How to Draw a Baby Chick

How to Draw a Baby Chick Step by Step (Drawing Guide)


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In this article we will show you How to Draw a Baby Chick! Aren’t baby chicks irresistible and adorable? Well, watching their cuteness makes our hearts melt! Chicks are companionable and good-natured animals. They are social and get attached to their owners very fast. Chicks are one of the amazing pets in the world.

Baby Chicks

They are sweet, innocent, sensitive, and affectionate. Kids love to take care of baby chicks. It provides fun, love, a sense of responsibility and teaches the importance of compassion and care.

10 Fun Facts about Baby Chicks

  1. Baby chickens are called chicks and they look like little fuzzy yellow balls of joy!
  1. A baby chick has a very tiny beak
  2. A baby chick drinks a quart of milk a day! That’s 9 cups in just one day! 4. Just 8 minutes after being born from their egg 
  3. Being a baby chicken is hard work! A chick digests food as soon as it hits its stomach!
  4. That’s why you have to feed them every few hours
  5. Baby chickens love to snuggle and cuddle up with their broody hen mother at night
  6. Chicks display their dominance by pushing each other out of the nest box
  7. If a hen loses her chicks, she will go on a wild rampage looking for her chicks
  8. Baby chickens are cute, but some can be aggressive when they are older!
  9. If you have two roosters in one area, they will fight each other over territory rights!
  10. When baby chicken first hatch into the world, their eyes are shut and sealed closed

How To Draw A Chick Easy

In today’s tutorial, we will figure out how to draw a baby chick. Chase these simple, yet fun-filled steps that are provided in this drawing guide.

This easy instructional exercise will tell you the best and the easiest way of how to draw a cute baby chick which is equally suitable for kids, beginners, and even grown-ups and you will be able to draw a cute baby chick in no time.

If you are drawing this one as a part of a farm scene, we have plenty of other farm animal drawings in our tutorial list, so do check them all.

What You Need:

  • Our printable baby chick guide
  • Marker/ pencil
  • Rubber
  • Paper
  • Coloring supplies

How To Draw A Baby Chick Step By Step

The hairstyle is the first step to start this illustration of a how to draw a baby chick step by step. We are going to make a small curved upturn u shape and then we will make a shape that kind of looks like the number 3 and attach it to the previous curve. This completes the perfect hairdo!

The steps are so simple and by following these effortless and easy steps, you will be successful in creating the baby chick of your desire.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Now it’s time to draw the head of the chick. Make an ellipse shape that is big enough so that the hairdo falls inside the egg-like shape. You can even make the face shape slightly boxy. It’s totally up to you because we encourage the usage of one’s imagination and creativity.

Step 3:

In this step, you will learn how to draw the two main facial features of the baby chick.

Firstly, draw two small circles that are filled in to make the eyes of the chick.

Secondly, draw the beak. Make the lower lip in such a way that it resembles an upturned yet incomplete letter c. do the same for the upper lip but with a raised portion, forming a circle, in the middle.

You need to pay attention to this part as it is the most crucial part to draw.

However, you will be able to complete it if you put a little more effort into it.

Step 4:

Sketch a circular shape at the bottom beginning from the sides of the egg-like face. This will represent the body. Pay concentration to the size of the body, it should be equal or just a little smaller than the head.

You can further define the lower lip by constructing a curved line inside it.

I hope you are facing no difficulties up till now.

Step 5:

It’s time to draw the most interesting part of the baby chick. Sketch the wings starting from the left and right sides of the head and go down towards the side of the body on both sides.

On the bottom of the wings, you can draw a wave to make it look even better.

You can add extra feather details in the body under the head. Let’s continue!

Step 6:

The Only thing left to draw is the feet. Like every step other, it is also easy.

Draw two straight lines starting from the bottom left and right side of the body. Add three lines emerging from the bottom of the lines you just drew to finish up the feet.

Well, I have a question. What came first, the chicken or the egg? The answer is a chicken!

Step 7:

Now we are done with drawing the baby chick. This means that you have learned how to draw a realistic baby chick. You can color it in any way, using your imagination.

If you own a baby chick, you can color this drawing accordingly. We decided to make ours a yellow one as it is the most common one while we have kept the beak orange.

Congratulations! You have completed the How to Draw a Baby Chick Tutorial.

You are now an expert at drawing a cartoon chick. This helpful guide is also a part of our booming collection of step-by-step drawing tutorials.

If you like this article about How to Draw a Baby Chick and would like to know more, please comment below.

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