Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids

15 Amazing Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids

Here is great list of Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids! When school is over and our kids have to spend more time at home or even on a vacation, the big question parents have is What to do during the school holidays to make this time fun and productive. Whether at home or outside, having your children with you requires planning if you want to enjoy it. In either case, there are two key factors to consider. The holidays mustn’t mean spending time or day in front of the TV screen or mobile phones. 

Not that these things are completely forbidden, but the holidays are an opportunity to combine many activities and have fun. It is also important not to go to extremes and turn the holidays into a whirlwind of endless work. Many people view the holidays as a time of year when it is their job to entertain themselves. In the case of children, this is a mistake. Children need to be diligent, but sometimes they also need time to stop, free their minds from stress, and then get it to work in some creative work. So I am here with some awesome holiday craft ideas that I assure you are super fun and easy to carry out. So without wasting time any further, let’s jump into the list of 15 exceptional holiday craft ideas for kids.

New year’s Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids

Let’s start with the most common and popular Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids around the world, NEW YEAR. New Year’s Eve is a public holiday in many countries, where it is a day of rest and many schools and businesses are closed. Many people do parties at home or attend special New Year’s festivities. In many places, they hold large public events. This often attracts thousands of people.

Countdown Clock Craft

We love to celebrate the arrival of the new year together as a family. So I thought it would be fun to do something that kids can use to count down every hour until midnight (if they could stay that long!).

These countdown clocks are made of paper plates and have moving hands so that children can move them every hour. (They can also be used later to make a habit of telling the time.) They can be decorated as simple or as wide as you want. This is a very simple craft and 8+ kids can easily make it all by themselves. It’s a fun and useful craft that I am sure will help your kids to boost their creativity.

POP-UP Firecracker Homemade Craft

Explosives can delight children, can’t they? All those amazing colors, sounds, and smells! Our Pop-Up Firework Craft stands out for our craft and is a great way to keep the fireworks going on throughout the year.

Whether it’s New Year’s Eve, a birthday, or any other festival, if your little ones love to see the fireworks over and over again, here is a perfect work of art for you! A simple personalized toy Firework Pop-Up for kids to emulate all the great sounds and fun of a colorful fire display over and over again!

Children can now enjoy making their explosive displays. Simply insert the ribbons inside the lump so that they are hidden from view and then wave your hand so that the colors jump out! They would even like to shout at the sound of explosives. What a wonderful way to play with sounds!

If you have a child who is a little nervous about explosives or have probably never seen them before, this can be great art to help them get used to the idea before the big day or maybe another way to have fun at home instead.

Glittery New Year’s Ball Playdough

I know I’m not the only one who is tired after all the holiday celebrations and doesn’t want any recipes that consume time to plan the day before the new year. So I have a little quick management and easy-to-create tasks that can be done in one day. Whether you’re sitting at home eating a pizza snack or having a great New Year’s Eve Glittery New Year’s Eve Playdough is an easy thing for kids (and adults alike) to love. Everyone needs a little glitz on New Year’s Eve!

This is an amazing way to enjoy your time with kids in the new year. Kids will love to spend time with play dough because it’s very relaxing and fun.

Making Confetti Eggs

Next, we have confetti eggs. This is one of the easiest craft ideas that I have. Eggs are available in almost every household. And every time we just throw the eggshells in the trash bins. So to use them creatively, here is a quick procedure for you to make confetti eggs.

To make your confetti eggs, tap the top of your egg with a knife blade, then carefully remove a small hole in the top of the egg. Take a bowl of egg whites and whites and keep those for your omelet for breakfast. Continue to make small holes (about the size of a dime) on the tops of all your eggs, and pour the contents into a bowl. Close the container and store it in the refrigerator. Make sure the eggs are dry before proceeding. Next, take tissue paper and glue. If you would like to decorate the tissue paper, do it now before it closes the egg hole. Run a thin line of glue around the hole in the eggshell, then press the tissue paper down around the hole. Let the eggs dry in their box. 

Kids New Year’s Glasses Craft

Kids love glasses. So how about we make them glasses that are special for New year’s eve. I have a perfect Idea and procedure to do so.

Most of the time, I use regular white school glue to glue the glasses together, but I’ve started using a hot glue gun over the years. The glue gun works best because it dries quickly and the numbers don’t go everywhere as they usually do with white glue. So parents can help their kids with this Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids project. Believe me, It is going to be an amazing time.

