How to Craft with Pipe Cleaners

How to Craft with Pipe Cleaners?


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    Children always love How to Craft with Pipe cleaners. Kids get easily bored if they do not get something fun that amazes them. Pipe cleaners’ activities are unique and engaging activities that most children love to do. There are lots of different pipe cleaners available in the market.

    How to buy the craft items?

    You can buy craft items and pipe cleaners of any desired shape from any craft store, or you can buy them online. Here in this article, you will learn about different pipe cleaner crafts, and these are easy as well as attractive.

    What is a pipe cleaner?

    pipe cleaner as the name suggests is a kind of brush that is used to clean pipes, they were initially used to clean the moisture and dirt in the smoking pipes. They were used to clean the tight holes and the places where a thin brush is required.

    Now, these pipe cleaners are used in art and craft activities because of their ability to bend and turn the can to acquire any shape.

    Types of pipe cleaner

    There are a huge variety of pipe cleaners available in the market. that are different from those that are used for cleaning purposes. These pipes are long and thick and are made up of nylon or polyester material.

    Colors of pipe cleaner

    There is an unlimited variety of pipe cleaners available in the market. They have a huge collection of pipe cleaners that are different in colors.

    Shapes of pipe cleaner

    They have a metal spine and nylon or polyester-made fur on them. There are differences in thickness, and you can easily select one for your project.

    How to Craft with Pipe cleaners?

    Do you have kids? Do they like to craft? Chances are, if you answer yes to both of those questions, then your house is probably filled with pipe cleaners. They’re a favorite crafting material for kids because they’re so versatile and colorful. But it can be tricky coming up with new ideas for how to use them. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 20 fun and creative ways to use pipe cleaners in your crafts. From simple projects like bracelets and hair accessories, to more complex builds like a 3D octopus or wind chime, there’s something for everyone here! So grab a few packs of pipe cleaners and get creative!

    Easy Crafts with Pipe Cleaners

    There are lots of pipe cleaner craft ideas and your children will love to craft different things with them, here are some simple but easy pipe cleaner craft activities, and your kids will definitely love these activities.

    How To Craft with Colorful Pipe Cleaners

    Crafting things using different things is not a hard thing and these simple activities help to keep your children engaged in some fun. These art activities will help in the development of their fine motor skills. older kids also love to craft new things. Through these learning activities, kids will remain busy and learn to make new things also.

    How To Make Pipe Cleaner Octopus?

    It is one of the best crafts that children will love to do, a little supervision is required in this activity.

    Required Material

    Here are the things that you will require to make a pipe cleaner octopus.

    • pipe cleaner
    • google eyes
    • glue gun


    Now let us make a pipe cleaner octopus.

    Take five pipe cleaners and fold them in the middle and turn them. Now lift one pipe cleaner from below and wrap it around the other, this will be the head of the pipe cleaner octopus. Now paste the googly eyes with the help of glue on the head of the octopus.

    Here your octopus is ready to play with you, you can make more. Suggestion: you can use colorful pipe cleaners to make a multi color octopus and the length of the octopus is up to your requirement.

    How To Make a Pipe Cleaner Crab?

    Pipe cleaner crab is another fun activity and children love to make it during their holidays. Here is the material and the procedure of making a pipe cleaner crab.

    Required Material

    You will require the following material.

    • orange color pipe cleaners
    • googly eyes
    • glue


    The process of crafting a crab with pipe cleaner is very easy, and if you know the shape of the crab, it will make it easy for you to fold the pipe cleaner in different directions. Take two orange color pipe cleaners and cut them in the middle. To make the crab legs, take three pipe cleaner cuttings and line them then twist them in the middle, to join the three of them together.

    To make the body of the crab, take one-half cutting and roll it over a pencil to make a spiral, then take the spiral and fix it from the middle on the legs twisted part. To make the tentacles take a tiny length of the pipe cleaner and fix it by folding it on the corner of your crab’s first leg. do the same with the second leg, here are two tentacles of your crab.

    Now it’s time to make the eyes take a little piece of pipe cleaner and fix it on the last part of the crab’s frontal body. twist it to fix it on the crab. Now paste the googly eyes on the pipe cleaners’ eye section. Bend the legs a little from the middle to make them stand above from the middle.

    Here is your pipe cleaner crab ready to play with.

    How To Make Pipe Cleaner Bracelets?

    Girls will love to create pipe cleaner bracelets and they are simple, easy, and do not require much time. Here is the material and procedure of making a pipe cleaner bracelet.

    Required Material

    The material you will require is.

    • three different color pipe cleaners
    • beads.


    Here is the simple process of making a bracelet using a pipe cleaner; Take one pipe cleaner and fix different colored beds on it. Now take the other two and overlap on the pipe cleaner with beads and cross it then again twist and cross, keep going till the end. Now wrap it around your wrist and twist it from the corners carefully so that no end will be exposed.

    Here is your beautiful bracelet ready to wear at the parties.

    Suggestion: You can use matching colors with your dress and star-shaped beads instead of simple beads and you can also make it with colorful beads.

    How To Make a Pipe Cleaner Butterfly?

    Little guys will love to create pipe cleaner butterflies and it is a good activity for your kid’s craft time.

    Required Material

    The material you will require for making a butterfly is.

    • three pipe cleaners
    • bead
    • glue
    • eyes


    Now let’s learn to make a pipe cleaner butterfly in some simple steps.

