Fun Facts About Whale Sharks


Fun Facts About Whale Sharks

Most of you have heard about sharks, but sharks are classified further into several species, and whale sharks are one of the species of sharks. You should not get confused by the name of a whale shark as it is not a whale but a shark. They resemble whales in massive size and eating patterns. However, there are some interesting and cool fun facts about whale sharks that you must know.

What Are Whale Sharks?

Whale sharks belong to the family of Rhincodontidae. The scientific name of the whale shark is Rhincodon typus. Apart from these facts, interesting and unique fun facts about sharks and particularly white sharks, have been given below.

Largest Fish in the World

An interesting fun fact about sharks is that the whale shark is the largest fish in the world. Whale sharks grow up to twelve meters in length.

Filter Feeders

Another interesting fact about whale sharks is that they cannot bite. Not only this, but they cannot bite. A fact about whale shark’s teeth is that they are too small and cannot chew. They are only able to eat small fish or shrimp with the help of their gill rakers. They use them as suction filters to eat. The gills of a whale shark can process six thousand liters of water. The shark does it within an hour.

Mouth of Whale Shark

A whale shark, due to its tiny teeth, cannot chew or bite. However, a cool fact about whale sharks is that the mouth of a whale shark can open wide up to four feet. You might think that such a big mouth can eat anything, but they can feed on small shrimps or fishes as described above.

Whale Can Live up to 150 Years

An interesting fun fact about whale sharks for kids is that they can live up to one hundred and fifty years. However, most of these die before adulthood, and only 10% survive. The whale sharks that reach adulthood can even live as long as 150 years. Isn’t it interesting that a fish can live for so long? Apart from this, the exact lifespan of a whale shark is unknown.

Whale Sharks Are Slow

A cool fact about sharks is that they swim slowly. They often migrate in search of food, but this takes so long. They almost travel at the speed of three miles in an hour.

Habitat of Whale Sharks

A fun fact about sharks is that whale sharks live in tropical and mild oceans worldwide. They are not found in the Mediterranian Sea.

Whale Sharks as Source of Income

An interesting fun fact about whale sharks is that they are a prominent tourist spot in Tanzania. They have become a source of income for Mafia Island. Every year thousands of tourists visit this island to see these whale sharks.

Teeth of Whale Shark

An interesting fun fact about sharks for kids is that whale sharks have three thousand small teeth. These teeth are small in size, but still, it is difficult for human beings to imagine three thousand teeth in one’s mouth.

Endangered Species

The earth is losing most of the amazing animals as a result of human activities. A fact about whale sharks is that among many other sea creatures, whale sharks have also been declared endangered by IUCN.

Whale Sharks Are Not Harmful

Whale sharks are significant, but an interesting fun fact about whale sharks for kids is that they are not harmful to human beings. They are not seen eating or killing people.

They never show any sign of aggression, even when humans go near them.

Skin of Whale Shark

A cool fact about sharks is that they have thick skin. They are huge and have skin that is ten centimeters thick.

Growth of Whale Shark

An interesting fun fact about whale sharks is that they grow too fast. However, unlike human babies, their growth slows down after a specific period, and they do not keep growing like a human baby.

Identification of Whale Sharks

An amazing fun fact about whale sharks is that each whale shark is different from the other whale shark. Behind their gills, each shark has a particular pattern. However, a method has been developed by scientists to recognize the species of a whale shark.

Whale Sharks Are Solitary Creatures

Another interesting fun fact about whale sharks is that they love to live independently on their own.

Offspring’s of Whale Shark

A fun fact about sharks is that most of the sharks lay eggs in the water, and they hatch, later on, giving life to offspring. However, an interesting fact about whale sharks is that they lay eggs inside their bodies. These eggs also hatch in their bodies. Then the shark gives birth to young ones. There can be as many as a hundred, but most do not survive and die before reaching adulthood.

Whale Sharks Stay Away From Scents

A unique and interesting fun fact about whale sharks is that they run away if you have any perfume or scent on your body. These deodorants irritate their eyes. The way you think of the smell of the fish, the exact way these fish think about your perfume. They do not like any fragrance. So if you are a swimmer or a tourist and want to go near the whale shark, you have to keep in mind that you do not use any scent.

Swimming With the Whale Sharks

Besides the above instructions, there are specific facts about whale sharks that you must know before going near them. They are friendly but maintain a safe distance from them as their one blow could get you injured. In addition to this, please do not use flash for taking pictures as this might disturb them. Their rapid movement can harm you like a blow of the tail can give you serious injury. Therefore you should keep all the precautionary measures in your mind before swimming with a whale shark.

Whale Shark Festival

An interesting and amazing fun fact about sharks is that there is a whale shark festival held every year in Isla Mujeres. Every year hundreds of tourists come to this festival.

The fun facts about sharks given in this article will make you ponder that despite their size, these whale sharks do not harm people. These fun facts force you to go and swim with these fascinating creatures of the water.

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