times. For making a scary Jack o Lantern follow the steps mentioned below. After cleaning your Jack o Lantern, draw a scary face on your pumpkin and cut it out. Scary Jack o Lantern carving templates are available online, or you can download faces yourself and get them printed. Then using these stencils, you can make scary Jack o Lantern easily.

You can carve out a haunted house or some terrific words to make your Jack o Lantern scarier. Adding a red light in the Lantern will make it look more haunted and scarier. In addition to this, you can carve out scary monsters or a scary animal to give it a different look.


People have made Jack o lanterns for centuries. An interesting fact about Halloween Jack o Lantern is that this trend originated in Irish myth. The story behind this of Stingy Jack. A remarkable fact about this is that Stingy Jack invited the devil and tricked him into not bothering him or taking his soul after he dies.

When Stingy Jack died, God sent him to hell, but as Satan could not take his soul, he sent Jack into a dark world burning coal. Jack put this coal into a turnip and has been roaming the earth since then. This figure of Stingy Jack is termed as Jack O Lantern. You can also make Jack o Lantern for Halloween by following certain tricks.

Carve out the eyes and mouth of your pumpkin. Take the carved-out pieces and cut out fangs. The next step is to place a toothpick inside the fangs. Now insert the fang one by one into the mouth, and your Halloween Jack o Lantern would be ready.


A cool fun fact about Jack o Lantern templates is that they make your work easy and

more impressive. You can download a Jack o Lantern template and get it printed. By

simply placing the Jack o Lantern template on your pumpkin, you can cut out the required design.


There are certain facts that will help you in making your Jack o Lantern. Making Jack o Lantern is not a difficult task, but there are specific steps that you should follow to carve a perfect Jack o Lantern. For this purpose, you need a pumpkin, pumpkin carving kit, and some other materials. Firstly, you should pick the right-sized pumpkin. It should be of medium size. The pumpkin should not have any bruises or nicks. In addition to this, the color of your pumpkin should be consistent with a sturdy stem and flat base.

Secondly, about two inches from the stem, cut a lid for the pumpkin.

For this cutting, use a straight-edge knife or blade. This lid can be of any shape, depending upon your preference; after removing the lid, clean the filling of your pumpkin. It can be done using a large spoon or an ice cream spoon, or even your hands. To make a design on your pumpkin, use a Jack o Lantern template and an erase marker. It will be easier for you to carve out faces or whatever design you want to make on the pumpkin. You can preserve your pumpkin for a little longer by applying vaseline to the carved areas.

Further, cut out the shape that you wish. Your Jack o Lantern would be ready in no time. You can place candles or battery-operated lights that would be safer to use.


Before making several Jack o Lanterns, you should know the idea behind making Jack o Lanterns. The main idea to make Jack o Lantern is to scare away the evil spirits. People place Jack o Lantern in front of their doors or houses so that evil may stay away from them. Isn’t it a remarkable fact?

There are several ways to make Jack o Lantern. However, this article deals with unique ideas to make Jack o Lantern.


For making a cannibal Jack o Lantern, you need one giant and one small pumpkin. Carve eyes and nose in a simple triangular shape. Similarly, make a mouth wide open enough to fit in the small pumpkin. Place the small pumpkin in the mouth of the giant pumpkin. Hence your cannibal Jack o Lantern would be ready.


Another excellent idea of making a Jack o Lantern is by turning it into a witch. You can do it simply with the stem of the pumpkin and a hat. Place the hat on the top of the pumpkin. Carve out eyes, and instead of carving out the nose, place the stem. It would turn your Jack o Lantern into a witch.


If you have kids, then here is a super cool idea for a fantastic Jack o Lantern. You need 3 Jack o Lantern for this idea. First a giant pumpkin, then a medium-sized pumpkin, and a small pumpkin. Carve out faces on these pumpkins, and you can customize mommy pumpkin with any ornament. Similarly, for baby pumpkin, you can put your kid’s cap on its head.


For kids, you can make their favorite cartoon character Jack o Lantern. Carve out faces, and you can add ears by using cardboard. Finally, make lashes of Minnie and add a bow. Your Mickey and Minnie Mouse Jack o Lantern would make a unique Jack o



There are several ways to make easy Jack o Lantern and these are as follows:


One easy way to make a Jack o Lantern is by carving out welcome or Halloween messages or any word you like.


Another simple and easy way of making a Jack o Lantern is to use paint for making faces or designs. If you find it challenging to use knives for carving, paint your pumpkin and turn it into Jack o Lantern.


You can easily make your Jack o Lantern funky by carving out faces and covering your pumpkin with glitter.


You can make a Jack o Lantern easily by simply punching holes with the help of a drill.

Then place a light inside, and it would make a great Jack o Lantern.


You can carve a hole in your pumpkin. Then place the skull inside this hole. It is a super easy trick to make a scary Jack o Lantern.


You can make different types of Jack o Lantern faces. It can be a happy face, sad face, angry face, scary face, or even you can make some cute and cool faces. You need a template for this purpose. Select a face and, using a template carve out the face easily. An interesting fact about these Jack o Lantern faces is that you make them scarier to scare away the Stingy Jack.

These ideas and fun facts would make it attractive for you to make your own Jack o Lantern. In addition to this, after going through the above-mentioned fun facts, you will be able to answer all the queries related to Jack o Lantern.

If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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