    Take one pipe cleaner fold it in the half, insert beads in it leaving the end for the tentacles. Now it’s time to make two wings, take one pipe cleaner, fold it in a circle, move the last two ends toward the middle, and make a twist to make two big wings of the butterfly.

    For making two small wings take a smaller pipe cleaner, if you have all in the same size then cut the last two inches of pipe cleaner. Make two smaller wings like the bigger wings. Fix both of the wings on the body of the butterfly. Paste the two eyes with glue on the corner of the body.

    Suggestion: you can also use glitter pipe cleaners and make large and small size butterflies by using the same technique.

    How To Make Pipe Cleaner Fireflies?

    Making a firefly is one of the easy pipe cleaner crafts. here is the material and procedure to create pipe cleaner firefly.

    Required Material

    You will require the following material to craft a dragonfly.

    • two different pipe cleaners
    • beads
    • wiggly eyes
    • hot glue gun


    The process of making a pipe cleaner butterfly is similar to the butterfly. here are simple steps of crafting a dragonfly; Take one pipe cleaner and fold it from the middle. Insert bead in it and after inserting one bead twist it so that bead will not come out. Now add the other bead and twist then the next bead and twist again, repeat the process and leave a gap at the end but before the last three beads to join the wings of the dragonfly.

    For making dragonfly wings take two pipe cleaners and fold them to make a circle and move the two open corners of the circle inward and make two oval shapes now twist them in the middle and make two sets of wings. After making wings fix the wings on the beaded part, at the place where there is a gap between the beads. Now paste the eyes on the end of the pipe cleaner that has beads.

    Here is your dragonfly ready to play with.

    How To Make Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets?

    There are other fun crafts. In this craft, your little guy will have a friend with him, and he will love to have fun with it.

    Required Material

    Here is the required material for making finger puppets.

    • two pipe cleaners
    • Pom poms of different sizes and colors.
    • eyes


    Here are simple steps to create finger puppets. Take one large and one small pom-pom and fix them together. Now take two small but same size pom and fix them on one of the two fixed pom-pom and at the one that is smaller in size (it is a face of the finger puppet) paste the eyes on these small pom poms.

    Now take one pipe cleaner, cut it in the middle, and make a spiral from it by moving it around the pencil, it is the neck of the puppet. Now fix the one end of the face of the puppet on it. It’s time to make the legs that will fix with your fingers. Take one pipe cleaner and move it around your two fingers leaving the end open. now fix the open end to the finger puppet by twisting it around the neck of the puppet.

    You can paste a string of beads on the puppet head it will look more attractive and beautiful.

    How To Make Pipe Cleaner Blow Bubbles?

    It is one of the awesome crafts and is simple and does not require huge craft supplies. Here is the required material and the process of making blow bubbles.

    Required Material

    You will need one pipe cleaner of any color.


    Make a circle by rolling the middle of the pipe cleaner on any circular shape. Leave the two ends to make a handle and twist the two ends. Now dip the circular part in the bubble solution and start blowing bubbles.

    How To Make Pipe Cleaner Flowers?

    If you want to gift your mother on Mother’s Day, here is the easy way to do it. make a rose flower and give it to your mom.

    Required Material

    You will need the following material to make rose flowers.

    • 2 green color pipe cleaners
    • 4 red color pipe cleaners.


    Here are some simple steps to make a rose flower. Take one green pipe cleaner and bend it in the middle and join both ends together. Now take four pipe cleaners and do the same. Now move the green pipe cleaner from the four red pipe cleaners and twist it to join the four with the green one. Now twist the green one to the end, it is a branch of your rose flower.

    It’s time to make the petals of your rose flower, move the red color pipe cleaners in a circular shape, start from the end, roll it all the way and make the other petals following the same technique. Now take one green pipe cleaner and fix it in the middle of the pipe cleaner by twisting it. Now fold the open ends of the green flower in the shape of leaves.

    Here is the rose flower ready to present to someone.

    How To Make a Hungry Caterpillar?

    You can create a caterpillar with easy techniques.

    Required Material

    • different colored pipe cleaner.
    • eyes


    Here is the simple process of making a caterpillar. Take different colored pipes and make a spiral with them by folding them on the pencil. Now take one pipe cleaner and fold it in half and insert the balls in it. Now bent the left end corners in a circular shape. Paste the eyes on the last ball. Your caterpillar is ready to go in the garden, show him the way.

    For More Pipe Cleaner Crafts

    Here are some other things that you can make;

    • skeleton
    • tree
    • hero
    • ornaments
    • spelling words
    • little fingers rings
    • cool classroom decorations

    Advantages Of Pipe Cleaner Crafts

    Art and craft activities are always beneficial activities and are good for children’s fine motor skills development as well as their gross motor skills development. Children learn to use their hands in crafting different things they learn through making art projects. For these activities, you should have some basic supplies and you can buy these items from any craft store.

    Not only animals, children can easily make bedroom decor by applying some simple ideas.

    How to Craft with Pipe Cleaners Conclusion

    I hope you enjoyed our How to Craft with Pipe Cleaners article! If you’ve ever played with pipe cleaners, or watched a child create anything from them, then you know they are one of the most versatile crafts available. They can be used to make animals, people, costumes for dress-up and theater productions – pretty much any project that requires something bendable is possible with this material!

    If you like this article about how to craft with pipe cleaners and would like to know more, please comment below. 

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