Halloween Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids

Halloween is a holiday celebrated annually on October 31st. The custom originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, where people lit fires and wore ghostly costumes. Over time the customs and traditions have changed. Kids wear strange and unique costumes and dress themselves as monsters and ghosts. For such an amazing holiday, I have a few Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids ideas that will decorate your house,  especially for Halloween.

Paper Bat Garland

Bats are the most widely used symbol for Halloween. So here is a procedure for a quick and cool paper bat garland craft.

To make, get a bat stencil, then trace the shape on a piece of black paper and cut the bat with scissors. Place the stencil back on top of each critter you create and use the bone folder to make creases on the dotted lines on the stencil. Fold the creases in opposite directions with each wing to make the wings 3D. Attach each bat to a long string with a small black cloth. See, it’s super simple and fun.

Spider Web Wreath

Spiders are one of the most feared insects in the world, so why don’t we make a spider craft for your house. This would be perfect for Halloween. I have a special spider web wreath that you kids can easily make all by themselves. This is super fun and a safe craft. Perfect for kids over 8.

Ghost Garland

These beautiful ghosts make easy decorations almost anywhere in your house. Start with folded accordion paper into about 3 pieces. Then, follow the shape of the ghost in the upper part, make sure you have arms attached to the edges of the paper, and cut out the shape. Repeat with more paper if you want to make it longer, then glue the strands with clear tape.

Splatter Paint Candy Bags

Use these handling bags to pull out candy from cheaters or bosses, or as the Halloween party likes. To make them, just mix the water with acrylic paint until you reach a consistency of heavy cream. Wear an art brush with paint and touch it lightly over and over a small muslin drawstring bag. You can also use an old toothbrush by mixing it with paint and using your finger, lightening the brushes on the bag. Let it dry completely and repeat on the other side.

Neon Jar Mummies

I just love that these Mummy Jars look great day and night. During the day their new neon colors are a delight to the real crowd and are ready to be used as a simple table decoration or to complement a Halloween treat. Jar Mummies are quick, easy, and very economical to do because almost everything is easily available! This means that kids can enjoy making neon Jar Mummies and decorate the whole house without breaking the bank.

Christmas Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids

Traditionally, Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birth. However, it has also become a commercial holiday full of gifts, decorations, Christmas trees, wreaths, cookies, and celebrations. Many people who are not Christians also celebrate Christmas as a time to enjoy with loved ones and exchange gifts. Here is a great list of Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids.

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments

Encouraged by traditional Scandinavian ornaments, these popsicle stick ornaments are a great weekend getaway. To make, paint the popsicle with white glue and dry.  Arrange 2 popsicles separately over each other to form a shape of ice and glue in the middle. Let it dry completely. Colorful embroidered thread around the popsicle sticks to form an X or grid pattern. Tap the cord behind the ice and cut any excess. Attach the ribbon loop to the back of the ice pack to hang it.

Paper Plate Christmas Masks

These masks can be a great way to encourage your kids to do a work of art this Christmas. All you need are paper plates and a few simple crafts. Ordinary white paper plates and a few simple crafts are for all the kids who need to hit this lovely holiday project. Don’t forget to take tons of photos of the young artists playing with their snow masks. I hope you enjoy this Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids Christmas art idea and have a lot of fun to keep your kids busy with the winter break.

Santa Advent Calendar

Kids will love to help Santa’s beard grow with soft cotton balls. This is a really interesting and useful craft idea. And I am sure kids will jump into action right away when they hear about it.

To make: Cut Santa’s face from white art paper. Apply the texture with a colored pencil. Cut out the pink cheeks, eyes, and nose on the construction paper; stick to the face. Cut out the hat on red and white art paper; stick to the face. Attach a large cotton ball to the hat. Cut a long beard shape from white art paper. Write down the days of the month leading up to Christmas on the chin. Assemble the calendar and set the cotton ball bowl and the bottle of glue closer.

Jingle Bell Swag

Kids will love your help to make this fun holiday sound maker. Christmas is incomplete without jingle bells so here is a quick jingle bell craft for kids.

To do: Insert large jingle wires into three ribbon lengths; one knot end of the ribbon. Tie an unknown end around the small form of a wreath or the length of a wire shaped into a circle. Connect a small collection of annual plants; attach a wreath or circular form. Tie a large bow with hot glue to the wire above the green.

Christmas Character Treat Bags

Admittedly, this takes a while to come together. But a tradeoff that is not too expensive to make! A handful of colorful cardboard cards, carry bags, art attachments and inserts are all you need to turn your carry bags into lovely Christmas characters. This is a super fun Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids and I assure you that your kids will definitely enjoy working on it.

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