How to Draw a Desk

How to Draw a Desk?


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Do you want to learn how to draw a desk for your child’s school assignment? Or maybe you’re an artist looking for a new challenge. In either case, this tutorial is perfect for you! I’ll show you step-by-step how to create a realistic desk drawing that will impress anyone who sees it. So grab your pencils and paper, and let’s get started!


In the art room, there are easels and canvases of all shapes and sizes. But my favorite station in the room is by far the desk. There’s just something about being able to sit down and put your hands on a surface that makes creativity flow. Whether I’m working on a painting, drawing, or crafting project, I always find myself getting lost in what I’m doing when I’m at the desk. And it’s not just me—I’ve seen my students’ faces light up with excitement when they get to pick a desk to work at.

The role of drawing in child development

Why is it so crucial for a child to draw at different ages, starting from the youngest years? Here we can get a lot of answers to this question. 

Drawing develops the fine motor skills of the child. 

As you know, the development of fine motor skills stimulates the growth of the brain. Drawing also refers to the process of fine motor skills resulting from thinking, memory, coordination, vision, and speech development. Both brain hemispheres work during drawing, and influential connections are formed between them. 

Develop perseverance and self-discipline.

In the drawing, the child concentrates on his picture, on one lesson, which helps develop his perseverance. Seeing how a drawing is created, the child plans and analyzes what happened. And yet, in addition to discipline, the child learns to work with time. 

Psychological benefits of drawing 

A small child cannot always tell us about his fears, not to mention older children who, growing up, become more secretive from adults. The role of drawing also lies in the fact that it can reveal what cannot be said in words. There are many emotions that a child experiences but cannot share. He can throw it out on paper through drawing.  

The aesthetic taste develops by drawing.

It is never too late to join the beautiful, but it is better to do it at an early age, when the child absorbs information so well, listens, and remembers. You can start with copying some famous works, children’s books on art, and drawing under the impression of what you see. 

Drawing affects the development of the child’s imagination. 

A well-developed imagination is a key to success in many endeavors. So why not start training him in such a pleasant way. 

Gets something in return when the child draws. 

Being engaged in drawing, the child receives praise from teachers and parents and sees the result of his efforts – a beautiful drawing, developing his skills. This encourages you to continue to draw and set goals for yourself. Also, drawing and creating pictures gives a sense of significance and positively affects the child’s self-esteem. 

How to Draw a Desk Step-By-Step Instructions

It seems that How to Draw a Desk is very simple, but in reality, it turns out that this is not entirely true. But if you understand what the best way to start drawing a table is, then it will not be difficult at all.

Step: 1 

First, draw a box as shown in the image. Draw two parallel lines of the same length, one slightly to the right of the other, then connect the ends of these lines. We lower strictly down straight stripes of equal size. 

Step: 2 

Now let’s draw the side. We will draw a short line down from each lower corner and then connect them. Thus, voluminous cover our top immediately.

Step: 3 

There is also a lower part under the base of the desk, which does not allow the pieces to separate. Draw it at a small distance from the bottom. We give the desk volume by drawing a different side and connecting it with a crossbar. We draw the height of the desk.

Step: 4 

Draw the same bottom part on the front side. Then we connect their corners. It may not sound evident, but if you look at the picture below, you will immediately understand everything.

Step: 5 

It’s time to work on the legs. Under the relative angle, draw the first leg in the form of a rectangle. At the angle nearest us, we outline three lines: the central one is the longest, the right one is a little shorter, and the left one is even shorter. Then we connect all the ends.

Step: 6

By the same principle, draw one more of the same leg. Most important thing in this step is that you should keep in mind that they don’t have to be the same length. For example, the back leg is the smallest. Follow the images below and draw it.

Step: 7

Draw the third leg at a front angle.

Step: 8

We give the desk forth legs. The legs should be under the base.

Step: 9

Everything, the drawing is ready.

Step: 10

The final step will be coloring the resulting drawing. The table is traditionally painted brown. But now there is furniture of any color. Therefore, you can dream up.

Congratulations! In this post, we have successfully learned how to draw a desk.

Bottom Line on How to Draw a Desk 

Congratulations! In this post, we have successfully learned how to draw a desk. Drawing is a source of common interest, which usually brings people together. So, for example, if your child is a student of a circle or a particular school, it is likely that he will find new friends among other students and will be able to share the joy of his creativity with other children. 

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