How to Draw a Fish

How to Draw a Fish (Step by Step)

How to draw a fish! Fishes are the most beautiful creatures of oceans with their unique body shapes, patterns, and appearances which make them great subjects for drawing. In this super easy tutorial, you will learn how to draw a fish in no time. This will be a simple fish drawing that can be utilized at the beginning stage to concoct more thoughts for your fish drawings.


Fish is quite often the main word that children learn how to spell with the letter ‘F’. Most of the time, it is also one of the first things they figure out how to draw on paper. A fish has a straightforward construction, which makes it one of the creatures that children can learn to draw quickly and easily.

Almost every fish we see has a long shaft molded body (fuselage), normally covered by scales and, and has a couple of fins. There are over 30000 known species of fish that can further be classified as jawless, cartilaginous, and bony.

Fish have a sense organ called the lateral line which works similar to radar and encourages them to explore in dark or dim water. Fish have magnificent senses of sight, contact, taste, and many have a good sense of smell and hearing.

Draw a Fish

As this is the easiest fish ever (will be sharing more fish tutorial in the future) this one is great to use in pre-school and kindergarten. Print the copies of our drawing templates and have the kids build their drawing confidence and skills.

Things We Need

  • Our printable templates
  • Pencil/Marker
  • Paper

How To Draw a Fish Step by Step

Keep reading for tips and tricks on the most proficient method to draw your number one sea-going creatures, fish! We will give you step by step guidelines, ideas, and extra tutorial exercises to get you started on your drawing venture.

Let’s start with a simple fish drawing, shall we?

Step 1:

Begin with the simple step by drawing an arch. Start on the left, draw a curve, and descent it on the right.

Did you know the largest fish is the great whale shark which can reach 50 feet in length and the smallest is the Philippine goby that is under 1/3 of an inch?

Step 2:

Now draw a similar curve upside down. This will be the belly. The same curved lines will intersect near the end on the right side. One end may be a little wide for the face of the fish and the opposite end should come to a point for the tail.

Step 3:

Draw a curved line by joining the open ends of the two lines. It will close the fishtail. The basic structural shape of the fish has been developed.

Draw a small curved line to form the mouth part of the fish.

Step 4:

Now add a dorsal fin by drawing an inverted U, keeping the corners pointed. The fins should somewhat look like rectangles. The top will have a slightly bigger fin. Draw another fin in the body with the help of the same U shape. You can play with the shape and size as you wish.

Step 5:

Let’s add in some facial details, a nice smile, and a round eye.

Draw a big circle on the upper part of the face. Don’t forget to add another circle to form the pupil, which will complete the eye. Add a freehand line to draw the lips as mentioned in the illustration or you can even draw a smiley face.

At this point, you have nearly completed your fish. Congrats! You have learned how to draw a fish easily!

Step 6:

Your fish is almost ready to go in the water. Before this happens, add some details on the fins and the tail. Give the fins a diverse look by drawing lines inside them. You can add a few bubbles in the background and think about the landscape. You are almost done with learning all the ocean animal drawings; you can draw them at the back to make the masterpiece look even cooler.


Here we are not drawing scales in the body but you can draw if you want to add further details, according to your imaginations.

You can color your fish as you have the opportunity to make it more attractive by applying multi-colors and shades in the way you like. Your fish can come to life with a bit of color.

What’s extraordinary about these illustrations for drawing is that all fish are built from similar fundamental shapes. If you can master this tutorial and draw this extremely simple fish, you can change it in any way you like. You can also have the option to draw any fish type you can think of.

Congratulations! You have completed How to Draw a Fish tutorial.

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