How to Draw a Bat Easy

How to Draw a Bat Easy?

In this tutorial, we will learn How to Draw a Bat Easy. Follow these step-by-step instructions to draw the bar in an easy and super simple way.


You must have seen kids get afraid of bats, actually because of their jet-black color and a bit fiery look, kids got frightened. Bats are adorable in actual. Many of the kids love to play with the bat stuffed toys also.

They have wings around them which cover bat like a blanket. The shiny eyes of bat are the most attractive feature of it. Bat has the ability to target gold and it can detect object in its surroundings with the help of resonance.

Draw a Bat

We will draw a cute bat with a big smile on its face. This way kids cannot get afraid of it anymore! Bat is representative of competition and struggle. Kids playing with the bat stuffed toys develop this sense in them. 

Let’s learn how to draw a bat!!

What you need?

  1. Our printable bat drawing guide 
  2. Pencil/marker
  3. Paper
  4. Coloring supplies

How to Draw a Bat Easy?

Let’s start drawing a bat!


Draw the oval shape horizontally as the face of bat and an oval shape vertically as the body of bat.


Now, draw the leaf shaped ears on the sides of the bat face. Also draw the tracing for the wings of bat. Draw two lines upward from the junction of head and body of bat.


Let’s complete the wing of bat. Curve the upward tracing of wing downward on both sides. Now, add the zigzag shaped border to the bottom of wing. The wing of bat is complete!!


Inside the ears, draw the similar shaped figure.  Draw some vertical lines in the bat’s wing.


Draw the face of bat. First, draw two circles as eyes and one circle as the nose of bat. Draw a curved line as the lips of bat. Add three circles on the body of bat.


Color the bat, and it is looking so adorable. As usual we have colored the bat black and a bug smile pink. You can use any color!!

 You’ve completed: The How to Draw a Bat Easy?!! 

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