How to Draw a Caterpillar (Step by Step)

How to Draw a Caterpillar (Step by Step)

Today, we will learn how to draw a caterpillar a slow crawling insect. What it could be? A caterpillar! Yes, you have guessed it right!


Did you know that Caterpillars have six pairs of eyes? Did you know that a caterpillar is a young butterfly or moth that has just hatched out of an egg? Most caterpillars are green or brown and are often less hairy, unlike some types. The strangest thing about them is that they have six pairs of eyes and only six true legs.

Draw a Caterpillar

Hello young artists! This is one of the easiest and most simple tutorials to learn how to draw a caterpillar easily. If you can draw a circle, you can draw this cute caterpillar as well. This is because the steps are going to be so simple that they are a child’s play and are going to be explained in the best way. The plan is easy to such an extent that even a little youngster can copy this character.

Consistency is the way to progress. This entire drawing is just based upon circles of different sizes. We hope that you will have a great time. You do not need to be hard on yourself because even a single mark on the paper reflects a person’s hard work if he puts his entire soul into it.

This tutorial is made for the youngest artists and for the individuals who recently embarked on the path of being a future artist.

What You Need:

  • Our directed drawing printable (grab it at the end of the instructions) – this is perfect for classroom use and completely optional
  • Paper
  • Marker or pencil
  • Coloring supplies to color in your drawing

How to Draw a Caterpillar Instructions

For the first step, as usual, you will draw the head of the caterpillar. To construct the head, you will sketch a circle. It does not have to be a circle and can also be a little oval or even oblong.

Did you know that caterpillars eat a lot?

Step 1:

Step 2:

For this part, you will draw the face of the caterpillar.

You will begin by drawing the eyes. For them, you will draw two circles and color them in.

Then, you will draw the simile of the caterpillar. There is still something missing. Can you guess it?

Yes, it is the antennae. For the antennae, you will draw two lines emerging from each side of the head and on the top of those lines, you will draw two tiny circles. One of the lines can be slightly shorter than the other one.

Step 3:

We will now begin working on the body. You will draw another circle right next to the head.

Or you can also draw an opposite letter “C” with the curved part facing away from the direction from the face.

Step 4:

Yes, you are going great! Continue drawing more circles or the letter “C” one after another.

You can draw as many circles as you want. The more you draw the longer the body will become. The lines of the next circle should not overlap with the previous circle.

Step 5:

Next, you will draw the feet of the caterpillar.

Two straight lines will be drawn to represent a pair of feet. You will draw a pair for each of the circles. The line drawn on the left side will be shorter than the one drawn on the right. The reason for keeping the difference in the lengths is because the shorter one is representing the feet at the back.

Make sure you do not draw any feet for the head.

Step 6:

In this step, you will add a few ellipses or tiny dots at the bottom of the straight lines you drew. This will act as the feet of the caterpillar.

The caterpillar is almost completed.

Step 7:

Now it is time for you to color your caterpillar. You can color it in any way you like.

Most caterpillars exist in shades of green or brown, although many caterpillars are also brightly colored.

We have kept the face red and the body green.

Congratulations! You have, at last, mastered how to draw a caterpillar step by step easily.

Make sure to keep coming back for checking out our other booming tutorials and you can share this tutorial with your friends as well.

If you like this article about how to draw a caterpillar and would like to know more, please comment below.

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