Fun Facts About Ladybugs


Fun Facts About Ladybugs

They are about five thousand different types of ladybugs. Ladybugs are found everywhere, and kids love to play with them. However, all about ladybugs facts that you need to know are given below.

Ladybug’s Color

There is a reason behind ladybugs being colorful. An interesting fact about ladybugs is that they secrete a special fluid from their leg joints when they sense any danger nearby. It helps them to fright away their predators. In addition to this, another remarkable fact about ladybugs is that when an enemy comes to eat them, they pretend to be dead. Don’t you think that it is a fantastic idea to protect yourself. Another excellent fun fact about ladybugs is that they are not only read and black but also of different other colors.

Ladybug’s Name

An interesting fun fact about ladybugs is that the European farmers gave the name ladybug. Once the pests attacked European farmer’s fields, and they prayed to the Virgin Mary. They were termed as beetles of the Lady and were later on given the name ladybug.

Ladybugs to Space

A fact about ladybugs to amaze your friends that most of your friends do not know is that the scientists even sent ladybugs to NASA.


A cool, fun fact about ladybugs is that they hibernate during the winter season. During the hibernation period, these ladybugs consume the fat that they had earlier reserved. This hibernation can be up to nine months. Ladybugs are primarily found in warmer climates.

Ladybugs Eat Their Eggs

An interesting fun fact about ladybugs is that ladybugs, in most cases, are unable to survive because female ladybugs sometimes eat their eggs. It happens when the food is short, and they have to eat to stay.

Ladybugs Are Beetles

An amazing fun fact about ladybugs is that they are not bugs but beetles. In few countries, these ladybugs are also known by the cow of God and even Lady cow.

Baby Ladybugs Resemble Alligator

An interesting fun fact about ladybugs for preschoolers is that baby ladybugs look like alligators. So next time you go hiking, do observe these baby alligators.

Ladybug’s Life Cycle

A fun fact about ladybug’s life cycle is that they have a lifespan of almost one year.

There are four stages of a ladybug’s life cycle.

Skin Shedding of Ladybugs

A fun fact about ladybugs is that they sometimes shed skin like snakes.

Ladybugs Are Considered Lucky

An interesting fun fact about ladybugs for kids is that in some countries, ladybugs are considered lucky. According to this luck, if a ladybug comes to you or lands on you, it will bring luck for months. Isn’t it an interesting fact that these little creatures are not only cute but also a sign of good fortune that will continue for months?

Official Insect

An amazing fun fact about ladybugs is that they are the official insects of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Delaware.

Ladybugs Habitat

An interesting fun fact about ladybug’s habitat is that they live in forests, suburbs, cities, and even grasslands.

Ladybug Can Bite

A strange fun fact about ladybugs is that they can sometimes bite. Their bite can even cause allergic reactions.

Antennas of Ladybugs

Another amazing fun fact about ladybugs is that their antennas help them in smell and taste. Isn’t it a weird fact that antennas can do so much and even taste something with their antennas?

Dome Shaped

A fact about ladybugs is that they mostly have the shape of a dome. This shape helps them from the predators or the enemies that come near to eat them.

Age of Ladybugs

A fun fact about ladybugs is that most of you have seen the spots on them are not some kind of design only. These spots have a particular reason. If you want to know about the ladybug’s age, then count the dots on it. These spots will tell you the age of ladybugs.

Ladybugs Can Fly

An amazing fact about ladybugs is that they can fly, but they fold these wings inside just before their landing. The reason behind this is that the wings are fragile and can get easily damaged.

Ladybugs Are Beneficial

A remarkable fact about ladybugs is that their presence has many benefits. They eat other harmful insects. It makes the farmers happy, and they consider themselves lucky to have ladybugs in their fields. They are used in several countries as a pest to protect and save the crop. They do the work of pesticides by eating harmful insects.

Ladybug With Seven Spots

Another interesting, fun fact about ladybugs is that the even spot ladybugs are considered to have the seven sorrows or joys of Mary.

Clumping of Ladybugs

Another fun fact about ladybugs is that they form clusters in extreme weather to keep them warm. It helps them to survive the harshness of cold weather. Once such weather is over, these ladybugs break away from the clusters.

Do Not Kill a Ladybug

An interesting fun fact about ladybugs for preschoolers is that it will bring bad luck if you kill a ladybug. Therefore if you see a ladybug, never kill it, or the bad luck associated with it will haunt you.

Eggs of Ladybugs

A fun fact about ladybugs is that they lay hundreds of eggs. That means these ladybugs have hundreds of babies.

Ladybugs Eat Too Much

An unknown fun fact about ladybugs is that they overeat. By looking at the ladybugs, one might think that they do not eat much, but that is wrong because they habitually eat more.

Taste of Ladybugs

An amazing fun fact about ladybugs is that their taste is too bad. Therefore never try to eat a ladybug.

After going through the above-mentioned fun facts about ladybugs, you will fall in love with these little creatures. They are tiny cute creatures but are very useful. They can become natural pesticides for your crops.

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