How to draw a deer

How to draw a deer?

In this tutorial we will learn how to draw a deer! This tutorial is suitable for people of all ages. We will follow the step by step easy and simple instructions to draw a deer.

Deer Toys

You have seen many of the kids playing with the deer stuffed toys. Doesn’t it look adorable? In this tutorial we will learn how to draw a beautiful deer, the most favorite toys for the children. This tutorial is suitable for people of all ages. 

Deer are one of the most favorite stuffed toys for children. Deer have the peculiar yellow- golden color and have the ability to run fast. They run by using their running pads. Deer are kept in almost all of the zoos.

Deer toys are the loveable gadgets one can have. They have a soft and humble nature. Many hunters aim at the deer and they run fast to escape the aim. Deer flesh is famous and eaten all over the world. Kids, adults and people of all ages love to play and enjoy Deer toys. The deer are the symbol of innocence and playful nature.  

Draw a Deer

Let’s learn how to draw a deer. 

What you need:

  1. Our printable deer drawing guide
  2. Pencils for drawing the shapes
  3. Colors for coloring 
  4. Paper 

How to draw a deer?

Let’s get started!!


Draw a circle with the irregular boundaries in the middle of the paper. This will serve as the face of the deer.


Now, we are going to draw the mouth of a deer. You can draw it by drawing two hooks one above the other.

STEP 3: 

Draw two leaf shaped ears on the two sides of the deer’s face.


Next, in front of the hooks, first draw a heart shaped nose and a curved facing upwards as the lips of deer.

The mouth part of the deer is completed!


Now, draw two similar leaf shaped ears inside the main ears. 

Next, we are going to draw the eyes of deer. Draw two drop shaped figures as the eyes of deer and two circles inside them as the eyeballs. Draw two curves facing downwards as the eyebrows of the deer.

The face of Deer is completed!


Next, draw the body of the deer. Extend two lines from the face of the deer as its neck. Now draw an irregular rectangle as the body of the deer. Join the deer body to the neck of the deer.


Let’s draw the fast running front legs of deer. From the body, draw two rod shaped legs of deer. Draw one leg straight and the other bent. This shows that the deer is running.

At the end of the legs, draw small straight, horizontal lines. This will form the running pads of deer.


Now, draw the back legs of the deer. Similarly, extend the two rod shaped legs from the body of the deer. This will become the rear limbs of the deer.


Draw some circles in the body of the deer. Also draw a vertical line from the face of the deer towards its body. This will represent the inner side of the body of the deer.

STEP 10:

Color the deer in its usual camel color. It looks so cute and adorable.

Yes! You’ve completed the drawing of an adorable deer. 

Congratulations!! You’ve completed how to draw a deer.

If you like this article about how to draw a deer and would like to know more, please comment below.

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