how to draw a diamond

How To Draw a Diamond (Step by Step)


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In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a diamond in small and easy steps.

Many a time we have felt that diamonds are quite difficult to draw because of their tricky yet extraordinary appearances.


They are known for their crystalline and enchanting structure and are admired by everyone. They are the hardest natural substance ever known and can only be scratched by another diamond. They are extremely expensive and even when you are describing something costly you compare it with a diamond.

Draw a Diamond

A diamond is a spectacular and enjoyable thing to draw and if you do not want to draw it alone, you can draw other things that you learned to draw using our tutorials and draw these diamonds around them. No matter what you add, it is going to look amazing!

According to your choice, you can even add more dimensions and shades by coloring the diamond differently from each side to make the image look 3d. Isn’t it a great idea? Many of us have also tried drawing them, but because of the perplexing shape, we are unable to. However, this tutorial will make everything completely okay and you will be able to learn how to draw a diamond shape.

Using a few diagonal, horizontal, and vertical lines, and a few shapes you will be able to draw this amazing and precious thing. This tutorial has been tested to fit the age group of kids, youngsters, and beginners. Without any further ado, let’s begin!


Our diamond-directed drawing printable (it is optional because you can simply look at the screen. You can grab it at the end of the tutorial and print or save it to the device you are using.)

  • Paper
  • Pencil / Marker
  • Coloring supplies (you can choose the shades of the colors you want to)

How to Draw a Diamond Step by Step Instructions:

Start by drawing a straight line from the left to the right or the other way around – whatever feels more natural and comfortable to you, up to you.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Now draw two diagonal lines starting from the end of the line you drew in Step 1. Make sure that the diagonals are meeting at the end and forming a V shape. At this point, it should somehow look like a triangle. In the upcoming steps, you will see how important role this triangle is going to play along with the lines.

Step 3:

Let us proceed with the drawing by drawing two diagonal lines on top of the triangle like a trapezoid. We are gradually resulting in a diamond which is a glistening one. The steps are specially kept easy for you to face no difficulties while completing the drawing and learning process.

Step 4:

Now close the open ends of the diagonal on the tops by making a line. Does it not look like a triangle at the bottom and a trapezium on the top? See how important shapes are in our everyday lives and are like the initials of every piece of drawing.

Step 5:

Now draw two diagonals stretching from the top ends of the trapezium above and connect them to the below corner of the triangle. The steps are explaining precisely and well, are they not?

Step 6:

Now draw a triangle in your diamond shape. Start from the point where the diagonal you drew in Step 5 touches the upper line of the triangle and draw the line in a diagonal shape. Touch it to the uppermost line of the trapezium on the top and stretch down a diagonal and end it at the point adjacent to where you started the small triangle from.

To add bling or sparkle, you can draw a few lines on your drawing to represent that it is shining and glimmering with fancy and crystalline light. This will make your masterpiece look even cooler and magical.

Step 7:

To make your drawing look more special and unique, you can add special shades to it using colors of your choice. You can color it dark from the area where less light is reaching and light to the area facing more light. This will give more volume to the diamond drawing.

Congratulations! you have learned How To Draw a Diamond in just a few minutes along with coloring. The diamond is generally hard to draw, but this tutorial made it so simple and easy that you are done with it and have learned a new thing today as well.

Art is a skill that not everyone knows, but everyone tries. We have made you an artist in no time; is that not amazing?

You can look for and reach out for more tutorials like these which provide the best guideline to draw things!

If you like this article about How To Draw a Diamond and would like to know more, please comment below.

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