How to Draw a Brownie with Free Brownie Printable

How to Draw a Brownie with Free Brownie Printable

Do you like to draw? Do you like brownies? Well, today I’m going to show you how to draw a brownie! This is a really fun and easy project that anyone can do.

All you need is some paper and a pencil (or a pen). So, get your creative juices flowing and let’s start drawing!

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Supplies Needed for the Brownie Printable

1. Free Printable Brownie Template

How to Draw a Brownie

Easy Brownie Drawing Tutorial Video

Watch the How to Draw a Brownie video below!

How to Draw a Brownie Step by Step Tutorial

Do you want to learn how to draw a brownie? It’s really easy, and it’s a lot of fun! Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be able to create your very own brownie masterpiece.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Sketch a diagonal curve. 

Sketch a diagonal curved line. Increase its length at the hump. Before the first line’s tip, draw another diagonal. 

Draw a vertical line along the right side

Hold your pencil again and place the tip on the second line you made in step one. You want to make the brownie rectangle-shaped, so you start by drawing a vertical line along the right side.

Start by making a diagonal line from the tip of the vertical line towards the bottom to make a base.

Draw the border.

Draw a diagonal line between the upper and lower lines by pointing out the tip of your pencil at the upper corner of your vertical line. Your brownie will now have a border. 

Add wavy lines.

This step will link the upper line to the middle line to create a rectangular shape. Within this shape, you should also draw 2-3 wavy lines.

Finish the outline.

Then, make a vertical line pointing downward from the tip of the first line. It should connect to the bottom line, forming the brownie base outline. 

Draw a vertical line.

The space between the middle and lower lines is empty. Put a vertical line between them. 

Add Details.

The brownie needs to be enhanced with some details to make it look more realistic. Draw circles and waves at the lower part of the brownie. 

Decorate it.

Step 7 should be repeated on the left side of the brownie. Ensure that there is no space in the box, giving the brownies a fudgy look. 

Check your drawing.

Please take a look at the brownie picture and compare it with yours. Make sure your drawing is highlighted and outlined. 

Grab some colored pencils and color in the brownie.

When you are all done, the finished drawing will look like this. Add some color and add some ingredients if you wish.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned How to Draw a Brownie. We hope this was a fun-filled experience for you all.

Free Brownie Template

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How to Draw a Brownie

What is a brownie?

Brownies are a type of cake that is typically made with chocolate. They are often baked in a square or rectangular pan and then cut into squares. Brownies can be either fudgy or cakey, and they may or may not contain nuts.

Why do you like brownies?

People like brownies because they are a type of dessert that is rich, chocolatey, and often moist and fudgy.
Brownies are also relatively easy to make, and can be customized with various mix-ins such as nuts, chocolate chips, or frosting. Additionally, the combination of chocolate and sugar is often appealing to people’s taste buds, making them a popular treat.

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